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All models of laptops and motherboards  


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All models of laptops and motherboards

All models of laptops and motherboards that have come through our hands have in our database original BackUp bios from each motherboard.

The following lists the laptops that our service department has repaired and recorded the motherboard models in them.

All models of laptops and motherboards:

Acer Aspire 1360/1520: 50.49I02.001 – Wistron Egret

Acer Aspire/Timeline 1410/1810/1810T/1810TZ, Aspire One 752; Gateway EC14/EC18; Packard Bell dot MR/U, dot M/U, dot VR46: DD0ZH7LC000, 50.SA107.005 – Quanta ZH7

Acer Aspire/Timeline 1420P/1820PT/1820PTZ/1825PT: DD0ZE8LC000, DD0ZE8LC001 – Quanta ZE8

Acer Aspire/Timeline 1430/1430Z/1551/1830/1830T/1830TZ, Aspire One 721/753/753H, Travelmate 8172; Gateway EC13/EC19C, LT32/LT33; Packard Bell dot a: 50.4GS03.002, 50.4GS03.012, 50.4GS03.013, 50.4GS03.022, 50.4GS07.001, 50.4GS07.011 – Wistron JV10/JV10-CS/SJV10/SJV10-NL

Acer Aspire 1640/1640Z/1650/1650Z/1680/1690/3000/3500/3630/5000, Extensa 2300, Travelmate 2300/2310/2400/2430/4000/4060/4070/4080/4500: 50.A30V1.003, DD0ZL1LC000, DD0ZL1LC107, DD0ZL1LC301, DD0ZL5LC105, DD0ZL5LC300 – Quanta ZL1/ZL5/ZL9

Acer Aspire 2000: DC025064000 – Compal DCL32

Acer Aspire 2420/2920/2920Z: 50.4X405.001, 50.4X405.002, 50.4X405.011, 50.4X405.021, 50.4X405.022, 50.4X405.031 – Wistron Calado

Acer Aspire 3020/3610/5020/5040, Travelmate 2410/4400: 50.4C501.002, 50.4C503.002, 50.4C509.001, 50.4C515.001, 50.4C516.001 – Wistron Bolsena/Bolsena-E/Morar

Acer Aspire 3050/3680/5050/5570/5580, Travelmate 2480: DD0ZR1LC008 – Quanta ZR1/ZR3

Acer Aspire 3100/3650/3690/5100/5101/5102/5103/5110/5610/5630/5650/5680/9120, Extensa 5510, Travelmate 2450/2490/4200/4260: DC020007000, DC020007N00, DC020007O00, 50.ABHV5.008 – Compal HBL50/HBL51/HCL51/HCW50/HCW51

Acer Aspire TimelineX 3410/3410G/3810T/3810TG/3810TZ/3810TZG/3811/3811TG/3811TZ/3811TZG: 6017B0211601, 6017B0216301, 50.PSA0N.012 (UMA); 6017B0222601; ?, 50.PV80N.003 (Dis) – Inventec BAP31/SJM31

Acer Aspire 3750/3750G/3750Z: 1414-05H4000, 1422-00Y5000, 50.RGV0U.006 – Pegatron E1H30/EIH30/EIH31

Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820/3820G/3820T/3820TG/3820TZ/3820TZG: 50.4HL04.001, 50.4HL04.002, 50.4HL04.003, 50.4HL04.011, 50.4HL04.012, 50.4HL04.013, 50.PTC01.002 – Wistron JE31-CP

Acer Aspire TimelineX 3830/3830G/3830T/3830TG: DC02001AZ10, 50.RK402.006 – Compal P3MJ0

Acer Aspire 3935/3935G: 50.4BT06.001 – Wistron SM30

Acer Aspire 4220/4320/4520/4520G/4720G/4720Z: DD0ZO1LC000, DD0Z01LC000 (с вебкой); DD0ZO1LC100, DD0Z01LC100 (без вебки) – Quanta ZO1/ZO3

Acer Aspire 4230/4530: DD0Z05LC100, DD0ZO5LC100 – Quanta ZO5

Acer Aspire 4238/4238G/4252/4253/4253G/4333/4552/4552G/4733/4733Z/4738/4738G/4738Z/4738ZG; eMachines D442/D528/D642/D642G/D644/D728/D732/D732G/D732Z/D732ZG; Founder R410CP: DD0ZQ5LC000, DD0ZQ5LC010, DD0ZQ5LC030, DD0ZQ5LC040 – Quanta ZQ5/ZQ8/ZQ9/ZQA

Acer Aspire 4250/4339/4349/4739/4739Z; eMachines D443/D729/D729Z: DD0ZQQLC000, DD0ZQQLC100, DD0ZQQLC300, DD0ZQQLC400, 50.NE307.003 – Quanta ZQQ/ZQP/ZQR

Acer Aspire 4251/4251G/4352/4551/4551G/4741/4741G/4743/4743Z/4750/4750G/4752/4752Z/4755G; eMachines D440/D640/D640G; Packard Bell EasyNote NM85/NM86/NM87/NM89/NM98: 50.4GW01.001, 50.4GW01.013, 50.4GW01.022, 50.4GW01.024, 50.4GW01.032; 50.4IQ01.001, 50.4IQ01.011, 50.4IQ01.021, 50.4IQ01.031, 50.4IQ01.041, 50.4IQ01.051; 50.NA601.001 (D440 без вебки) – Wistron JE40/HM42

Acer Aspire 4310/4315/4710/4710Z/4715/4715Z/4920/4920G, Travelmate 2490: 50.4T901.012, 50.4T901.021, 50.4T901.022, 50.4U701.011 (4315) – Wistron Tahoe/Volvi/Volvi2

Acer Aspire 4330/4730/4730Z/4925/4930/4930G, Extensa 4230/4630/4630G/4630Z/4630ZG; eMachines D520: DC02000J500 (с вебкой), DC02000P200 (без вебки) – Compal JAL90/JAW50

Acer Aspire 4332/4732/4732Z; eMachines D525/D725: 50.4BW03.001 (с вебкой), 50.4BW03.011 (с вебкой), 50.4BW04.001 (без вебки) – Wistron HM40/HM41

Acer Aspire 4336/4535/4535G/4540/4540G/4736G/4736Z/4736ZG/4740/4740G: DC02000MQ00, DC020011M10 (KALG0), 50.PAA02.007 – Compal KAL90/KAL90+/KALG0/KBLG0/NBLG0

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4410/4810T/4810TG/4810TZ/4810TZG: 50.4CQ04.001, 50.4CQ04.011, 50.4CQ04.021, 50.4CQ04.031 – Wistron JM41

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4553/4553G/4625/4625G/4820/4820T/4820TG/4820TZ/4820TZG: DD0ZQ1LC000, DD0ZQ1LC010, DD0ZQ1LC020, DD0ZQ1LC031 – Quanta ZQ1/ZQ2

Acer Aspire 4735/4735Z/4735ZG/4935/4935G/4937/4937G: DC02000R600, 50.AD302.004 – Compal KALH0

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830/4830T/4830TG: DC020019S10 – Compal P4LJ0

Acer Aspire 5230/5530/5530G, Travelmate 4235/4530: DC02000JL00 – Compal JALB0

Acer Aspire 5232/5241/5332/5516/5517/5532/5541/5541G/5732/5732Z; eMachines E430/E525/E625/E627/E630/E725, G430: DC02000SS00, 50.N3202.001; DC020000Y00, 50.N2802.005 – Compal KAWF0/KAWG0/KAWH0/NAWF2/NCWG0/NCWH0/NDWG2/NDWH1


Acer Aspire 5250/5251/5252/5253/5333/5336/5551/5551G/5552/5552G/5733/5733Z/5736/5741/5741G/5741Z/5742/5742G/5742Z/5742ZG; eMachines E440/E442/E443/E529/E529Z/E640/E640G/E642/E642G/E644/E644G/E730/E730G/E730ZG; Gateway NV50/NV53/NV55C/NV59C; Packard Bell EasyNote F4211/F4211HR/F4211SB, TK11/TK13/TK36/TK37/TK81/TK83/TK85/TK87, TM81/TM82/TM83/TM85/TM86/TM87/TM89/TM94/TM97/TM98: DC020010L10, 50.R4F02.009, 50.TVF02.007; DC020010M10 ; DC020010N00, 50.N9802.001 (CCFL с вебкой); DC020010O00 , DC020013J10 (LED Slim) – Compal NEW70/NEW75/NEW85/NEW90/NEW95/P5WE6/P5WH6/PEW71/PEW72/PEW86/PEW76/PEW91/PEW96

Acer Travelmate 5542/5542G/5740/5740G/5740Z/5740ZG/5742/5742G/5742Z/5742ZG:- Compal PEW51


Acer Aspire 5310/5315/5320/5520/5520G/5710/5710G/5710Z/5710ZG/5715Z/5720/5720G/5720Z/5720ZG; eMachines E510: DC02000DS00, DC02000G800, 50.AHE02.006 – Compal ICL50/ICL51/ICW50/JDW50

Acer Aspire 5334/5734G/5734Z; eMachines E527/E727; Gateway NV51; Packard Bell EasyNote TH36: DC020013O00, 50.NAF02.004; 50.NAF02.006  – Compal PAWF5/PAWF6/PAWF7

Acer Aspire 5335/5535/5735/5735Z: 50.4K801.001, 50.4K801.002, 50.4K801.011, 50.4K801.012, 50.4K801.021, 50.4K801.022, 50.4K801.031, 50.4K801.032 – Wistron Cathedral Peak II (CP2)

Acer Aspire 5338/5536/5536G/5542/5542G/5738/5738DZG/5738G/5738P/5738PG/5738PZG/5738Z/5738ZG: 50.4CG07.001, 50.PAQ01.002 ; 50.4CG08.001, 50.PAQ01.001 ; 50.4CG13.002, 50.4CG13.021, 50.4CG13.032, 50.PAT01.001, 50.PKE01.001 ; 50.4CG14.001, 50.4CG14.002, 50.4CG14.021, 50.4CG14.022, 50.4CG14.031, 50.4CG14.032, 50.PAW01.005 ; 50.4CG15.001, 50.PK801.001 (touch) – Wistron JV5050.PAT01.001

Acer Aspire 5330/5730/5730G/5730Z: 50.4J518.001, 50.4J518.011 – Wistron Cathedral Peak

Acer Aspire 5340/5340G/5740/5740G: 50.4GD01.001, 50.4GD01.011, 50.4GD01.021, 50.PM701.002 , 50.PM901.001 – Wistron JV50-CP

Acer Aspire 5349/5749/5749G/5749Z: DD0ZRLLC000, DD0ZRLLC010, DD0ZRLLC020, DD0ZRLLC030, DD0ZRLLC040, 50.RR907.003 – Quanta ZRL

Acer Aspire 5350/5750/5750G/5750ZG/5755/5755G; Gateway NV55S/NV57H; Packard Bell EasyNote TS11/TS11HR/TS11SB, TS13/TS13HR/TS13SB, TS44/TS44HR/TS44SB, TS45/TS45HR/TS45SB, TSX62/TSX62HR, TSX66/TSX66HR: DC020017K10, DC02001DB10, 50.R9702.003 – Compal P5WE0/P5WS0/P5WS5

Acer Aspire 5515; eMachines E620: DC02000PL00 – Compal KAW60

Acer Aspire 5534/5537/5538/5538G; eMachines E628: DC02000US00, 50.PEA02.004 – Compal NAL00/NAL10

Acer Aspire 5553/5553G/5745DG/5745P/5745PG/5820T/5820TG/5820TZG: DD0ZR7LC100, DD0ZR7LC110, DD0ZR7LC220 (5745), DD0ZR7LC230 – Quanta ZR7

Acer Aspire 5255/5255G/5560/5560G: 50.4MF01.011, 50.4MF01.021, 50.4MF01.031 – Wistron HM50-HR/JE50-SB/JE51-BZ/JE53-DN

Acer Aspire TimelineX 5410/5810/5810T/5810TG/5810TZ/5810TZG: 50.4CR03.002, 50.4CR03.012, 50.4CR03.022, 50.PBB01.003 – Wistron JM51

Acer Aspire 5540/5550/5560/5562/5590, Travelmate 2420/3240/3280/3290: 50.4A906.002, 50.4A908.001, 50.4A908.002, 50.4A909.001, 50.4A909.002, 50.4P408.002 – Wistron AG1/AG3

Acer Aspire 5600/5620/5670, Travelmate 4210/4220/4270/4670: DD0ZB1LC000, DD0ZB1LC107 – Quanta ZB1/ZB2

Acer Aspire 5730ZG/5925/5930G: 50.4Z510.001, 50.4Z510.011, 50.4Z510.021, 50.4Z520.001, 50.4Z520.021 – Wistron Eiger

Acer Aspire 5737/5737Z: DC02000P500 – Compal KALA0

Acer Aspire 5739/5739G: DD0ZK6LC000 – Quanta ZK6

Acer Aspire 5830/5830G/5830TG: DC02001AM10, 50.RHM02.007; DC02001AO10 – Compal P5LJ0/P5LS0

Acer Aspire 5920/5920G: DD0ZD1LC000, DD0ZD1TH004, GD-H0072A – Quanta ZD1

Acer Aspire 5935/5935G: DC02000QN00, 50.PBJ02.011 – Compal KAQB0

Acer Aspire 5940/5940G/5942/5942G: DC02000ZY10, 50.PMV02.001 – Compal NCQD0/NCQD1

Acer Aspire 5943/5943G: DC020010R10 – Compal NCQF0

Acer Aspire 5951/5951G: 50.RHM02.007 – Quanta ZR7/ZRH

Acer Aspire 6530/6530G/6930G/6930ZG: DD0ZK2LC000, DD0ZK2LC200, DD0ZK2LC300, GLEDD0ZK2LC200, 50.AUQ07.001 – Quanta ZK2/ZK3

Acer Aspire 6920/6920G/6935/6935G/6935Z: 6017B0158801 – Inventec Kilimanjaro KJ16

Acer Aspire 7000/7110/9300/9303/9304/9400/9410: 50.4G501.001, 50.4G501.002 , 50.4G903.002, 50.4G903.005, 50.4G903.006, 50.4G904.002, 50.4Q909.001 – Wistron MyAll/MyAll2/MyAllM

Acer Aspire 7220/7520/7520G/7720/7720G/7720Z/7720ZG: DC02000E100 – Compal ICK70/JDY70

Acer Aspire 7250/7250G/7739/7739G/7739Z/7739ZG: 1422-010T000, 1422-010V000, 1422-0110000, 50.RN60U.006 – Pegatron AAB70/AIC70

Acer Aspire 7336/7540/7540G/7736G/7736Z/7736ZG, Travelmate 7740G/7740Z/7740ZG: 50.4FX01.002, 50.4FX01.102, 50.4FX08.001, 50.PJA01.005 – Wistron JV71-MV

Acer Aspire 7530/7530G/7730/7730G/7730Z/7730ZG, Extensa 7230/7230E/7630/7630EZ/7630G/7630Z/7630ZG, Travelmate 7230/7530; eMachines G420/G520/G620/G720:DD0ZY2LC000, DD0ZY5LC100, DD0ZY6LC100, GLEDD0ZY6LC100 – Quanta ZY2/ZY5/ZY6/ZY7

Acer Aspire 7535/7535G/7735G/7735Z/7735ZG/7738/7738G: 50.4CD12.001, 50.4CD12.011, 50.4CD12.021, 50.4CD12.022, 50.PCC01.003 – Wistron JM70-PU/JV70-PU

Acer Aspire 7551/7551G/7552/7552G/7741/7741G/7741Z/7741ZG; eMachines G640/G640G/G730/G730G/G730Z/G730ZG; Gateway NV73A/NV79C; Packard Bell EasyNote LM81/LM82/LM83/LM85/LM86/LM87/LM94/LM98: 50.4HN01.001, 50.4HN01.011, 50.4HN01.012, 50.4HN01.013, 50.4HN01.021, 50.4HN01.031, 50.4HN01.033, 50.4HN01.042, 50.BJ901.003 – Wistron HM72-DN/JE70-CP/JE70-DN/JE71-DN/SJV71-DN

Acer Aspire 7560/7560G/7750/7750G/7750Z/7750ZG; Gateway NV75S/NV77H; Packard Bell EasyNote LS11/LS11HR/LS11SB/LS13/LS13HR/LS13SB: DC020017W10 – Compal P7YE0/P7YE5/P7YH0/P7YS0

