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Most frequently used China PA wall speaker for 6~10W surface mounting broadcast sound system  


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14/05/2020 11:57 am  

Most frequently used China PA wall speaker for 6~10W surface mounting broadcast sound system

PA wall mount speaker often adopted in the broadcasting, public address or notification sound system. The China loudspeaker factory ARTONE supply various speakers to satisfy different application of 70V and 100V commercial installed audio.

The surface mounting wall speaker usually installed in public areas or buildings. It serves as sound generate points from head-quarter control room. For emergency speech, fire alarm, elementary background music can be produced from here.

Basically, the sound production must be clear and bright, with higher sensitivity, which can delivers sound or message to people easily. In other way speaking, it should be designed to give better middle or higher frequency of sound. For most of time, the full range speaker is good enough made it.

In order to combine sound and looking both in perfect way, audio system contractor also need to take the shape or appearance of speaker into consideration, it will cater for architectural modern or classical environment, and need convenient installation as well. What’s more, the sound direction is also very important, it will send the voice or sound point to the most needed hearing area.

There are several high quality wall speakers that we manufactured for 100V public address and broadcasting, these loudspeakers are typical but not only speakers include in this range, for more PA speakers, please browse our website ( / or contact us( for details.

This range of speaker mainly belongs to architectural commercial sound system, 100v line allows system go as long as possible in buildings. The fashion design with a arc or decline surface makes it more practical to give sound from higher wall, in this way, large area could be covered.



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