Acer Aspire 7315/7715/7715Z; eMachines G525/G625/G627/G630/G630G/G725: DC020000X00, DC020000X10, DC02000SQ10 – Compal NCWG0/NCWH0

Acer Aspire 7740/7740G: 50.4GC01.001, 50.4GC01.101, 50.PLY01.001 – Wistron JV70-CP

Acer Aspire 7745/7745G/7745Z; Gateway ID79C; Packard Bell EasyNote LX86: DD0ZYBLC000, DD0ZYBLC010, 50.PUM07.002 – Quanta ZYB/ZYBA

Acer Aspire 8530G/8730G/8730Z/8730ZG: 50.4AJ01.001 – Wistron Big Bear 2/2A

Acer Aspire 8735G/8735Z/8735ZG; Packard Bell EasyNote DT85: 50.4DW06.011, 50.PHF01.001 (dual-lamp); 50.4EJ01.011, 50.4EJ02.011, 50.PHF01.002 (single-lamp) – Wistron JV80/SJM80-MV

Acer Aspire 8920/8920G/8930/8930G: 6017B0158301 (2 CCFL), 6017B0158901 (1 CCFL) – Inventec Teton TT18

Acer Aspire 8935/8935G/8940/8940G/8942/8942G: DD0ZY8LC000 – Quanta ZY8/ZY9B

Acer Aspire 8943/8943G: DD0ZYALC000, DD0ZYALC010 – Quanta ZYA

Acer Aspire 8951/8951G: DD0ZYGLC000 – Quanta ZYG

Acer Aspire 9500: DC020004S00 – Compal HDQ70

Acer Aspire 9800/9810: 6017B0068601 – Inventec Cheela

Acer Aspire 9920/9920G: 6017B0125001 – Inventec Cheela 2.0

Acer Aspire One 521: DD0ZH9LC000, 50.SBT07.002 – Quanta ZH9

Acer Aspire One 522/D255/D255E/D260/E100/Happy; eMachines 350/355/em350/em355; Gateway L2704U; Packard Bell dot S/dot SE/dot SE2/dot S-E3/dot U: DC020016810, DC020012Y50, 50.SCH02.006 – Compal KAV80/NAV70/PAV70/PAV80/P0VE6

Acer Aspire One 531/531H/ZG8: DD0ZG8LC000 – Quanta ZG8

Acer Aspire One 532/532H: DC02000YV10 – Compal NAV50

Acer Aspire One 533: DC02C001330, 50.SC102.005 – Compal NAV80/PAV01

Acer Aspire One 722: DC020018U10, DC02001D310 – Compal P1VE6

Acer Aspire One 751/751H: DD0ZA3LC000, DD0ZA3LC100 – Quanta ZA3

Acer Aspire One A110/A150/ZG3/ZG5: DD0ZG3TH000, DD0ZG5TH100, DD0ZG5TH101, 50.S0207.003 – Quanta ZG5

Acer Aspire One D150: DC020000H00, 50.S5502.007 – Compal KAV10

Acer Aspire One D250/P531/P531H: DC02000SB10, DC02000SB30, DC02000SB50, DC02000SB70 – Compal KAV60

Acer Aspire One D257/D270/Happy2; Gateway LT28; Packard Bell dot.C/dot s: DD0ZE6LC000, DD0ZE6LC002, DD0ZE6LC003, DD0ZE6LC010, DD0ZE6LC020, DD0ZE6LC030 – Quanta ZE6/ZE7

Acer Aspire One S1002: 0800-0PU00ZZ, 50.G53N5.002 – Pegatron T10IBT

Acer Aspire E1-410/E1-410G/E1-410P/E1-410PG: ?, 50.MGNN1.002 – Wistron EA40-BM

Acer Aspire E1-421/E1-431/E1-471/E1-471G, V3-471/V3-471G, Travelmate P243-M; Gateway NE46R: DD0ZQSLC000 (eDP), DD0ZQSLC010 (LVDS), DD0ZQSLC020 (LVDS), DD0ZQSLC030, DD0ZQSLC200 – Quanta ZQS/ZQSA/ZQU

Acer Aspire E1-422/E1-430/E1-430P/E1-432/E1-432G/E1-470/E1-470P/E1-472: 50.4OD01.001, 50.MF8N1.001 (touch); 50.4YP01.042 (non-touch), 50.MDDN1.004 – Wistron EA40

Acer Aspire E1-510/E1-510P/E1-530/E1-530G/E1-532/E1-532P/E1-570/E1-570G/E1-572/E1-572G/E1-572P/E1-572PG, V5-561/V5-561G/V5-561P/V5-561PG, Travelmate P255/P255-M/P255-MG; Gateway NE510/NE570/NE572/NV570/NV570P; Packard Bell EasyNote TE69BM/TE69CX/TE69HW: DC02001OH10 (eDP), DC02001V010 (eDP T2, AUO), DC02001VE10 (eDP T2, AUO), 50.M8EN2.004 – Compal V5WC2/V5WE2/V5WT2/Z5WE1/Z5WE3/Z5WT1/Z5WT3/Z5WTC/Z5WV2

Acer Aspire E1-521/E1-531/E1-531G/E1-571/E1-571G, V3-571/V3-571G, Travelmate P253/P253-E/P253-M/P253-MG; Gateway NE56R/NV56; Packard Bell EasyNote TE11/TE11BZ/TE11HC/TV11/TV11CM/TV11HC/TV43/TV43HC/TV44/TV44HC: DC02001F010, DC02001FO10 (LVDS), DC02C004600 (eDP, HD+/Full HD), 50.M03N2.004, 50.M09N2.005 – Compal Q5WPH/Q5WS1/Q5WV0/Q5WV1/Q5WVH/V5WC1

Acer Aspire E1-522/E1-522G; Gateway NE522; Packard Bell EasyNote TE69KB: 50.4YU01.001 (eDP), 50.4YU01.011 (eDP), 50.4YU01.021 (eDP), 50.M81N1.004 – Wistron EA50/EG50/EG50-KB

Acer Aspire E1-771/E1-771G, V3-731/V3-731G/V3-771/V3-771G, Travelmate P273/P273-M/P273-MG; Gateway NE71B/NV76R; Packard Bell EasyNote LE11/LE11BZ/LV11/LV11HC/LV44/LV44HC: 1422-0161000, 1422-0165000, 1422-0166000, 1422-018C000, 1422-018R000, 1422-018T000, 1422-018V000, 1422-0193000, 50.RYNN5.004 – Pegatron VA70/VA70C (LVDS)/VG70

Acer Aspire E1-772/E1-772G, V3-772/V3-772G; Packard Bell EasyNote LE69KB: 1422-0163000, 1422-0164000, 1422-018U000, 50.RYNN5.005 – Pegatron EA70/EG70/VA70C (eDP)/VA70HW/VA73

Acer Aspire E3-111/E3-112, ES1-111/ES1-111M/ES1-131/ES1-131M, Travelmate B116/B116-M/TMB116-M: DD0ZHJLC000, DD0ZHJLC011, 50.MNUN7.003 (non-touch) – Quanta ZHJ

Acer Aspire E5-411/E5-471/E5-471G/E5-471P/E5-471PG, V3-472/V3-472G/V3-472P/V3-472PG: DD0ZQ0LC000, 50.MLQN7.006 – Quanta ZQ0/ZQM

Acer Aspire E5-422/E5-422G/E5-432/E5-432G/E5-452/E5-452G/E5-473/E5-473G/E5-474/E5-474G/E5-491G, Travelmate P248/P248-M/P248-MG:, 50.MXRN2.006 (non-touch)

Acer Aspire E5-511/E5-511G/E5-511P/E5-521/E5-551/E5-551G/E5-571/E5-571G/E5-572/E5-572G, V3-572/V3-572G, Extensa 2500/2509/2510G, Travelmate P256/P256-M/P256-MG: DC02001Y810, 50.ML9N2.005 (non-touch eDP UMA); DC02001Y910, 50.MNSN2.002 (non-touch eDP Dis) – Compal Z5WAE/Z5WAH/Z5WAL

Acer Aspire E5-522/E5-522G/E5-532/E5-532T/E5-532G/E5-552/E5-573/E5-573G/E5-573T/E5-573TG/E5-574/E5-574G/E5-574T/E5-574TG, Extensa 2511/2511G/2520/2520G, Travelmate P257-M/P257-MG; Gateway NE573; Packard Bell EasyNote TE69BH: DD0ZRTLC100, 50.MVQN7.001 (non-touch); 50.MX0N7.001 (touch) – Quanta ZRT

Acer Aspire E5-721/E5-731/E5-731G/E5-771/E5-771G, ES1-711/ES1-711G/ES1-731/ES1-731G, Travelmate P276/P276-M/P276-MG; Packard Bell EasyNote LG71/LG71BM/LG81/LG81BA: DD0ZYWLC100, DD0ZYWLC110, DD0ZYWLC120, DD0ZYWLC140, DD0ZYWLC150, 50.MNDN7.006 (eDP) – Quanta ZYL/ZYV/ZYW

Acer Aspire E5-722/E5-722G/E5-752/E5-752G/E5-772/E5-772G/E5-773/E5-773G, Travelmate P277/P277-M/P277-MG: ?, 50.MVAN1.007, 50.MVAN1.008 (new cable connector) – BA70-BH

Acer Aspire ES1-311/ES1-331: ?, 50.MRTN1.004 – Wistron EA30-BM

Acer Aspire ES1-411/ES1-431, Extensa 2408; Gateway NE411; Packard Bell EasyNote ENNG71/NG71/NG71BM: ?, 50.MRUN7.002 – Quanta ? Z8A

Acer Aspire ES1-511/ES1-511G; Gateway NE511; Packard Bell EasyNote TF71BM: DC020020Z10 (LVDS), 50.MMLN2.007 – Compal Z5W1M/Z5WGM

Acer Aspire ES1-512/ES1-512G, ES1-531, Extensa 2508/2519/EX2508/EX2519; Packard Bell EasyNote ENTG71BM/ENTG81BA/TG71BM/TG81BA: 450.03704.0001, 450.03704.0011, 450.03704.0021, 450.03704.0031, 50.MRWN1.006 (eDP) – Wistron EA53/EA53-BM

Acer Aspire ES1-520/ES1-521: ? 50.MMLN2.006 – Compal B5W1E/B5W1K/B5W1R

Acer Aspire M3-581/M3-581T/M3-581TG: 1422-0152000, 1422-015K000, 50.RY8N5.006 – Pegatron MA50

Acer Aspire M5-481/M5-481P/M5-481PT/M5-481PTG/M5-481T/M5-481TG: DDZ09ALC020, 50.M3WN7.001 (touch); DD0Z09LC000, 50.M2VN7.004 (non-touch) – Quanta Z09/Z09A

Acer Aspire M5-581/M5-581T/M5-581TG: DC02C002U00 – Compal Q5LJ1

Acer Aspire M5-583/M5-583P: ?, 50.MEFN7.001 – Quanta ZRQB

Acer Aspire P3-171: DD0EE3LC110, 50.M8NN7.007 – Quanta EE3

Acer Aspire R3-471/R3-471G/R3-471TG: DD0ZQXLC100, 50.MSTN7.009 – Quanta ZQX

Acer Aspire R7-371/R7-371T: ? – Quanta ZS8

Acer Aspire R7-571/R7-571G, R7-572/R7-572G: DC02001RN10, 50.M9UN2.006 – Compal V5MM1

Acer Aspire S3-391: HB2-A004-001, 50.13B23.008 – Wistron Hummingbird 2 HM2-CR

Acer Aspire S3-471, V5-431/V5-431P/V5-471G/V5-471P/V5-471PG: 50.4TU08.001, 50.4TU08.011, 50.4TU09.001, 50.4TU09.011, 50.4TU09.021, 50.4TU09.031 – Wistron Husk VA41

Acer Aspire S3-951: SM30HS-A016-001A, 50.13B23.001, 50.13B23.007, LK.13305.006 – Wistron SM30-HS

Acer Aspire S7-191: 50.4WD02.001 – Wistron Helium

Acer Aspire S7-391: ? – Wistron Storm

Acer Aspire S7-392: 60.4LZ07.001, 6M.MBKN1.003 – Wistron Storm 2

Acer Aspire SW3-013: 1506-G, 0800-0N52E00, 50.MX3N5.001 – Pegatron Gummi P0KCC

Acer Aspire SW5-111: 1422-01VD000, 1422-01VF000, 50.L67N5.009 – Pegatron P1JBC

Acer Aspire SW5-171: 1422-01VB000, 1422-01VE000, 50.L69N5.008 – Pegatron P1HBC

Acer Aspire V3-111/V3-111P, Travelmate B115/B115-MP: ?, 50.MP1N7.003 (touch) – Quanta ZHJA

Acer Aspire V3-112/V3-112P: ?, 50.MP1N7.004 (touch) – Quanta ZHJA

Acer Aspire V3-331/V3-371, Travelmate P236/P236-M: 450.02B01.0001, 50.MPJN1.008 – Wistron VA30

Acer Aspire V3-531/V3-531G/V3-551/V3-551G; Gateway NV52I: DC02001I410, DC02C003210, 50.M03N2.005 – Compal Q5WV1/Q5WV8

Acer Aspire V5-121/V5-121P, Aspire One 725: DD0ZHALC000, DD0ZHALC010, DD0ZHALC020, DD0ZHALC030, 50.SGPN7.005 – Quanta ZHA/ZHG

Acer Aspire V5-122/V5-122P/V5-132/V5-132P: 50.4LK06.001, 50.4LK06.011, 50.4LK06.032, 50.M92N1.004 – Wistron Angel

Acer Aspire V5-123: DD0ZHLLC000, 50.MFQN7.003 – Quanta ZHL

Acer Aspire V5-131/V5-171, Aspire One 756, Chromebook C7/C710, Travelmate B113/B113-E/B113-M: DC02001KE10, DC02001SB10, 50.SGYN2.005 – Compal Q1VZC

Acer Aspire V5-472G/V5-472P/V5-472PG, V7-481P/V7-481PG/V7-482P/V7-482PG: DD0ZQKLC100 – Quanta ZQK

Acer Aspire V5-531/V5-531G/V5-571/V5-571G/V5-571P/V5-571PG: 50.4VM03.001 (UMA LVDS), 50.4VM03.011 (LVDS), 50.4VM03.021, 50.4VM03.031 (LVDS), 50.4VM06.001, 50.4VM06.002 (UMA LVDS), 50.4VM06.004 (UMA LVDS), 50.4VM06.011 (UMA LVDS), 50.4VM14.001 (touch eDP), 50.4VM14.011 (touch eDP), 50.4VM14.013 (touch eDP), 50.4VM14.033 (touch eDP), 50.M1PN1.003 – Wistron Petra VA51

Acer Aspire V5-551/V5-551G: DD0ZRPLC000, DD0ZRPLC010, 50.M41N7.006 – Quanta ZRP

Acer Aspire V5-552/V5-552G, V5-572/V5-572G/V5-572PG, V5-573/V5-573G/V5-573P/V5-573PG, V7-581P/V7-581PG, V7-582P/V7-582PG: DD0ZRKLC000, DD0ZRKLC010, DD0ZRKLC020, DD0ZRKLC030, DD0ZRKLC040, 50.M9YN7.004 (non-touch); DD0ZRKLC100, DD0ZRKLC110, DD0ZRKLC120, DD0ZRKLC130, 50.MACN7.001 (touch) – Quanta ZQK/ZRI/ZRK/ZRKA

Acer Aspire VN7-571/VN7-571G, VN7-591/VN7-591G: ?, 50.MQJN1.008 (eDP for HD), 50.MSYN1.002 (eDP for UHD) – ? Hades

Acer Aspire VN7-791/VN7-791G: ?, 50.MQSN1.007 (eDP), 50.MUFN1.001 (3D) – ? Poseidon

Acer Chromebook AC700: DD0ZGBLC000 – Quanta ZGB

Acer Chromebook C720/C720P: DD0ZHNLC001 (non-touch), DD0ZHNLC011, DDZHNALC020 (touch), DD0ZHNLC021 – Quanta ZHN

Acer Chromebook C730/C730E: 50.MRCN7.001 – Quanta ZHQB

Acer Chromebook C910, CB5-571: ?, 50.MUNN7.006 – Quanta ZRF

Acer Chromebook CB5-311/CB5-133P: ?, 50.MRDN2.003 (touch)

Acer Extensa 3100, Travelmate 3300: 50.4C202.001 – Wistron Myna II

Acer Extensa 4130, Travelmate 4230/4530: DC02000N900 – Compal JALC0

Acer Extensa 4220/4420/4620, Travelmate 4320/4520/4720: 50.4H010.001 (с вебкой), 50.4H010.011, 50.4H010.021, 50.4H013.001 (без вебки) – Wistron Biwa

Acer Extensa 5210/5220/5420/5620G/5620Z, Travelmate 5310/5320/5520/5710/5720: 50.4T301.001, 50.4T327.001, 50.4T328.001, 50.4T329.001 – Wistron Columbia

Acer Extensa 5230/5230E/5430/5630/5630EZ/5630G, Travelmate 5230/5330/5530/5730: 50.4Z406.001 , 50.4Z406.002 , 50.4Z406.012 , 50.4Z410.012 , 50.4Z410.013  – Wistron Homa/Olan

Acer Extensa 5235/5635/5635G/5635Z/5635ZG: DD0ZR6LC000 , DD0ZR6LC100  – Quanta ZR6

Acer Extensa 7120/7220/7420/7620/7620G/7620Z, Travelmate 7220/7220G/7320/7520/7520G/7720/7720G: 50.TL701.010, 50.4U001.001, 50.4U001.002, 50.4U001.012, 50.4U029.001 – Wistron Pomona/Texcoco/Tangiz

Acer Ferrari 4000, Travelmate 8100: DD0ZF1LC004 – Quanta ZF1

Acer Ferrari 5000, Travelmate 8200/8210: DD0ZC1LC003 – Quanta ZC1/ZC3

Acer Ferrari One 200: DD0ZH6LC000 – Quanta ZH6

Acer Iconia W4-820/W4-820P/W4-821/W4-821P: ?, 50.L31N7.004 – Quanta EE6

Acer Iconia One 7 B1-770:

Acer Iconia Tab A1-713HD: 50.L4NN8.001

Acer Iconia A1-830: ?, 50.L3WN6.003

Acer Iconia Tab A3-A11: ?, 50.L28N2.002 – Compal ZEJ00

Acer Iconia Tab A1-840FHD: ?, 50.L4JN9.005

Acer Iconia Tab A101: ?

Acer Iconia Tab A211: ?, 50.HAEH2.005 – Compal V0JVT

Acer Iconia Tab A700 (без 3G): ?, 50.HA1H2.001 – Compal QAJA2

Acer Iconia Tab A701 (c 3G): ?, 50.H9XH2.001 – Compal QAJA1

Acer Iconia Talk S A1-724: ?, 50.L7ZN7.004 – Quanta ALT ?

Acer Predator G9-591: 1422-025Y000, 1422-0264000 – Pegatron P5NCN

Acer Travelmate 2350: DC020001200 – Compal ECL57

Acer Travelmate 3000/3030/3040: DD0ZH1LC001, DD0ZH1LC109, DD0ZH1LC036 – Quanta ZH1/ZH5

Acer Travelmate 3010/3020: DD0ZH2LC006 – Quanta ZH2

Acer Travelmate 4150/4650: DC020004800 – Compal EDL00

Acer Travelmate 5744/5744Z: 1422-012N000, 1422-012P000, 1422-012Q000, 1422-0135000, 50.V5M0U.004 – Pegatron BIC50

Acer Travelmate 5360/5760/5760G/5760Z/5760ZG: DD0ZRJLC000, 50.V3W07.006 – Quanta ZRJ

Acer Travelmate 6231/6252/6291/6292: DD0ZU1LC000 – Quanta ZU1

Acer Travelmate 6253/6293: 6017B0176201 – Inventec Carlisle

Acer Travelmate 6495/6495T/6495TG, 8473/8473T/8473TG: 50.4NP19.011, 50.4NP21.001, 50.4NP21.011 – Wistron BAD40-HR

Acer Travelmate 6553/6593: 50.4Z918.001, 50.4Z921.001, 50.4Z921.101 – Wistron Four Peaks

Acer Travelmate 6592: 6017B0111101 – Inventec Pantanal

Acer Travelmate 6594: 6017B0274901 – Inventec BAD50/BXD50

Acer Travelmate 6595/6595T/6595TG, 8573/8573T/8573TG: 50.4NM01.001, 50.4NM01.011, 50.V4B01.008 – Wistron BAD50-HR

Acer Travelmate/TimelineX 8372/8372T/8372TG: 6017B0275101 – Inventec BAP30/BXP30

Acer Travelmate 8431/8471/8471G/8531/8571/8571G: 6017B0235001, 6017B0236801 – Inventec BAP41/BAP51/BAP52/BXP41

Acer Travelmate 8481/8481G/8481T/8481TG: DC02C001Z10 – Compal P4VC0

Acer Travelmate 8572: DD0ZR9LC000, DD0ZR9LC010, DD0ZR9LC020 – Quanta ZR9

Acer Travelmate 8732T/8732TZ: ?

Acer Travelmate P453/P453-M/P453-MG: 1422-0196000, 1422-0197000, 1422-019C000, 50.V6ZN5.003 – Pegatron BA50

Acer Travelmate P455/P455-M/P455-MG: DC02001T110, 50.V8MN2.003 – Compal Z5WC2

Acer Travelmate P633/P633M: ?, 50.V7MN1.002 – Wistron BAD30-HC

Acer Travelmate P643/P643-M/P643-MG: 50.4SA05.001, 50.4SA06.001, 50.V7HN1.001 – Wistron BAD40-HC

Acer Travelmate P645/P645-M/P645-MG: 50.V8RN2.006, ? – Compal V4DA2

Acer Travelmate P653/P653-M/P653-MG/P653-V: ?, 50.V7EN1.003 – Wistron BAD50-HC

Apple Macbook Pro 13″ A1278 2011: 821-1226-A

ASRock Multibook M15: 1422-00G5000 – Asus IM5L4-AR

Asus A3G/A3L/A3N, A6L/A6U, Z91A/Z91AC/Z91E/Z91ER/Z91F/Z91FC/Z91FP/Z91FR/Z91G/Z91H/Z91HF/Z91L/Z91N/Z91V/Z91VC: 08-20QN8510N

Asus A4D/A4G/A4GA/A4K/A4KA/A4L/A4S/A4SP: 08-20VL8011M, 08-20VL8211M, 08-20VS8010M

Asus A6F/A6G/A6J/A6K/A6M/A6N/A6NE/A6R/A6T/A6TC/A6V/A6VC: 08G26AV8010M, 08G26AV8010N, 08G26AV8111M, 08G26AV8111N, 14G100309007 , 14G100309009 , 08-26AV8111N

Asus A7C/A7CB/A7CC/A7CD/A7D/A7DB/A7DC/A7F/A7G/A7J/A7JB/A7JC/A7K/A7M/A7S/A7SN/A7SV/A7T/A7U/A7V/A7VB/A7VC, G2S/G2SG/G2SV, PRO70D/PRO70DB/PRO70DC/PRO70F/PRO70J/PRO70S/PRO70SV/PRO70T/PRO70V, Z83C/Z83D/Z83F/Z83J/Z83K/Z83M/Z83S/Z83SV/Z83T/Z83U/Z83V: 08G27AV8020N, 14G100310001, 14G2207AV30N, 08-27AV8010N, 08-27AV8010O

Asus A8D/A8DC/A8E/A8F/A8FM/A8H/A8HE/A8J/A8JA/A8JC/A8JE/A8JM/A8JN/A8JP/A8JR/A8JS/A8L/A8LE/A8M/A8N/A8S/A8SC/A8SE/A8SG/A8SR/A8T/A8TC/A8TM, X80A/X80H/X80L/X80LE/X80N/X80Z, X81L/X81S/X81SC/X81SE/X81SG/X81SR, Z99D/Z99DC/Z99E/Z99F/Z99FM/Z99H/Z99HE/Z99J/Z99JA/Z99JC/Z99JE/Z99JM/Z99JN/Z99JR/Z99L/Z99LE/Z99M/Z99N/Z99S/Z99SC/Z99SE/Z99SG/Z99SR/Z99T/Z99TC/Z99TM:08G28AJ8001M, 08G28AJ8001N, 08G28AP8010M, 14G2208AJ10R, 14G2208AJ11M, 14G2208AJ11N

Asus A9T, F5C/F5G/F5GL/F5M/F5N/F5R/F5RL/F5S/F5SL/F5SR/F5V/F5VL/F5Z, PRO50G/PRO50GL/PRO50M/PRO50N/PRO50R/PRO50RL/PRO50S/PRO50SL/PRO50SR/PRO50V/PRO50VL/PRO50Z, PRO55G/PRO55GL/PRO55S/PRO55SL/PRO55SR/PRO55V/PRO55VA, X50C/X50G/X50GL/X50M/X50N/X50Q/X50R/X50S/X50SL/X50V/X50VL/X50Z, X59G/X59GL/X59S/X59SL/X59SR: 08G25FR8121M, 08G25FR8121U, 14G100313802, 1422-003P000

Asus A42D/A42DE/A42DQ/A42DR/A42DY/A42F/A42J/A42JA/A42JB/A42JC/A42JE/A42JK/A42JP/A42JR/A42JV/A42JY/A42JZ/A42N, K42D/K42DE/K42DQ/K42DR/K42DY/K42F/K42J/K42JA/K42JB/K42JC/K42JE/K42JK/K42JP/K42JR/K42JV/K42JY/K42JZ/K42N, X42D/X42DE/X42DQ/X42DR/X42DY/X42F/X42J/X42JA/X42JB/X42JC/X42JE/X42JK/X42JP/X42JR/X42JV/X42JY/X42JZ/X42N: 14G22100200Q, 14G22100200V, 1422-00P1000, 1422-00P10AS, 1422-00P4000, 1422-00P40AS, 1422-00P9000, 1422-00SK000, DD0KJ2LC100 – Quanta KJ2

Asus A43B/A43BE/A43BR/A43BY/A43T/A43TA/A43TK/A43U, K43B/K43BE/K43BR/K43BY/K43T/K43TA/K43TK/K43U, X43B/X43BE/X43BR/X43BY/X43T/X43TA/X43K/X43U:14G221044000, 14005-00320000, DC02001AU10, DC02001AU20 – Compal PBL50

Asus A43E/A43S/A43SA/A43SD/A43SJ/A43SM/A43SV, K43E/K43S/K43SA/K43SD/K43SJ/K43SM/K43SV, X43E/X43S/X43SA/X43SD/X43SJ/X43SM/X43SV, Asuspro Essential P43E/P43S/P43S: 14G140344000, 14005-00150100, DD0KJ1LC000, DD0KJ1LC100, QTKJ1-ESL0106A, QTKJ1-ESL0206A – Quanta KJ1

Asus A44H/A44HR/A44HY/A44L/A44LY, K84C/K84H/K84HR/K84HY/K84L/K84LY, X44C/X44H/X44HR/X44HY/X44L/X44LY, X84C/X84H/X84HR/X84HY/X84L/X84LY:14G140344010, 14G140344020, 14005-00040100

Asus A45A/A45V/A45VD/A45VJ/A45VM/A45VS, A85A/A85V/A85VD/A85VJ/A85VM/A85VS, K45A/K45V/K45VD/K45VJ/K45VM/K45VS, R400A/R400V/R400VD/R400VJ/R400VM/R400VS, Asuspro Essential P45V/P45VA/P45VJ: DC02001G020, 14005-00490000 – Compal QCL40

Asus A45D/A45DE/A45DR, A85D/A85DE/A85DR/A85N, K45D/K45DE/K45DR, R400D/R400DE/R400DR, X45U: 14005-00260100, 14005-00360100, 14005-00360200, 14005-00550000, DD0XJ2LC000, DD0XJ2LC010, DD0XJ2LC020, DD0XY1LC000, DD0XY1LC010, DD0XY1LC020 – Quanta XJ2/XY1

Asus A46C/A46CA/A46CB/A46CM, K46C/K46CA/K46CB/K46CM, S46C/S46CA/S46CB/S46CM, S405C/S405CA/S405CB/S405CM: 14005-00590000, 14005-00590100, DD0KJCLC000

Asus A52BY/A52D/A52DE/A52DR/A52DY/A52F/A52J/A52JB/A52JC/A52JE/A52JK/A52JR/A52JT/A52JU/A52JV/A52N, K52D/K52DE/K52DR/K52DY/K52F/K52J/K52JB/K52JC/K52JE/K52JK/K52JR/K52JT/K52JU/K52JV/K52N, P52F/P52J/P52JC, PRO5IJ/PRO5IJB/PRO5IJC/PRO5IJE/PRO5IJK/PRO5IJR/PRO5IJT/PRO5IJU/PRO5IJV, X52A/X52D/X52DE/X52DR/X52DY/X52F/X52J/X52JB/X52JC/X52JE/X52JK/X52JR/X52JT/X52JU/X52JV/X52N: 14G22100110M, 14G22100110U, 14G22100110V, 1422-00NH000, 1422-00NJ000, 1422-00NJ0AS, 1422-00NP000, 1422-00NP0AS, 1422-00Q2000, 1422-00Q20AS, DDKJ3ALC001, DDKJ3ALC000, DD0KJ3LC020, DD0KJ3LC030 (LED); 14G22100110Q, 14G22100120U, 14G22100120V, 1422-00R30AS, 1422-00RA000, 1422-00RA0A9, 1422-00RL000 (CCFL) – Quanta KJ3/KJ3A

Asus A53E/A53S/A53SC/A53SD/A53SJ/A53SK/A53SM/A53SV, K53E/K53S/K53SC/K53SD/K53SJ/K53SK/K53SM/K53SV, P53E/P53S/P53SJ, PRO5NE/PRO5NS/PRO5NSC/PRO5NSD/PRO5NSJ/PRO5NSK/PRO5NSM/PRO5NSV, X53E/X53S/X53SC/X53SJ/X53SM/X53SV: 14G22103600, 14G221036000, 14G221036001, 14G221036002, 14G221036004, CLAK53CB03P

Asus A53T/A53TA/A53TK/A53U/A53Z, K53B/K53BE/K53BR/K53BY/K53T/K53TA/K53TK/K53U/K53Z, PRO5NB/PRO5NBE/PRO5NBR/PRO5NBY/PRO5NT/PRO5NTA/PRO5NTK/PRO5NU/PRO5NZ, X53B/X53BR/X53BY/X53T/X53TA/X53TK/X53U/X53Z: 14G221045000, 14005-00340000, 14005-00340100, DC02001AV10, DC02001AV20 – Compal PBL60/QBL60

Asus A54C/A54H/A54HR/A54HY/A54L/A54LY, K54C/K54H/K54HR/K54HY/K54L/K54LY, X54C/X54H/X54HR/X54HY/X54L/X54LY: 14G221047000, 14G221047001, 14G221047002, 14005-00180000

Asus A55A, F55A/F55C/F55U/F55V/F55VD, R503A/R503C/R503U/R503V/R503VD, X55A/X55C/X55U/X55V/X55VD: 14005-00620000, 14005-00620100, 14005-00620200, 14006-0009000, 14006-00090000, DD0XJ3LC010, DD0XJ3LC011 – Quanta XJ3

Asus A55A/A55D/A55DE/A55DR/A55N/A55V/A55VD/A55VJ/A55VM/A55VS, K55A/K55C/K55D/K55DE/K55DR/K55N/K55V/K55VD/K55VJ/K55VM/K55VS, R500A/R500V/R500VD/R500VJ/R500VM/R500VS, U57A/U57DE/U57DR/U57N/U57VD/U57VJ/U57VM: 1422-015L000, 1422-0156000, 1422-0176000, 1422-018D000, 1422-018E000, 1422-018M000, 1422-018N000, 1422-019L000, 14005-00470400, 14005-00470600, 14005-00470700, 14005-00470800, 14006-00050000, 14006-00050100, 14006-00050200, 14006-00050400, DD0KJBCM000 – Quanta KJB

Asus A56C/A56CA/A56CB/A56CM, K56C/K56CA/K56CB/K56CM/K56V/K56VM, S56C/S56CA/S56CB/S56CM: 1422-019W000, 14005-00600000, 14005-00600100, D3K560RC09E0

Asus A72D/A72DR/A72DY/A72F/A72J/A72JK/A72JR/A72JT/A72JU, K72D/K72DR/K72DY/K72F/K72J/K72JB/K72JK/K72JR/K72JT/K72JU, X72D/X72DR/X72DY/X72F/X72J/X72JB/X72JK/X72JR/X72JT/X72JU: 14G140305000 (long), 14G140305001 (short), 14G140305002 (short), 14G140305010 (long), 14G140305020 (long), 14G140305021 (short), 1422-00NC000, 1422-00NC0AS (long), 1422-00ND000 (long), 1422-00NL000 (short), 1422-00NL0AS (short), 1422-00NX0AS (long), 1422-00NY000 (short), 1422-00NY0AS (short), DD0NJ3LC110 (short), DD0NJ3LC111 (short) – Quanta NJ3

Asus A73B/A73BE/A73BR/A73BY/A73T/A73TA/A73TK, K73B/K73BE/K73BR/K73BY/K73T/K73TA/K73TK, X73B/X73BE/X73BR/X73BY/X73T/X73TA/X73TK: 14G221046000, 14005-00330000, 14005-00330100, DC02001AX10 – Compal PBL70

Asus A73E/A73S/A73SD/A73SJ/A73SM/A73SV, K73E/K73S/K73SD/K73SJ/K73SM/K73SV, X73E/X73S/X73SD/X73SJ/X73SM/X73SV: 14G221037000, 14G221037001, 14G221037002, 14G221037003, 1422-00X5000, 1422-00X6000, 1422-00X7000

Asus A75V/A75VD/A75VJ/A75VM, F75A/F75V/F75VB/F75VC/F75VD, R704A/R704VB/R704VC/R704VCP/R704VD, X75A/X75VB/X75VC/X75VCP/X75VD: 14005-00380100, 14005-00380300 (X75A), QTXJ4-ESL0206A – Quanta XJ4

Asus A75D/A75DE, K75D/K75DE, R700D/R700DE, X75D/X75DE: 14005-00540000, DC02001LK20 – Compal QML70

Asus A95V/A95VB/A95VJ/A95VM, K95V/K95VB/K95VJ/K95VM: DC02001FZ10, 14005-00450000 – Compal QCL90/ZAY90

Asus A450C/A450CA/A450CC/A450CP/A450E/A450EA/A450EP/A450J/A450JF/A450JN/A450L/A450LA/A450LB/A450LC/A450LD/A450LN/A450V/A450VB/A450VC/A450VE/A450VP, K450C/K450CA/K450CC/K450J/K450JF/K450JN/K450L/K450LA/K450LB/K450LC/K450LD/K450LN/K450V/K450VB/K450VC/K450VE, X450C/X450CA/X450CC/X450CP/X450E/X450EA/X450EP/X450J/X450JF/X450JN/X450L/X450LA/X450LB/X450LC/X450LD/X450LN/X450V/X450VB/X450VC/X450VE/X450VP:14005-00930000 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00930400 (LVDS), 14005-00930800 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00931100 (eDP), 14005-00931200 (eDP), 14005-00931300 (LVDS 2 in 1), 14005-00931400 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00931500 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00931600 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00931700 (LVDS Thick 2 in 1), 14005-00931800 (LVDS), 14005-00932000 (touch), DD0XJALC010, DD0XJALC020 – Quanta XJA

Asus A455L/A455LA/A455LD/A455LF/A455LN, K455L/K455LA/K455LD/K455LJ/K455LN, X455L/X455LA/X455LB/X455LD/X455LF/X455LJ/X455LN/X455WA/X455WE: 14005-01400000, 14005-01400100, 14005-01400200


Asus A550C/A550CA/A550CC/A550CL/A550D/A550DP/A550EA/A550L/A550LA/A550LB/A550LC/A550LD/A550LN/A550V/A550VB/A550VC, D551E/D551EA/D551L/D551LB, F550E/F550EA/F550J/F550JD/F550JK/F550L/F550LA/F550LAV/F550LB/F550LC/F550LD/F550LN/F550W/F550WA/F550WE/F550Z/F550ZA/F550ZE, F554L/F554LA/F554LD/F554LI/F554LJ/F554LN/F554LP?, K550C/K550CA/K550CC/K550D/K550DP/K550J/K550JD/K550JK/K550L/K550LA/K550LB/K550LC/K550LD/K550LN/K550V/K550VB/K550VC/K550Z/K550ZA/K550ZE, Asuspro P550C/P550CA/P550CC/P550L/P550LA/P550LAV/P550LC/P550LD, R510C/R510CA/R510CC/R510D/R510DP/R510E/R510EA/R510J/R510JD/R510JK/R510L/R510LA/R510LB/R510LC/R510LD/R510LDV/R510LN/R510V/R510VB/R510VC/R510W/R510WA/R510Z/R510ZA/R510ZE, X550C/X550CA/X550CC/X550CL/X550D/X550DP/X550E/X550EA/X550J/X550JD/X550JK/X550JX/X550L/X550LA/X550LB/X550LC/X550LD/X550LN/X550LNV/X550M/X550MD/X550MJ/X550V/X550VA/X550VB/X550VC/X550VL/X550W/X550WA/X550WE/X550Z/X550ZA/X550ZE:1422-0108000 (LVDS); 1422-01FV000, 1422-01FY000, 14005-00920000 (X550CC/X550EP/X550LN/X550VA/X550VB/X550VC LVDS FV/FY); 1422-01G0000 (X550LC EDP/LVDS?), 1422-01JP000 (X550JA/X550LB/X550LC eDP), 1422-01M6000 (LVDS), 1422-01PA000 (X550LN eDP), 14005-00920100 (X550VA LVDS), 14005-00920200 (X550VA LVDS), 14005-00920300 (X550LA eDP), 14005-00920400 (X550LA eDP), 14005-00920500 (X550LA eDP); 14005-00920600, 14005-00920700, 14005-00920800, 1422-01MB000 (touch LVDS); 14005-00920900 (X550MJ/X550VL/X550WA LVDS), 14005-00921000 (LVDS), 14005-00921100 (X550VL LVDS); 14005-00921200 (X550DP touch LVDS); 14005-00921600, 1422-01JN000 (X550DP/X550LC/X550LN eDP); 14005-00921800, 14005-00922300, 1422-01VU0AS (X550JD/X550JK FullHD eDP); 14005-00922100, 1422-01VT0AS (X550JD/X550JK LVDS); 14005-01000100, 1422-01G9000 (X550DP/X550ZA/X550ZE LVDS); 14005-01000200, 1422-01JK000 (F550Z/X550DP/X550ZE eDP)

Asus A552E/A552EA/A552M/A552MD/A552W/A552WA/A552WE, F552C/F552CL/F552E/F552EA/F552EP/F552L/F552LAV/F552LD/F552LDV/F552M/F552MD/F552MJ/F552V/F552VL/F552WA/F552WE, K552E/K552EA/K552M/K552MD/K552W/K552WA/K552WE, R513C/R513CL/R513E/R513EA/R513EP/R513L/R513LD/R513M?/R513MD/R513MJ/R513V/R513VL/R513W/R513WA/R513WE, X552C/X552CL/X552E/X552EA/X552EP/X552L/X552LD/X552M/X552MD/X552MJ/X552V/X552VL/X552W/X552WA/X552WE: 14005-00920900, 1422-01M7000


Asus A553M/A553MA, D553M/D553MA, F553M/F553MA, K553M/K553MA, R515M/R515MA, X553M/X553MA: 1422-01UX0AS, 1422-01WW0AS (Wedge?), 14005-01280000 (non-touch), 14005-01280100 (non-touch), 14005-01280200 (non-touch), 14005-01280300 (touch), 14005-01280500 (touch), 14005-01280700 (non-touch), 14005-01280900 (wedge), 14005-01281000 (wedge), 14005-01281100

Asus A555L/A555LA/A555LB/A555LD/A555LF/A555LN/A555LP, F555L/F555LA/F555LD/F555LJ/F555LN/F555LP, K555L/K555LA/K555LD/K555LJ/K555LN/K555LP/K555Z/K555ZA/K555ZE, R556L/R556LA/R556LD/R556LJ/R556LN/R556LP, X554L/X554LA/X554LD/X554LI/X554LJ/X554LN/X554LP, X555L/X555LA/X555LB/X555LD/X555LF/X555LI/X555LJ/X555LN/X555LP: 1422-01SW0AS ?, 14005-01360200, 14005-01360400, 14005-01360500 (X555LD-1B eDP); 1422-01UN0AS, 1422-01UQ0AS, 14005-01360600, 14005-01360800 (LVDS); 1422-01V20AS?, 14005-01490000 (X555LD-3D eDP); 1422-01VJ0AS, 14005-01490100 (K555LN LVDS)

X555D/X555DA/X555DG/X555S/X555SJ/X555U/X555UA/X555UB/X555UF/X555UJ/X555Y/X555YA/X555YI ?


Asus A750J/A750JA/A750JB/A750L/A750LA/A750LB, F750J/F750JA/F750JB/F750JN/F750L/F750LA/F750LB/F750LN, K750J/K750JA/K750JB/K750JN/K750L/K750LA/K750LB, R751J/R751JA/R751JB/R751JN/R751L/R751LA/R751LB/R751LN, X750J/X750JA/X750JB/X750JN/X750L/X750LA/X750LB/X750LN: 1422-01GD000, 1422-01GJ000, 1422-01Q4000, 14005-01110000 (LVDS); 1422-01J2000, 14005-01110100 (eDP)

Asus pro Advanced B23E: 14005-00120000, 14005-00120100

Asus pro Advanced B33E: 14005-00070100

Asus pro Advanced B43A/B43E/B43F/B43J/B43S/B43V/B43VC: 14G22102700M, 14G22102700N, 14G22102711N, 14005-00700000 (HD)

Asus pro Advanced B53A/B53E/B53F/B53J/B53S/B53V/B53VC: 14G22102600M (TFL), 1422-00ST000; 14G22102610M (coaxial); 14005-00690000 (B53V HD)

Asus B80A: 14G2208BA10N

Asus B400A/B400V: 14005-00660000, 14005-00660300, 14005-00660400, M-M15X-AM-001-A

Asus B451J/B451JA: 14005-01480100, 14005-01480200 (eDP)

Asus pro Advanced B551L/B551LA/B551LG: 450.0090C.0001, 14005-01370100 (B551LA); 450.00902.0011, 14005-01370000 (B551LG)

Asus pro Advanced BU201L/BU201LA: ?

Asusp ro Advanced BU401L/BU401LA/BU401LG: 08201-00442000, 08201-00442100 ?

Asus C90P/C90S: 14G140145300, 14G140145301

Asus Chromebook C300M/C300MA: 14005-01450400

Asus Vivobook D450C/D450CA/D450L/D450LA/D450LC/D450M/D450MA, X451C/X451CA/X451M/X451MA/X451MAV: 14005-01020000, CLAX45CB03P

Asus Vivobook D550C/D550CA/D550M/D550MA, F551C/F551CA/F551M/F551MA, P551C/P551CA, R512C/R512CA/R512M/R512MA/R512MAV, X551C/X551CA/X551CAP/X551M/X551MA/X551MAV: 14005-01070000, 14005-01070100, 14005-01070200, 14005-01070400, DD0XJCLC000, DD0XJCLC010, DD0XJCLC020, DD0XJCLC030 – Quanta XJC

Asus F3A/F3E/F3F/F3H/F3K/F3KA/F3KE/F3M/F3Q/F3S/F3SA/F3SC/F3SE/F3SG/F3SR/F3SV/F3U, L54T, M51K/M51KR/M51S/M51SE/M51SN/M51SR/M51T/M51TA/M51TR/M51V/M51VA/M51VR, PRO31E/PRO31F/PRO31H/PRO31J/PRO31JA/PRO31JC/PRO31JF/PRO31JP/PRO31JR/PRO31JV/PRO31K/PRO31L/PRO31M/PRO31P/PRO31Q/PRO31S/PRO31SA/PRO31SC/PRO31SG/PRO31SV/PRO31T/PRO31U, PRO57K/PRO57S/PRO57SE/PRO57T/PRO57TR, PRO59L/PRO59LE, X52S/X52SG, X56A/X56K/X56KR/X56S/X56SE/X56SN/X56T/X56TA/X56TR/X56V/X56VA/X56VR, Z53E/Z53F/Z53H/Z53J/Z53JA/Z53JC/Z53JM/Z53JP/Z53JR/Z53JV/Z53L/Z53M/Z53P/Z53S/Z53SC/Z53T/Z53TC/Z53U: 08G23FC8010M, 08G23FC8010U, 08G23FJ8011U, 14G100313600, 14G2203FA10R, 14G2203FA11M, 14G2203FA12U, 14G2213FA11M, 1422-000T000, 14G100310030 , 14G100310031
Asus F6A/F6E/F6H/F6S/F6V/F6VE: 14G2206FS10N, 14G2206FS20M, 1422-0018000

Asus F7E/F7F/F7K/F7KR/F7L/F7S/F7SE/F7SR/F7Z: 08G2207FF10U, 14G2207FF10M, 14G2207FF10U

Asus F8J/F8L/F8N/F8P/F8S/F8SA/F8SE/F8SG/F8SN/F8SP/F8SR/F8SV/F8T/F8TR/F8V/F8VA/F8VR, PRO52H/PRO52L/PRO52R/PRO52RL, PRO59L/PRO59LE, T12/T12R, X51C/X51H/X51L/X51R/X51RL, X58C/X58L/X58LE: 08G22TR8110D, 08G22TR8110N, 14G2208FJ11M, 14G2208FJ11N, 14G2218FJ11N, 1422-001S000, 1422-002600, 1422-002S000

Asus F9D/F9DC/F9E/F9F/F9J/F9S/F9SG: 08G29FK8010N, 14G010010800, 14G2209FS12N, 14G2209FS12P, 14G2239FS12P

Asus F50G/F50GX/F50N/F50S/F50SL/F50Z, PRO61G/PRO61GX/PRO61S/PRO61SL/PRO61Z, X61G/X61GX/X61S/X61SL/X61Z: 14G100313900, 14G100313901, 14G100313910, 1414-00R9000, 1414-00RA000, 1414-00RB000, 1414-00RC000

Asus F50Q/F50S/F50SF/F50SG/F50SV, N60D/N60DP/N60S/N60SF, PRO61Q/PRO61S/PRO61SF/PRO61SV, PRO63D/PRO63DP, X61Q/X61S/X61SF/X61SV: 14G140274300 (F50SV), 14G140293000 (LED), 1422-00EC000 (F50SV), 1414-02L9000 (F50SF/N60SF LED), 1414-02LS000 (F50SG/N60DP LED), 1410-0055000 (шлейф инвертора и вебки), 1410-005P000 (шлейф инвертора и вебки), 1410-005Q000 (шлейф датчика Холла и вебки)

Asus F52A/F52Q, F82A/F82Q, K40AB/K40AD/K40AF/K40C/K40ID/K40IJ/K40IL/K40IN/K40IP, K50AB/K50AD/K50AF/K50C/K50ID/K50IE/K50IJ/K50IN/K50IO/K50IP, K51A/K51AB/K51AC/K51AE/K51I/K51IO, K60I/K60IJ/K60IL/K60IN, P50I/P50IJ, P81I/P81IJ, PRO5DAB/PRO5DAD/PRO5DAF/PRO5DC/PRO5DI/PRO5DID/PRO5DIE/PRO5DIJ/PRO5DIL/PRO5DIN/PRO5DIP, PRO5EA/PRO5EAC/PRO5EAE, X5DAB/X5DAD/X5DAF/X5DC/X5DID/X5DIE/X5DIJ/X5DIL/X5DIN/X5DIP, X5EA/X5EAC/X5EAE, X8AAB/X8AAD/X8AAF/X8AC/X8AID/X8AIE/X8AIJ/X8AIL/X8AIN/X8AIP:14G140273601 (шлейф HDMI F82Q), 14G140282101 (шлейф HDMI K51IO), 14G2204KI10R, 14G2204KI10V, 14G2204KI11M (K40IJ), 14G2204KI11R, 14G2205KN20M (K51IO), 14G2205KN20Q (K51IO), 14G2206KJ11Q (K60IJ), 14G2208FD20M (F82Q), 14G2208FD20V (F82Q), 1422-00F2000 (F82Q), 1422-00FY0AS, 1422-00G1000, 1422-00G10A9, 1422-00G10AS (K50C), 1422-00G90AS (K50C), 1422-00GA0AS, 1422-00H50AS (X5EAC), 1422-00JS0AS (K50IJ)

Asus F70S/F70SL, N70S/N70SV, PRO76S/PRO76SL, X73S/X73SL, X75S/X75SV: 14G2227FB10R (short, for LG), 14G2227FB20N (short, for LG), 1422-00DZ000, 1422-00E1000; 14G2217FB20N, 14G2217FB20R, 1422-00EH000 (long)

Asus F80C/F80CR/F80L/F80Q/F80S, X82C/X82CR/X82L/X82Q/X82S: 14G2208AS10R, 14G2218AS10M (CMO), 14G2218AS10R (CMO), 1422-001Q000 (AUO)

Asus F81S/F81SE, F83S/F83SR/F83T/F83TR/F83V/F83VD/F83VF, X85S/X85SE, X88C/X88CR/X88S/X88SE/X88V/X88VD/X88VF: 14G2208FF20N, 1422-00JG000, 1422-00NB000

Asus Vivobook F102B/F102BA, X102B/X102BA: 14005-01060000, 14005-01060100, DDEJBALC000 – Quanta EJBA

Asus Vivobook F200C/F200CA/F200L/F200LA/F200M/F200MA, K200M/K200MA, X200C/X200CA/X200L/X200LA/X200M/X200MA: 14005-00980000 (X200CA non-touch), 14005-00980100 (X200CA non-touch), 14005-00980200 (non-touch), 14005-00980500 (X200CA touch), 14005-01180500 (X200MA non-touch), DD0EX8LC000 (non-touch), DD0EX8LC010 (non-touch); 14005-00980400 (touch), 14005-01180100 (X200MA touch), DDEX8ALC000 (touch), DDEX8ALC010 (touch), DDEX8ALC020 (touch); DDEX8ELC010 (X200MA non-touch LVDS), DDEX8ELC020 (X200MA non-touch LVDS), DDEX8ELC120 (X200MA non-touch eDP) – Quanta EX8/EX8A/EX8E

Asus Vivobook F301A, X301A: 14005-00390000, 14005-00390100, DD0XJ6LC000, DD0XJ6LC010 – Quanta XJ6

Asus Vivobook F401A/F401U, X401A/X401U: 14006-00110000, 14006-00110100, 14006-00110200, DD0XJ1LC000, DD0XJ1LC010, DD0XJ1LC021 – Quanta XJ1

Asus Vivobook F402C/F402CA, X402C/X402CA: 14005-00820000, 14005-00820100

Asus Vivobook F453M/F453MA, X453M/X453MA: 14005-01250000, 14005-01250200

Asus Vivobook F501A/F501U, X501A/X501U: 14005-00430000, 14005-00430100, 14005-00430200, DD0XJ5LC000, DD0XJ5LC011, CLA501CB03P, QTXJ5-ESL0306A – Quanta XJ5

Asus Vivobook F502C/F502CA, X502C/X502CA: 1422-01CU000, 1422-01D5000, 1422-01DK000, 14005-00840000, 14005-00840100, 14005-00840200, 14005-00840300

Asus Vivobook F751L/F751LJ/F751M/F751MD, R752L/R752LA/R752LAV/R752LD/R752LDV/R752LK/R752M/R752MA, X751L/X751LA/X751LAV/X751LB/X751LD/X751LDV/X751LJ/X751LK/X751LN/X751LX/X751M/X751MA/X751MD/X751MJ: 14005-01190000, 14005-01190100 (non-touch LVDS), 14005-01190200 (touch LVDS), 14005-01190800 (touch LVDS)

Asus G46V/G46VM/G46VW: 1422-019X000, 14006-00140000, 14006-00140100

Asus G50G/G50V/G50VT: 14G2215GV10M, 1422-007C000

Asus G51J/G51JX/G51V/G51VX, G60J/G60JX/G60V/G60VX: 14G100314400, 14G100314410, 14G100314420, 14G2215MF10D (M52V/M52VF), 1422-00GQ000, 1422-00K6000, 1422-00KD000, 1422-00KF000, 1422-00SG000

Asus G53J/G53JW/G53S/G53SX/G53SW: 14G22102500M, 1422-00U3000

Asus G55V/G55VW: 1422-016R000, 1422-0172000, 14005-00290000, 14005-00290200

Asus G56J/G56JK/G56JR:

Asus G70S/G70SG/G70V: 14G2207GS02R, 14G2217GS20M

Asus G71G/G71GX/G71V, M70A/M70AD/M70S/M70SA/M70SR/M70SV/M70T/M70TL/M70V/M70VM/M70VN/M70VR, N70S/N70SV, X71A/X71Q/X71S/X71SL/X71SR/X71T/X71TL/X71TP/X71V/X71VN: 1422-001L000, 14G2207GV10M, 14G2207GV11R, 14G2207MV10M, 14G2207MV30R, 14G2207MV40R

Asus G72G/G72GX/G72GZ/G72X: 14G140298000 (AUO), 14G140298001 (LG), 14G140298011 (LG), 1422-00LX000, 1422-00LY000

Asus G73J/G73JH/G73JW/G73S/G73SW: 142200Q0000, 14G22100300N (AUO), 14G22102200G (3D), 14G22102210N (AUO), 14G22102220G, 1422-00Q00AS, 1422-00PQ0AS, 1422-00TA000

Asus G74S/G74SX: 14G140348200, 14G140348220, 1414-05PR000, 1422-0103000 (3D), 1422-00YV000 (LVDS)

Asus G75V/G75VW/G75VX: 1422-016A000, 14006-00040000 (2D); 1422-016D000, 14006-00040100 (3D); 1422-0179000, 14006-00040400 (3D for LG)

Asus RoG G550J/G550JK, N550J/N550JA/N550JK/N550JV/N550JX/N550L/N550LF, Q550L/Q550LF: 14005-00910100, 14005-00910200, 14005-00910400, 14005-00910600, 1422-01HC000 (non-touch); 14005-00950000, 14005-00950100, 14005-00950200, 14005-00950300, 14005-00950400, , 1422-01SF0AS (touch)

Asus RoG G551

Asus RoG GL552J/GL552JX/GL552V/GL552VW/GL552VX: 14005-01640000, 14005-01640100 (GL552JX); 14005-01640600 (GL552VW)

Asus G750J/G750JH/G750JM/G750JS/G750JX/G750JW/G750JY/G750JZ: 1422-01DL000 (2D), 1422-01KS000 (3D), 1422-01MG000 (2D), 14005-00890000 (2D), 14005-00890100 (2D), 14005-00890200 (3D), 14005-00890300 (3D), 14005-00890400 (2D), 14005-00890500 (3D), 14005-00890600 (2D), 14005-00890700 (2D), 14005-00890800 (3D)

Asus G751J/G751JL/G751JM/G751JT/G751JY: 14005-01380000 (non-touch eDP), 14005-01380100 (touch eDP), 14005-01380200 (touch eDP), 14005-01380300 (non-touch eDP), 14005-01380400 (touch eDP), 14005-01380500 (touch eDP), 14005-01380600 (non-touch eDP)

Asus G771J/G771JM/G771JW: ?

Asus K61IC, PRO66IC, X66IC: 1422-00N0000, 1422-00N00AS, 1422-00N10AS, 14G22000100Q, 14G22000100V

Asus K70AB/K70AC/K70AD/K70AE/K70AF/K70IC/K70ID/K70IJ/K70IL/K70IO, X70I/X70IC/X70IJ/X70IL/X70IO: 14G22100610M (short), 14G22100610Q (short), 14G22100610V (short), 14G2207KO10Q (long), 14G2207KO10V (long, for LG), 14G2217KO10Q (short), 14G2217KO10V (short), 1422-00HA0AS (short), 1422-00HB000 (long), 1422-00HB0AS (long), 1422-00QV0AS (long), 1422-00QW0AS (short)

Asus K75A/K75V/K75VB/K75VC/K75VD/K75VJ/K75VM, R700A/R700V/R700VD/R700VJ/R700VM: DC02001FY20, 14005-00460000 – Compal QCL70

Asus K93S/K93SM/K93SU/K93SV, X93S/X93SM/X93SV: DC02001BK10, 14G221049000 – Compal PBL80

Asus Vivobook K501L/K501LB/K501LX: 14005-01610100

Asus Vivobook K501U/K501UB/K501UX: 14005-01610900 (LVDS), 14005-01611100 (eDP)

Asus Vivobook K551L/K551LA/K551LB/K551LN, S551L/S551LA/S551LB/S551LN, V551L/V551LA/V551LB/V551LN: 14005-00970300 (eDP), 14005-00970100 (LVDS A mic), 14005-00970300 (LVDS D mic), 14005-00970400 (LVDS), 14005-00970600 (non-touch eDP), 14005-00970700 (non-touch eDP), DD0XJ9LC000 (eDP), DD0XJ9LC200 (touch LVDS), DD0XJ9LC210 (touch LVDS), DDXJ9BLC000 (eDP), DDXJ9BLC010 (non-touch eDP) – Quanta XJ9/XJ9B

Asus L50V/L50VC/L50VM/L50VN, M50S/M50SA/M50SR/M50SV/M50V/M50VC/M50VM/M50VN, PRO58S/PRO58SA/PRO58SR/PRO58V/PRO58VC/PRO58VM/PRO58VN, X55S/X55SA/X55SR/X55SV, X57S/X57SA/X57SR/X57SV/X57V/X57VC/X57VM/X57VN: 14G2231NV10D, 14G2221NV10M, 14G2231NV20D, 1422-002M000

Asus M5000/M5200/M5N: 08-20KN8110N

Asus M52V/M52VF/M52VX: 14G2215MF10D

Asus M60J/M60JV/M60V/M60VP, X62J/X62JV/X62V/X62VP: 14G140287000, 1422-00KB000

Asus M9000/M9: 08-29MV8410B

Asus Fonepad ME372/ME372CG: 08301-00982200

Asus N10E/N10J/N10JB/N10JC/N10JH: 14G2201NJ20R

Asus N12E: 14G2201NE10N

Asus N20A/N20H: 14G2212NA10R (for CMO), 1422-00AU000

Asus N43D/N43DA/N43J/N43JF/N43JM/N43JQ/N43S/N43SL/N43SM/N43SN: 14G140354000, 14G22101800Q, 14G22101800V, 14G22101801Q

Asus N45S/N45SF/N45SL/N45V/N45VM: 14G221038000, 14G221038001, DD0NJ4LC000, DD0NJ4LC100

Asus N46J/N46JV/N46V/N46VB/N46VJ/N46VM/N46VZ: 14006-00060000 (HD)

Asus N50V/N50VC/N50VG/N50VN, PRO5AV/PRO5AVC/PRO5AVN, X5AV/X5AVC/X5AVN: 14G140195900 (AUO Coaxial), 14G2215NA10M (LED), 14G2215NA10U

Asus N51A/N51T/N51TE/N51TP/N51V/N51VF/N51VG/N51VN, PRO5BV/PRO5BVF/PRO5BVG, X5BTP/X5BVF/X5BVG/X5BVN: 14G100314000, 14G100314010, 1422-00AC000

Asus N52D/N52DA, N61D/N61DA/N61J/N61JA/N61JQ/N61JV/N61V/N61VF/N61VG/N61VN, PRO64D/PRO64DA/PRO64J/PRO64JA/PRO64JQ/PRO64JV/PRO64V/PRO64VF/PRO64VG/PRO64VN, X64D/X64DA/X64J/X64JA/X64JQ/X64JV/X64V/X64VF/X64VG/X64VN:14G2206NN10M, 14G2206NN10U (N61VN), 14G22100500M, 14G22100500Q (N61JA); 14G22102300M, 14G22102300Q (N52D/N61DA), 1422-00L9000 (толстый коннектор вебки), 1422-00LA0AS, 1422-00PK0AS, 1422-00PL000, 1422-00T5000 (CCFL)

Asus N53D/N53DA/N53J/N53JF/N53JG/N53JL/N53JN/N53JQ/N53JV/N53S/N53SM/N53SN/N53SV/N53T/N53TA/N53TK, PRO5MD/PRO5MDA/PRO5MJ/PRO5MJF/PRO5MJG/PRO5MJL/PRO5MJN/PRO5MJQ/PRO5MJV/PRO5MS/PRO5MSM/PRO5MSN/PRO5MSV/PRO5MT/PRO5MTA/PRO5MTK, X5MD/X5MDA/X5MJ/X5MJF/X5MJG/X5MJL/X5MJN/X5MJQ/X5MJV/X5MS/X5MSM/X5MSN/X5MSV/X5MT/X5MTA/X5MTK: 14G22101600M (HD+/FullHD), 14G22101600V (HD+/FullHD), 14G22101610R (HD+/FullHD), 14G22101620V (N53JN HD), 1422-00RV000, 1422-00S3000 (HD+/FullHD), 1422-00S9000, 1422-00V3000

Asus N55S/N55SF/N55SL, PRO5QS/PRO5QSF/PRO5QSL, X5QS/X5QSF/X5QSL: 14005-00090000 (FullHD), 14G221039000, 14G221039010, 14G221039020 (HD+/FullHD), DD0NJ5LC110 (HD+/FullHD), DD0NJ5LC210, DD0NJ5LC300, DD0NJ5LC310, QTNJ5-ESL0106A – Quanta NJ5

Asus N56D/N56DP/N56DY/N56V/N56VB/N56VJ/N56VM/N56VV/N56VZ: 1422-016H000 (HD+/FullHD), 14005-00280000 (HD), 14005-00280100 (HD), 14005-00280200 (HD+/FullHD), 14005-00280300 (HD+/FullHD), DDNJ8BLC010 (HD), DDNJ8BLC100 (HD+/FullHD), DDNJ8BLC110 (HD+/FullHD) – Quanta NJ8/NJ8B

Asus N56J/N56JK/N56JR/N56JRH/N56JN: DDNJ8HLC010 (eDP), 14005-01200000 (N56JN eDP), 14005-01140000 (N56JR HD LVDS), 14005-01140100 (N56JR FHD LVDS), 14005-01140200 (N56JR eDP) – Quanta NJ8H

Asus N71J/N71JA/N71JQ/N71JV/N71V/N71VG/N71VN, PRO78J/PRO78JA/PRO78JQ/PRO78JV/PRO78V/PRO78VG/PRO78VN, X77J/X77JA/X77JQ/X77JV/X77V/X77VG/X77VN: 14G22100400U, 14G22100400V, 14G22100410V, 1422-00PH000, 1422-00PH0AS

Asus N73J/N73JF/N73JG/N73JN/N73JQ/N73S/N73SM/N73SV, PRO7BJ/PRO7BJF/PRO7BJG/PRO7BJQ/PRO7BS/PRO7BSM/PRO7BSV, X7BJ/X7BJF/X7BJG/X7BJN/X7BJQ/X7BS/X7BSM/X7BSV: 14G22101900U (long), 14G22101900V (long), 14G22101910M (short, AUO), 14G22101910V (short, AUO), DD0NJ2LC100 (long), DDNJ2ALC000 (short, AUO) – Quanta NJ2

Asus N75S/N75SF/N75SL, PRO7DS/PRO7DSF/PRO7DSL, X7DS/X7DSF/X7DSL: 14G221041000, 14G221041001, DD0NJ6LC000 – Quanta NJ6

Asus N76V/N76VB/N76VJ/N76VM/N76VZ: 1422-015X000, 1422-015X0002, 14006-00080000, 14006-00080100

Asus N80V/N80VB/N80VC/N80VM/N80VN/N80VR, N81A/N81V/N81VF/N81VG/N81VP, X83V/X83VB/X83VM: 14G2208NM11N (VESA like), 14G2208NM11R, 14G2218NM10R, 1422-0029000, 1422-008X000, 1422-00AS000, 1422-00AT000, 1422-00AT008

Asus N82J/N82JG/N82JQ/N82JV/N82N: 14G22100700N, 1422-00QN0AS

Asus N541L/N541LA, Q501L/Q501LA: 1422-01J3000, 14005-00940000 (FullHD), 14005-00940100 (FullHD)

Asus N551J/N551JB/N551JK/N551JM/N551JQ/N551JW/N551JX/N551Z/N551ZU: 14005-01420000, 14005-01420100, 14005-01420200, 14005-01420600 (eDP 3D camera), DC02002200S (eDP non-touch)

Asus N551Z/N551ZU: 14005-01420900, 14005-01421000, 14005-01421100

Asus N750J/N750JK/N750JV: 1422-01J7000, 14005-00960000

Asus N751J/N751JK/N751JX: 14005-01470000 (LVDS), 14005-01470100 (LVDS), 14005-01470100 (NT eDP), 14005-01470100 (NT eDP), 14005-01470200 (NT eDP)

Asus N752V/N752VX: ?

Asus NX90J/NX90JN/NX90JQ/NX90S/NX90SN: 14G22100800U, 1422-00QY000

Asus P80A/P80Q/P80V/P80VC: 14G2208PC10R, 14G2208PC20R


Asus P55A/P55V/P55VA: 1422-01BS000, 14005-00880000

Asus Q500A: 14005-00730000, 1422-0199000, 1422-019B000 (non-touch); 14005-00730100, 1422-01AP000 (touch)

Asus P500C/P500CA, PU500C/PU500CA: 14005-00870000 (non-touch)

Asuspro Essential P751J/P751JA/P751JD/P751JF: 14005-01560100

Asus PRO301L/PRO301LA: ?

Asus PRO451L/PRO451LD: ?

Asus PRO500C/PRO500CA: ?

Asus PRO551J/PRO551JA/PRO551JD/PRO551L/PRO551LD: ?

Asuspro Essential PU301L/PU301LA: 14004-01920000 (AUO CMOS), 14004-01920100 (IVO CMOS), 14004-01920200 (AUO CMOS), 14004-01920300 (IVO CMOS), 14005-01260000 (AUO COAXIAL CMOS), DD0NJCLC000 (AUO CMOS) – Quanta NJC

Asuspro Essential PU401L/PU401LA: 14005-01010000 (eDP), 14005-01010100 (eDP), 14005-01010200 (eDP), 14005-01010300 (eDP)

Asuspro Essential PU551J/PU551JA/PU551L//PU551LA/PU551LN: 14005-01270000 (PU551LA), 14005-01270500 (PU551JA)

Asus Vivobook Q200E, S200E, X201E/X201EP/X202E: 14005-00650000, 14005-00650100, 14005-00650200, 14005-00650300, DD0EX2LC000, DD0EX2LC010, DD0EX2LC020, DD0EX2LC030 – Quanta EX2

Asus Vivobook Q301L/Q301LA/Q301LP, S301L/S301LA/S301LP: 14005-01050000, 14005-01050100, DD0EXALC000, DD0EXALC010 (LVDS, HD); 14005-01050200, 14005-01050300, DD0EXALC100, DD0EXALC110 (eDP, FullHD) – Quanta EXA

Asus Q400A/Q400V/Q400VC, U47A/U47V/U47VC: 42.W1G01GA02, 14006-00070100

Asus R50A: 14G2205RA40Q

Asus Vivobook R303C/R303CA, S300C/S300CA: 14005-00850200, 14005-00850600 (FullHD), 1422-01CY000

Asus Vivobook R550C/R550CA/R550CB/R550CM, S550C/S550CA/S550CB/S550CM, V550C/V550CA/V550CB/V550CM: 14005-00860000, 14005-00860100, 1422-01CR000

Asus S6F/S6FM: 08G26SF8010M, 08G26SF8010N

Asus S96H/S96J, Z96F/Z96FM/Z96H/Z96HM/Z96J/Z96JM/Z96JP/Z96JS/Z96S/Z96SP: 08G29ZH8010M, 14G100311003

Asus S97V, Z97V: 14G140233200

Asus S121: 14G2202UX10N

Asus Vivobook S400C/S400CA: 14005-00740000, 14005-00740200, 14005-00740400, 14005-00740600, 14005-00740700, 14005-00740800, DD0XJ7LC000, DD0XJ7LC010, DD0XJ7LC020, DD0XJ7LC030 – Quanta XJ7

Asus Vivobook S451L/S451LA/S451LB/S451LN: 14005-00990100 (non-touch), 14005-00990200 (non-touch), 14005-00990300 (non-touch), 14005-00990500 (non-touch)

Asus Vivobook S500C/S500CA/S500CB/S500CM, V500C/V500CA: 14005-00790000, 14005-00790100 (touch D mic), 1422-01C4000, 1422-01C6000 (touch LVDS)

Asus Transformer Book T100H/T100HA: 08201-01241000

Asus Transformer Book T200T/T200TA: 14005-01430000

Asus Transformer Book T300F/T300FA: 14005-01510000, 14005-01510100

Asus Transformer Book T300L/T300LA: 14004-01700100, 14004-01700300, 14004-01700400, DD0XC1LC000 – Quanta XC1

Asus Transformer Book T301L/T301LA ???: 14005-01170000, DD0XC2LC000 – Quanta XC2

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200S/TP200SA: ?

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300L/TP300LA/TP300LD/TP300LJ/TP300LN: ?

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP500L/TP500LA/TP500LB/TP500LN: 14005-01290000 (eDP, HD+/FullHD), 14005-01290100 (LVDS, HD), 14005-01290300 (LVDS, HD)

Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201L/TX201LA: 14005-01090000, 14005-01090100

Asus Transformer Book TX300/TX300C/TX300CA: 14005-00760000

Asus Taichi 21: 1414-07U2000, 1414-07U7000 (Coaxial), 1414-07U8000, 1422-01AT000, 1422-01CQ000

Asus Taichi 31: 14005-00770000, 14005-00770300 (left), 14005-00770400 (left), 14005-00770500 (right)

Asus U1E/U1F: 08G21UF8010D

Asus U3S/U3SG: 08G23US8010D, 14G2203US20D

Asus U5A/U5F: 08G22UK8120N

Asus U6E/U6EP/U6S/U6SG/U6V/U6VC: 14G2206UC10N, 14G2206UC10R (for AUO), 14G2206US10G, 14G2206US10N, 14G2206US11N (for TMD), 14G2206UV10R (for TMD)

Asus U20A: 1422-00G4000, 14G2200UA10U

Asus U24A/U24E: 1422-012V000, 1422-012X000

Asus U30J/U30JC/U30S/U30SD: 14G140309001

Asus U31F/U31J/U31JG/U31S/U31SD/U31SG, X35F/X35J/X35JG/X35S/X35SD/X35SG: 14G22102900V, 14G22102901M, 14G22102901V, 1422-00UL000, 1422-00YG000, 1422-00YJ000

Asus U32J/U32JC/U32U/U32V/U32VJ/U32VM: 14006-00030000, 14006-00030100, DD0UJ1LC010 – Quanta UJ1

Asus U33J/U33JC: 14G22101000M, 14G22101000V

Asus U35F/U35J/U35JC, PRO34/PRO34F/PRO34J/PRO34JC: 14G140332010, 14G140332020, 1422-00TE000

Asus U36J/U36JC/U36S/U36SD/U36SG: 14G221030000, 14G221030011, 1422-00VL000

Asus U38D/U38DT/U38N: 14005-00640000, 14005-00640100, 1422-01A0000 (non-touch); 14005-00640200, 14005-00640300 (touch?)

Asus U40S/U40SD: 14G221043000, 14G221043001, 14G221043002, 42.W1601GA02

Asus U41J/U41JF/U41S/U41SV: 14G22103100U, 14G22103100V, 1422-00VC000, 1422-00VR000

Asus U43F/U43J/U43JC/U43S/U43SD, U46E/U46S/U46SM/U46SV: 14G22101700M, 14G22101700V, 1422-00RH000

Asus U44S/U44SG: 14005-00260000

Asus U45J/U45JC, UL80A/UL80AG/UL80J/UL80JT/UL80V/UL80VS/UL80VT, PRO89J/PRO89JT/PRO89V/PRO89VT, X8BJ/X8BJT/X8BV/X8BVT: 14G2208LV10V, 14G22101400U, 14G22101400V, 1422-00LL000, 1422-00MA000, 1422-00R8000, 1422-00RC000

Asus U50A/U50F/U50V/U50VG: 14G2205UG10U (for CMO 40 pin), 14G2215UA10Q (for AUO), 14G2205UG20Q (for CMO), 14G2215UA10U (for AUO), 14G2215UG10U (for AUO 40 pin), 14G2215UG20Q, 1422-00HT000, 1422-00K1000 (for AUO)

Asus U52F/U52J/U52JC, U53F/U53J/U53JC/U53S/U53SD: 14G22101300U, 14G22101300V, 1422-00RB000, 1422-00RB0AS

Asus U56E: 14G221042000, 14005-00080100, 1422-0133000

Asus U80A/U80V, U81A: 14G2208UA20D, 14G2208UA20N, 14G2208UV10U, 1422-00K4000, 1422-01B5000

Asus U82U: 14005-00230000

Asus Zenbook U500V/U500VZ, UX51V/UX51VZ, UX52A/UX52V/UX52VS: 1422-019E000 (FullHD), 14005-00560200 (FullHD), 14005-00560300 (FullHD), 14005-00560500 (FullHD),

Asus UL20A/UL20F/UL20FT: 14G2202LA11D, 14G2202LA11N, 14G2202LA11U, 1422-00MS000, 1422-00MS0AS

Asus UL30A/UL30AT/UL30J/UL30JT/UL30V/UL30VT: 14G140320100, 14G22000300V (3G), 14G2203UA10M, 14G2203UA10Q, 14G2203UA10V, 1422-00KW000, 1422-00KW0AS, 1422-00MD0AS, 1422-00N30AS, 1422-00ND0AS, 1422-00RM000, 1422-00RM0AS

Asus UL50A/UL50AG/UL50V/UL50VS/UL50VT: 14G2205LA10M, 14G2205LA10V, 14G2205LA20Q, 1422-00KR0AS, 1422-00LR000, 1422-00MB0AS, 1422-00MC0AS, 1422-00ML0AS

Asus Zenbook UX21/UX21A/UX21E/UX21EP: 14005-00100000, 14005-00100300, 14005-00350200 (UX21EP), DC02001LN0S (UX21EP)

Asus Zenbook UX30/UX30K/UX30S: 14G2203EA10N, 14G2203EA10Q, 14G2203EA10U, 1422-00LP000, 1422-00LP0AS

Asus Zenbook UX31A/UX31E/UX31L/UX31LA: 14005-00400000 (LVDS HD+/FullHD), 14005-00401200 (touch LVDS)

Asus Zenbook UX32A/UX32V/UX32VD: 1422-017F000, 1422-017G000, 1422-01Q70AS (UX32VD), 14005-00410000, 14005-00410100

Asus Zenbook UX32L/UX32LA/UX32LN: 14005-01230000 (UX32LN), 14005-01230100 (UX32LN)

Asus Zenbook UX50/UX50V: 14G2215UX20N, 1422-00J2000

Asus Zenbook UX301L/UX301LA: 14005-01030000, 14005-01030700

Asus Zenbook UX302L/UX302LA/UX302LG: 14005-01040000, 42.W2307GA01

Asus Zenbook UX303L/UX303LA/UX303LB/UX303LN: DC02C00900S, DC02C00910S, DC02C00AG0S (HD+/FullHD), DC02C00AH0S, 14005-01320100 (FullHD), 14005-01320500 (FullHD), 14005-01320700 (HD+/FullHD); DC02C008Y0S, 14005-01320400 (QHD)

Asus Zenbook UX305F/UX305FA: DC020026Y0S

Asus Zenbook UX305L/UX305LA: DC02002890S (eDP), DC02C00BD0AS (LVDS)

Asus Zenbook UX305U/UX305UA: ?

Asus Zenbook UX501J/UX501JW: ?

Asus V1: 08G21VJ8110N, 08G21VJ8011N

Asus V1A/V1J/V1P/V1S/V1SN/V1V, Lamborghini VX2S/VX2SE: 08G21VA8010Q, 08G2202XS10N

Asus V2J/V2JE: 08G22VE8010N, 08G22VE8110D, 08G22VE8210D, 08G22VE8210N

Asus V6J/V6JE/V6V/V6VA, Lamborghini VX1: 08G26VJ8110N, 08G26VJ8120N

Asus Lamborghini VX5: 14G140414400

Asus Lamborghini VX6: 14G22500800U, 14G22500800V, 1422-00TY000

Asus Lamborghini VX7/VX7SX: 14G221035000, 14G221035001, 1422-00W8000, 1422-00W9000

Asus W1B/W1G/W1GA/W1GC/W1J/W1JA/W1JB/W1JC/W1N/W1NA/W1V: 08-20XP8010N (SXGA), 08-20WV8010L (SXGA+)

Asus W2J/W2JB/W2JC/W2P/W2PC/W2S/W2V/W2VC/W2W: 08G22WJ8010N

Asus W6A/W6F/W6FP/W6J, W7E/W7F/W7J/W7S/W7SG: 08G26WJ8010D, 08G26WJ8010N, 14G2207WS10R

Asus W90V/W90VN/W90VP: 14G2209WP10R

Asus X45A/X45C/X45U/X45V/X45VD: 14005-00360000

Asus X553S/X553SA: 14005-01810000, 14005-01810100

Asus Z35A/Z35F/Z35FM/Z35H/Z35HL/Z35L: 08G23ZH8020D

Asus Z37A/Z37E/Z37EP/Z37S/Z37SP/Z37V: 08G23ZE8010M

Asus Z62E/Z62EP/Z62F/Z62FM/Z62FP/Z62H/Z62HA/Z62J/Z62JM: 08G2206ZE10M, 08G26ZF8030M

Asus Z65R/Z65H: 14G2206ZB10R, 14G2206ZB20R, 1422-00D7000

Asus Z94G/Z94L/Z94R/Z94RP; Packard Bell EasyNote ALP-T19: 08G24ZA8011

Asus EeeBook C201P/C201PA: 14005-01660200, 14005-01660300

Asus EeeBook E402M/E402MA: 1422-022K0AS, 14005-01650100, 14005-01650300

Asus EeeBook F205T/F205TA, X205T/X205TA: 14005-01530000, 14005-01530100, DD0XK2LC000, DD0XK2LC010 – Quanta XK2

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101: 08GA1000330L, 14G14K003030

Asus Eee Pad Transformer EP101, TF101/TF101G, TR101: 14G14K001300, 1422-00YK0A5, 1422-00YP0A5

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201: 08301-00110400

Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF300T/TF300TG/TF300TL: 14005-00240000, 14005-00240100

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF701T: 08301-00951100, 14005-01130000

Asus Eee PC 900: 1422-009O000, 14G14F004300 (short), 14G14F004310, 14G14F004400 (long), 14G14F004800, 14G14F004B00 (for HSD)

Asus Eee PC 900AX: 14G22500300D (for HSD), 1422-00RS000

Asus Eee PC 900HD: 14G14F008000 (for CPT)

Asus Eee PC 901: 14G2229AA10N, 14G2229AA10Q (for CPT)

Asus Eee PC 904HD: 14G2209HA10N

Asus Eee PC 904HG: 14G2209HG10N

Asus Eee PC 1000H/1000HD/1000HG: 14G2201AA10N, 14G2201AA10Q, 1422-00F1000, 1422-004R000, 1422-004S000

Asus Eee PC 1000HE: 14G2200HE10E

Asus Eee PC 1000HV: 14G2200HV10E

Asus Eee PC 1001H/1001HA/1001HAG/1001HGO/1001P/1001PQ/1001PX/1001PXB/1001PXD, 1005P/1005PE/1005PR/1005PX/1005PXD, 1011C/1011CX/1011P/1011PX, 1015B/1015BX/1015C/1015CX/1015P/1015PD/1015PE/1015PEB/1015PED/1015PEM/1015PX, 1016P/1016PT, R105/R105D (30 pin): 10G16G003339, 14G2235HA10G, 14G2235HA10N, 14G2235HA10Q, 14G2235HA10U, 14G2235HA10V, 14G22500500G, 14G22500500Q; 1422-00MK000, 1422-00ML000, 1422-00P3000, 1422-017T000, 14005-00190100, 14006-00100000, DD0EJ3LC100, DD0EJ4LC010 – Quanta EJ3/EJ4/EJA

Asus Eee PC 1001PX/1001PXD/1005PXD, 1011CX, 1015E/1015PEG (40 pin): 14G22500510N, 14G22500510Q, 14G22500510V, 14G22500600Q (1015PE LG), 14G22500600V (1015PE LG), 14G22500700N, 14005-00190200, 1422-00TN000, DDEJAALC000 (1015PEG Coaxial); 1422-00TC000, 1422-00TJ000, 1422-00UY000

Asus Eee PC 1002H/1002HA/1002HAE: 14G2202HA10N, 14G2202HA10Q

Asus Eee PC 1003H/1003HA/1003HAG: 14G2203HA10Q, 1422-00DV000

Asus Eee PC 1004D/1004DN: 14G2201HN10D, 14G2201HN10Q

Asus Eee PC 1005H/1005HA/1005HAB/1005HAG (30 pin): 14G2205HG10G, 14G2205HG10Q, 14G2205HG13N, 14G2215HA10Q, 14G2235HA10G, 14G2235HA10N, 14G2235HA10Q, 14G2235HA10V; 1422-00GI000, 1422-00GJ000 (HSD); 1422-00L2000, 1422-00MP000

Asus Eee PC 1008H/1008HA/1008P, 1018P: 14G14F017300, 14G14F033120, 14G2208HA10E, 14G22500200N, 14G22500200Q (1018P), 1422-00FR000, 1422-00NR000, 1422-00RQ000, 1422-00RW000

Asus Eee PC 1025C/1025CE: 14G225012000, 14G225012002, 14G225012100, 14G225012101, 14G225012102, 1422-011U000, 1422-013W000, DD0EJ8LC000, DD0EJ8LC020 – Quanta EJ8

Asus Eee PC 1101H/1101HA/1101HAB/1101HAG: 14G2201NL10G, 14G2201NL10N, 14G2201NL10Q, 14G2211NL10N

Asus Eee PC 1201H/1201HAB/1201HAG/1201K/1201N/1201NL/1201P/1201PN/1201T: 14G2201HD10N, 1422-00MN000

Asus Eee PC 1215B/1215N/1215P/1215T: 14G22500400N, 14G22500400Q, 1422-00SF000, 1422-00SL000, DD0EJ2LC000, DD0EJ2LC020 – Quanta EJ2

Asus Eee PC 1225B/1225C: 1422-001R000, 1422-017B000, 14005-00210300

Asus Eee PC MK90H: 14G2209MH10Q

Asus Eee PC S101/S101H: 14G2201SH10N

Asus Eee PC T91M/T91MT: 14G2209TA10N, 1422-00EM000, 1422-00FZ000

Asus Eee PC T101: 14G2201TD10N

Asus Eee PC T101M/T101MT: 14G22000200G, 14G22000200Q, 1422-00N6000

Asus Eee PC X101/X101C/X101CH/X101H: 14G225013000, 14005-00300000, 14005-00300100, DD0EJ9LC010 – Quanta XJ9

Asus Eee Top PC EM1601/ET1602C: 14G146011110, SD0EQ1TH001

Asus Eee Top PC ET2011: 14G142009100 – Compal NCL30

BEKO MSCW3030; Compal FL90/IFL90; Lenovo E42l; Roverbook Nautilus V570; Sager NP2070/NP2090: DC02000E300 – Compal IFT00/IFT11

BenQ Joybook A82: DD0PM3LC002 – Quanta PM3

BenQ Joybook R43: DD0ES2LC000 – Quanta ES2

BenQ Joybook R55/R55V; Gigabyte W551N; Philips Freevents X58/X72; Roverbook Voyager V550: DD0TW3LC000


BenQ Joybook S31: DD0ED8LC009 – Quanta ED8

BenQ Joybook S32/S32B: DDED8SLC000 – Quanta ED8S


BenQ Joybook S43/S46; DNS 0121617/0123956/0127617/0133830/0143201/0143203/0147031/0149265, CL61/CW20: DC020016E10 – Compal NAW20/NCL60/NCL61/PBL10/PBL11/PCW20

BenQ Joybook Lite U101/U101B/U101C/U101W: DD0JR1TH100 – Quanta JR1

BenQ Joybook Lite U102: DC02000V300 – Compal KTV00

BenQ Joybook Lite U105/U105i; DNS 0127614/0128055/0128057/0129908/0129909/0139454, PNS1010: ? – Compal NTV00


Casper Nirvana 15.6; DNS 0127914/0127916/0133836/0142786/0143198/0145148/0147450/0154711; Gigabyte Q2532/Q2532C/Q2532M/Q2532N; MSI Megabook A6400, CR640, CX640: 1422-014J000, 1422-00WE000 – Pegatron A15HC / MSI MS-16Y1

DNS 0142750/0144516/0150991/0153300/0154706/0157917/0158644/0163415/0164775/0164781/0164796: 1422-014N000 – Pegatron A15FD/A15HE/A15YA 15″


Compaq 15-f100:

Compaq 510/511/515/516/610/615: 6017B0200702 (615), 6017B0240301 (511), 536424-001 (610), 538419-001, 538463-001 (610), 572530-001 (615) – Inventec Volna/Vulcain VV09

Compaq Evo N600/N610c/N620c: 6017A0020001

Compaq Mini 311: ? – Foxconn Nano LTE?

Compaq Mini 700; HP Mini 1000: 6017B0180401 (8.9″), 6017B0180301 (10.2″) – Inventec Harbour

Compaq Mini CQ10-1000; HP Mini 110-3000: HPMH-B2885050G00001, 612926-001 – Flextronics H110

Compaq Presario 2100/2500; HP Pavilion ze4500/ze4800/ze5000/ze5500/ze5600/ze5700: DDKT3DLC000 – Quanta KT3D

Compaq Presario A900: DC02000H500 – Compal JBW00

Compaq Presario C300/C500, R3000, V5000: DC020006F00, 430533-001 – Compal BHR61/IBL30

Compaq Presario C700; HP G7000: DC02000FM00, DC02000GY00, 454919-001, 462447-001 – Compal IBL80/IBL81

Compaq Presario CQ20; HP Compaq 2230s: 6017B0164101 – Inventec HZ ?

Compaq Presario CQ32; HP G32, Pavilion dv3-4000: 6017B0256301, 6017B0262601, 603905-001, 610876-001 – Inventec Artoo/MR133/ST133

Compaq Presario CQ35/CQ36; HP Pavilion dv3-2000: DC020000L00, DC020000L10, DC020000M00, DC020000M10, DC02000V400, 577681-001, 579138-001, 595584-001 – Compal KJW10

Compaq Presario CQ40/CQ45: DC02000IS00, 486735-001, 496290-001 – Compal JAL50/JBL20

Compaq Presario CQ42; HP G42: DD0AX1LC001, DD0AX1LC002, DD0AX1LC003, 592146-001 – Quanta AX1/AX3/AX5

Compaq Presario CQ43; HP 431/435/436: 350406S00-600-G, 350406V00-09M-G, 35040700-11C-G, 350407C00-H0B-G, 350407C00-HOB-G, 350407K00-H6W-G, 350407M00-042-G – Foxconn Chicago 14″

Compaq Presario CQ50; HP G50: 50.4H506.002, 50.4H507.001, 50.4H508.001, 486561-001, 486583-001, 490938-001 – Wistron Astrosphere/Warrior 15.4″

Compaq Presario CQ56/CQ62; HP G56/G62 (Foxconn): 350401C00-600-G, 350401P00-GEK-G, 350401U00-11C-G, 595196-001, 606586-001, 609406-001 – Foxconn Federer/Safina

Compaq Presario CQ56/CQ62; HP G56/G62 (Quanta): DD0AX6LC000, DD0AX6LC001, DD0AX6LC002, DD0AX6LC003, DD0AX6LC005, DD0AX6LC007 (CCFL), DD0AX6LC010, DD0AX6LC020, DD0AX6LC030, 595186-001, 615584-001, 620589-001, 622563-001 – Quanta AX2/AX6

Compaq Presario CQ57; HP 630/631/635/636, 2000-300, 2000z-400: 350406U00-600-G, 350406W00-09M-G, 350406Y00-11C-G, 350406Y00-11O-G, 350407B00-H0B-G, 350407J00-H6W-G, 645095-001, 646842-001, 646844-001 – Foxconn Chicago 15.6″

Compaq Presario CQ58; HP 650/655: 35040D000-H6W-G, 35040D100-H0B-G, 35040D300-GY0-G, 35040D400-11C-G, 686256-001, 689690-001 – Foxconn Newton

Compaq Presario CQ58-d; HP 240/245/250/250 G0/250 G1/255/1000-d/2000-d: 6017B0362101, 6017B0373701, 689677-001, 689690-001, 720510-001 – Inventec Harvey/Newton/Tobin

Compaq Presario CQ60; HP G60: 50.4AH15.001, 50.4AH16.001, 50.4AH18.002, 50.4AH19.001, 50.4AH19.002, 50.4AH20.001, 50.4AH20.002, 496763-001, 496841-001, 496842-001; 50.4AH38.001 (LED) – Wistron HBU/HBU16/Warrior 15.6″

Compaq Presario CQ61; HP G61: DD0OP6LC001, DD00P6LC801, DD0OP6LC801, DD00P6LC802, DD0OP6LC802, DD00P6LC804, DD0OP6LC804, FOX3ASD113 (LED), FOX3ASD162 (LED), FOX3ASD215 (LED), 575597-001, 577068-001, 578954-001 – Quanta OP6/OP8

Compaq Presario CQ70; HP G70: 50.4D001.001, 50.4D007.001, 50.4D007.002, 50.4D008.001, 485420-001, 501600-001 – Wistron Vivaldi/Vitas/Warrior 17″

Compaq Presario CQ71; HP G71: DD00P7LC000, DD00P7LC003, DD00P7LC300, DD00P7LC302, 513762-001, 534982-001 – Quanta OP7

Compaq Presario CQ72; HP G72 (Foxconn): 350402900-11C-G, 350404E00-GG2-G, 612103-001 – Foxconn Star

Compaq Presario CQ72; HP G72 (Quanta): DD0AX8LC000, DD0AX8LC001, DD0AX8LC002, D0AX8LC003, 599078-001, 608467-001 – Quanta AX8

Compaq Presario F500/F700, V3000; HP G6000, Pavilion dv6000: DDAT8ALC004, DDAT8ALC101, DDAT8ALC1013A, DDAT8BLC106, FOXDDAT8ALC0041A, FOXDDAT8BLC0091A, GLEDDAT8ALC1013A, 431394-001, 432298-001, 442877-001 – Quanta AT1/AT8

Compaq Presario V3000: 50.4F514.002, 50.4S413.001, 50.4S414.001, 50.4S415.001, 430904-001, 448611-001 – Wistron Arita

Dell Alienware 17 Ranger/17X: DC02001O100, DP/N 0FNH0H (LVDS); DC02C004000, DP/N 0N392W (eDP) – Compal VAS00

Dell Alienware E3 M18X: DC02001OA00, DC02001PC00, DP/N 0NC4YP – Compal VAS10

Dell Alienware M11X R3: DC02000ZN00, DP/N 0F8W3Y – Compal NAP00/NAP10

Dell Alienware M15X: DELH-B2625050G00001, DP/N 0DP8RH – Flextronics ?

Dell Alienware M5500i-R3; Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi1536/Pi1556: 29GUJ3050-00, 29GUJ3050-30, 29GUJ3050-50 – Uniwill P53IA0/P53IN0

Dell Inspiron 1100/1150/2600/2650/5100/5150/5160: DC025036400, DC025041100, DC025062700, DC025064900, DP/N 0W3378, 01Y284 – Compal BDW00

Dell Inspiron 1110/11Z: DC02000X000, DP/N 09YWK2 – Compal NIM00

Dell Inspiron 1120/1121, M101Z/M301Z, 11Z: DC020012820, DP/N 0TMK2P – Compal NLM00/NLM01

Dell Inspiron M301Z/N301Z: DELH-HY6PW – Flextronics H320

Dell Inspiron 1300/B120/B130, Latitude 120L/D400: 50.4D903.001, 50.4D904.001 (14.1″), 50.4D918.002 (15.4″), 50.4D919.001 (15.4″), DP/N 0WD268, 0WD269 – Wistron KeyWest/Kinney DK1

Dell Inspiron 1320: DC02C000B00, DP/N 0P932C – Compal KAM00

Dell Inspiron 1420, Vostro 1400: 08G20EA8010QDE, DP/N 0JX282 – Asus Elsa/Lanai

Dell Inspiron 1425/1427/1428; Lenovo E42: DC02000S00, DC020000S00, DC02000E200 – Compal KFW11

Dell Inspiron 1440: 50.4BK02.001, 50.4BK02.101, 50.4BK02.201, DP/N 0M158P – Wistron Alba

Dell Inspiron 1464: DD0UM3LC000, DD0UM3LC001, DP/N 0N9D58 – Quanta UM3B

Dell Inspiron 1470, 14Z: DD0UM1LC001, DP/N 0W1M8R – Quanta UM1

Dell Inspiron 1500/1501/1520/1521/1720, Vostro 1000/1400/1500: DD0FM5LC200, DD0FM2LC507, 010107J00-574-G, DP/N 0PM501, 0PM853 – Quanta FM5/FX2/GM2

Dell Inspiron 1525/1526, Vostro 500: 50.4W001.001, 50.4W001.031, 50.4W001.101, 50.4W001.201, 50.4W001.301, DP/N 0WK447 – Wistron Spears DS2

Dell Inspiron 1545/1546: 50.4AQ03.001 (CCFL), 50.4AQ03.101 (CCFL), DP/N 0U227F; 50.4AQ08.001 (LED), 50.4AQ08.002 (LED), 50.4AQ08.101 (LED), 50.4AQ08.102 (LED), DP/N 0R2673 (LED), 0R267J – Wistron Roberts DR1

Dell Inspiron 1564: DD0UM6LC000, DD0UM6LC001, DD0UM6LC002, DP/N 061TN9 – Quanta UM6B

Dell Inspiron 1570, 15Z: DD0UM2LC000, DD0UM2LC001, DP/N 0927YY – Quanta UM2

Dell Inspiron 1750: 50.4CN05.001, 50.4CN05.101, DP/N 0G600T – Wistron Roberts DR2

Dell Inspiron 1764: DD0UM5LC000, DD0UM5LC002, DP/N 00TMY1, 0F77MK – Quanta UM5

Dell Inspiron 3135/3137/3138: DD0ZM3LC000, DD0ZM3LC010, 23ZM3LAWI20, DP/N 03R4C2, 0P7WP6, 0XDMD6 – Quanta ZM3/ZM5/ZM6?

Dell Inspiron 3147: 450.00K01.0001, DP/N 01DH6J – Wistron Redwood

Dell Inspiron 3420, 5420, 7420, 14TR: DD0R08LC000, DD0R08LC010, DD0R08LC020, DD0R08LC030, DD0R08LC040, DD0R08LC050, DD0R08LC060, DP/N 0H58TK – Quanta R08

Dell Inspiron 3421, 5421, 14R, Vostro 2421: 50.4XP02.001, 50.4XP02.011, 50.4XP02.021, 50.4XP02.031, DP/N 0N9KXD – Wistron DNE40

Dell Inspiron 3442: ?

Dell Inspiron 3520, M5040, N5040/N5050, Vostro 1540/1550, 2520: 50.4IP02.001, 50.4IP02.002, 50.4IP02.101, 50.4IP02.201, 50.4IP02.202, 50.4IP02.302, DP/N 05WXP2 – Wistron DV15

Dell Inspiron 3521/3537/3737, 5521/5537/5737, 15RV, Vostro 2521/2521D: DC02001MG00, DP/N 0DR1KW (non-touch); DC02001N400, DP/N 0W08FN (HD+/FullHD non-touch); DC02001OZ00 (touchscreen cable); DC02001SI00, DP/N 0TC8Y3 (touch) – Compal VAW00/VAW01/VBW00/VBW01/VBW10/VBW11

Dell Inspiron 3531: DC020022P00, DP/N 05JWND (HD+/FullHD) – Compal ZBW00

Dell Inspiron 3541/3542, 5542/5748, 7542, P26E: 450.00H01.0021 (eDP), DP/N 0FKGC9; 450.00H06.0021 (touch eDP), DP/N 0H1RV6 – Wistron Cedar 15″

Dell Inspiron 3543: ?

Dell Inspiron 3552: ?

Dell Inspiron 3721, 5721, 17RV: DC02001MH00, DP/N 0249YD – Compal VAW10

Dell Inspiron 5323, 13Z, Vostro 3360: DD0V07LC000, DD0V07LC020, DP/N 0F3W2Y – Quanta V07

Dell Inspiron 5423, 14Z: 50.4UV05.001, 50.4UV05.101, 50.4UV05.102, DP/N 04MYD7 – Wistron DMB40

Dell Inspiron 5447: DC020021V00 (touch eDP), DP/N 03P6HT; DC020021X00, DP/N 0VVG60 (non-touch eDP) – Compal ZAVB0

Dell Inspiron 5448: DC02C009700, DP/N 01HH13 – Compal ZAVC1

Dell Inspiron 5520/5525, 7520, 15R: DC02001GD10 (FullHD), DP/N 0R4WW7; DC02001IC10 (HD), DP/N 0CNNGH – Compal QCL00

Dell Inspiron 5523, 15Z: 50.4VQ05.001 (non-touch), 50.4VQ05.011 (non-touch), 50.4VQ05.021 (non-touch), DP/N 0940G9; 50.4VQ08.021 (touch), DP/N 00C8CX – Wistron DMB50

Dell Inspiron 5545/5547/5548, 15R: DC02001VY00 (touch eDP), DC02001X000, DC02001X600, DP/N 0FG0DX (non-touch eDP), DC02001X500, DP/N 088HH8 (touch eDP), DC02001VZ00, DP/N 0KC6CV (touch eDP FullHD) – Compal ZAMB0/ZAMC0/ZAVA0/ZAVC0

Dell Inspiron 5558: ?

Dell Inspiron 5720, 7720, 17R: DD0R09LC000, DD0R09LC010, DD0R09LC020, DD0R09LC030, DD0R09LC040, DD0R09LC050, DD0R09LC060, DP/N 0K2M54 (HD), 07JFX4 (HD+/FullHD) – Quanta R09

Dell Inspiron 5749: ?

Dell Inspiron 5758: ?

Dell Inspiron 6000, PP12L: DC02507210L, DP/N 0H5897 – Compal DAL30

Dell Inspiron 6400, E1505: DD0FM1LC014, DP/N 0KN358, 0UF167 – Quanta FM1

Dell Inspiron 7347: ?

Dell Inspiron 7359: ?

Dell Inspiron 7537: 50.47L03.001, DP/N 0DCXFM (LVDS); 50.47L09.001, DP/N 03PC10 (eDP) – Wistron DOH50

Dell Inspiron 7737: 50.48L06.011, DP/N 026T0V – Wistron DOH70

Dell Inspiron 9300/9400, E1705, XPS M170/M1710: DC025073100, DP/N 0F5399, 0RG688, 0XU670 – Compal DAQ20

Dell Inspiron Duo 1090: DC02C001610, DP/N 0TGPRM – Compal PIM00

Dell Inspiron L511Z, 15Z: DD0SS8LC000 – Quanta SS8

Dell Inspiron M301Z: DP/N 0HY6PW

Dell Inspiron M4010, N4020/N4030, 14V: 50.4EK03.001, 50.4EK03.002, 50.4EK03.021, 50.4EK03.101, DP/N 0HXM39 – Wistron DJ1-CP

Dell Inspiron M4040/M4050, N4040/N4050, 14R, Vostro 1450, 2420, 3420: 50.4IU02.001, 50.4IU02.101, 50.4IU02.201, 50.4IU02.301, DP/N 0K46NR – Wistron DV14

Dell Inspiron M4110, N4110/N4120, Vostro 3450: DD0R01LC000, DD0R01LC010, DD0R01LC020, DD0R01LC050, DD0R01LC060, DP/N 062XYW; DD0R01LC100, DP/N 0GN8TM – Quanta R01/V02

Dell Inspiron M5010, N5010: 50.4HH01.001, 50.4HH01.003, 50.4HH01.101, 50.4HH01.201, 50.4HH01.301, 50.4HH01.401, 50.4HH01.501 – Wistron DG15

Dell Inspiron M5030, N5020/N5030: 50.4EM03.001, 50.4EM03.101, 50.4EM03.201, 50.4EM03.301, 50.4EM03.401, DP/N 042CW8 – Wistron DJ2

Dell Inspiron N3010, 13R: DD0UM7LC000, DD0UM7LC001, DP/N 0NFJPN – Quanta UM7

Dell Inspiron N411Z, 14Z: DD0R05LC000, DD0R05LC010, DD0R05LC020, DP/N 0RCPJ5 – Quanta R05

Dell Inspiron N4010, 14R: DD0UM8TH001 (UMA), DDUM8ATH000 (Dis), DDUM8ATH001 (Dis), DP/N 0P71M8, 02HW70 – Quanta UM8/UM8A

Dell Inspiron N5110, 15R: 50.41E01.001, 50.4IE01.001, 50.4IE01.101, 50.4IE01.201, DP/N 03G62X; 50.4IE03.001 (touch), DP/N 0KDM3C – Wistron DQ15

Dell Inspiron N7010, 17R: DD0UM9LC010, DD0UM9LC020, DD0UM9TH000, DD0UM9TH001, DP/N 0GYM9F – Quanta UM9

Dell Inspiron N7110, 17R, Vostro 3750: DD0R03LC000, DD0R03LC010, DP/N 0D2DXM, 0VPMW7, 0VPMW8 – Quanta R03/V03

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1011), 10V, PP19S: DC02000SN00, DC02000SN10, DC02000SN20, DP/N 03R4N8, 0C603T, 0M5T2V – Compal KIU20

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012/1018): DC02000YP10, DP/N 0HFMW7 – Compal KIU10/NIM10/PIM10

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (910): DC02000MG00, DC02000NA00, DP/N 0G558J, 0H243J – Compal KIZ00

Dell Inspiron One 2305/2310: DP/N 07WP77, 0CJ9TG – ?

Dell Latitude 2100: DD0ZM1LC101, DD0ZM1LC102, DP/N 0D811P, 0T023R – Quanta ZM1

Dell Latitude 2110/2120: DD0ZM2LC000, DD0ZM2LC200, DD0ZM2LC300, DD0ZM2LC301, DP/N 0G5WY2, 0PYGH0 – Quanta ZM2

Dell Latitude 3450: ? – Compal ZAL50/ZAL51/ZAL60/ZAL61

Dell Latitude 3540: DC02001UY00 (HD touch), DP/N 001X97; DC02001UC00, DP/N 0X0H0W – Compal ZAL00

Dell Latitude 7350: ?

Dell Latitude D520: DD0DM5LC203, DP/N 0MG043 – Quanta DM5

Dell Latitude D531/D820/D830, Precision M65: DD0JM6LC000, DD0JM6LC002, DD0JM6LC100, DP/N 0GF120 – Quanta JM6

Dell Latitude D610: DD0JM5LC202, DP/N 0F4162 – Quanta JM5

Dell Latitude D620/D630/D630C/D631: DC02000FB0L, DC02000FC0L, DP/N 0NT108, 0YN941 – Compal IAQ00

Dell Latitude E3440: 50.46O01.001, DP/N 0TKK8J – Wistron DL340-HSW

Dell Latitude E4200: DC02C000G0L, DP/N 07V1V5; DC02000P30L, DP/N 0Y571D – Compal JAZ00

Dell Latitude E4300: DC02000KC1L, DC02000OZ1L, DP/N 0M664D, 0N767D – Compal JAL10

Dell Latitude E4310: DC02C000P0L, DP/N 06W83H, 0YPYMK – Compal NAL60

Dell Latitude E5250: ?

Dell Latitude E5400: 50.4X711.101, DP/N 0V6RGP – Wistron Foose 14″

Dell Latitude E5420: 350404B00-600-G, 35040B100-GEK-G, DP/N 0PC9KH, 0XPY7J – Foxconn Krug 14″

Dell Latitude E5430: DC02C002L00 (HD+/FullHD без вебки), DP/N 0YXXXK; DC02C006E00, DP/N 0GJ7MG (HD+/FullHD с вебкой); DC02C006F00 (HD+/FullHD без вебки), DP/N 0V2FJG – Compal QXW00

Dell Latitude E5440: DC02001TJ00 (touch), DP/N 0YP92D – Compal VAW30

Dell Latitude E5450: ?

Dell Latitude E5500/E5520/E5520M: 35040B300-GEK-G, 350408D00-GEK-G, DP/N 0402WG, 057XNX – Foxconn Krug 15.6″

Dell Latitude E5510: 50.4EQ01.011, 50.4EQ01.031, DP/N 0CH4CH – Wistron DF3

Dell Latitude E5530: DC02C002H00 (HD+/FullHD с вебкой), DP/N 0P2FG7; DC02C002I00 (HD+/FullHD без вебки), DP/N 0XWTCX; DC02C006C00 (HD+/FullHD с вебкой), DP/N 0R1C56; DC02C006D00, DP/N 05DGCT (HD+/FullHD без вебки) – Compal QXW10

Dell Latitude E5540: DC02001T700, DP/N 0D3M6R (non-touch); DC02001TK00, DP/N 01R0MR (touch) – Compal VAW50

Dell Latitude E5550: ?

Dell Latitude E6220: 6017B0303101, DP/N 02H6N0 – Inventec Vida

Dell Latitude E6230: DC02001TO00, DP/N 0VD834 – Compal QAM00 12″

Dell Latitude E6330: DC02001E700 (LVDS), DP/N 0HVGF5; DC02001TP00, DP/N 0DC7JX – Compal QAL70

Dell Latitude E6400, Precision M2400: DC02000I10L (LED), DC02000J30L (CCFL) – Compal JBL00/JBL01/JBL02

Dell Latitude E6410: DC02C000L0L, DP/N 0921VJ (eDP) – Compal NCL00

Dell Latitude E6420: DC020009N00 (HD), DC02001IA00 (HD), DP/N 0F1P03, 0RCD0V; DC02C001180L (HD+/FullHD), DC02C002V00 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 0V5N47, 0XJJFC – Compal PAL50/PAL51

Dell Latitude E6430: DC02001DV00 (HD); DC02001TR00; DC02C002700, DC02C006900 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 0CYM5C; 0JTC08, 0N1XP, 0RY7PH – Compal QAL80

Dell Latitude E6430S: DC02001TQ00, DP/N 0KTJ93, 0YVC72 – Compal QAL71?

Dell Latitude E6430U: DC02001K100, DP/N 062KRM, 0PP7X0 – Compal QAL71?

Dell Latitude E6440: DC02C004500 (HD+/FullHD) – Compal VAL90

Dell Latitude E6500, Precision M4400: DC02C00080L, DP/N 0D966P – Compal JAL21/JAL22

Dell Latitude E6510, Precision M4500: DC02C000H0L, DP/N A09B08, A09C01 – Compal NAL20

Dell Latitude E6520: DC02001IB00 (HD), DP/N 0C4K5X; DC02C001C0L, DC02C002W00 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 008PT7, 0MR9MM – Compal PAL60/PAL61

Dell Latitude E6540: DC02C004400 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 06G4WW – Compal VALA0

Dell Latitude E7240: DC02C004Y00 (eDP), DP/N 0JTJY5 – Compal VAZ50

Dell Latitude E7440: DC02C004S00, DP/N 0XMV92 (touch); DC02C004T00, DP/N 0D3M6R (non-touch) – Compal VAUA0

Dell Latitude E7450: DC02C007R00, DP/N 0RK5DW, 0RK6DW – Compal ZBU10

Dell Latitude XT/XT2: 50.4S711.021 (LED), DP/N 0GM887; 50.4S712.021 (CCFL) – Wistron AMG/DP2/DP3

Dell Latitude XT3: 6017B0300901, DP/N 0JYG28 – Inventec Patron

Dell Latitude Z600: 6017B0194501, DP/N 0P186N – Inventec RedBull

Dell Precision M4700: DC02C002900 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 0NV9R0 – Compal QAR00

Dell Precision M4800: DC02001QJ00, DP/N 0HJNM0; DC02C005B00 (HD+/FullHD); DC02C005R00, DP/N ? (QHD) – Compal VAQ10

Dell Precision M6400: DD0XM1LC100, DP/N 0K577F – Quanta XM1

Dell Precision M6500: DD0XM2LC101 (RGB LED), DD0XM2LC200, DP/N 06374H, 0RY89F – Quanta XM2

Dell Precision M6600: 350409700-600-G (eDP), 350409800-600-G (secondary RGB), 350405900-600-G (touch), DP/N 0YXDPN; 350407F00-600-G, 350407H00-09M-G (non-touch), 350409A00-09M-G – Foxconn Brooks/P3 17″

Dell Precision M6700: DC02C002E00 (HD+/FullHD, normal LVDS), DP/N 02D4X1; DC02C002G00, DP/N 064HMY (RGB Panel); DC02C002P00, DP/N 0YXDPN (RGB MB), DC02C005200 (3D), DC02C006H00 (HD+/FullHD, normal LVDS) – Compal QAR10/VAR10

Dell Studio 1458: 603-0001-4869_A – Foxconn H902

Dell Studio 1536/1537/1538: DD0FM6LC100 (CCFL), DD0FM6LC110 (CCFL), DD0FM6LC400 (CCFL), DD0FM6LC500 (LED), DP/N 0P905C, 0P906C – Quanta FM6/FX6

Dell Studio 1555/1557/1558: DD0FM8LC701, DD0FM8LC800, DD0FM8LC801, DD0FM8LC803, DP/N 0W439J, 0W805M – Quanta FM8/FM9

Dell Studio 1569/15Z: DD0RM6LC000, DP/N 0W439J – Quanta RM6

Dell Studio 1735/1736/1737: DD0GM3LC000, DD0GM3LC001, DD0GM3LC400, DP/N 0NU481, 0NU484 – Quanta GM3

Dell Studio 1745/1747/1749: DC02C000A0L, DP/N 0TXTP7; DC02C000Q0L, DP/N 029GTW – Compal KAT00/MAT00/NAT00/NAT02

Dell Studio XPS 1340: DD0IM3LC000 (CCFL), DD0IM3LC001 (CCFL), DP/N 0G635M; DD0IM3LC100 (LED), DP/N 0U538D – Quanta IM3/IM5B

Dell Studio XPS 1640/1645: DD0RM3LC000, DP/N 0D755T, 0K476T – Quanta RM3

Dell Studio XPS 1647, Vostro 3400: 50.4ES01.101, DP/N 04JCFK – Wistron DW40

Dell Vostro 1014/1088: DDVM8GLC000, DDVM8GLC001, DP/N 0X3J2H – Quanta VM8G

Dell Vostro 1015: DDVM9MLC000, DDVM9MLC001, DDVM9MLC002, DP/N 047XNF – Quanta VM9M

Dell Vostro 1220, XPS M1220: DD0AM3LC300, DP/N 0W301P – Quanta AM3

Dell Vostro 1310/1320: DC02000LK00, DP/N 0H525C (CCFL с вебкой); DC02000QG00, DP/N 0J489N (CCFL с вебкой); DC02000QH00 (CCFL без вебки), DP/N 0G673N – Compal JAL80/KAL80

Dell Vostro 1510: DC02000HN00, DP/N 0J502C – Compal JAL30

Dell Vostro 1520: DC02000QC00, DP/N 0T748J (CCFL); DC02000QD00, DP/N 0D837K (LED) – Compal KML50

Dell Vostro 1710: DC02000JS00, DP/N 0P191D – Compal JAL60

Dell Vostro 1720: DC02000OR00, DP/N 0T704J – Compal KML60/KML60D

Dell Vostro 3300: 50.4EX03.001, 50.4EX03.011, DP/N 0PKJGF – Wistron DW30

Dell Vostro 3500: 50.4ET01.001, 50.4ET01.101, 50.4ET01.201, DP/N 0HJDN2 – Wistron DW50

Dell Vostro 3550: 50.4IF01.001, 50.4IF01.021, 50.4IF07.001, DP/N 0CCRWY, 0TPXMC – Wistron DN15

Dell Vostro 3560: DC02001GN10 (HD+/FullHD), DP/N 019PF2; DC02001ID10 (HD), DP/N 0R8J45 – Compal QCL20

Dell Vostro 3700: 50.4RU01.001, 50.4RU01.101, DP/N 0FWGVX – Wistron DW70

Dell Vostro 3750: ? – Quanta V03

Dell Vostro 5460: DD0JW8LC000, DD0JW8LC010, DP/N 05PJV2; DDJW8CLC000, DP/N 0WNN8H; DDJW8CLC200, DDJW8CLC220 (non-touch), DP/N 03T95G – Quanta JW8/JW8C

Dell Vostro 5470: DD0JWALC000, DD0JWALC010, DP/N 0KRY9W; DDJWA8CLC000, DP/N 0WNN8H (HD, touch) – Quanta JW8/JWA

Dell Vostro 5480: ?

Dell Vostro A840/A860: DD0VM9LC003, DP/N 0J986H – Quanta VM9

Dell Vostro V13: 6017B0247601, DP/N 0N2K1M – Inventec V13TL

Dell Vostro V130/V13: 50.4M104.001, DP/N 06H9HY – Wistron DR13

Dell Vostro V131/V131D: 50.4ND01.001, 50.4ND01.002, 50.4ND01.101, 50.4ND01.102, DP/N 0DXXV1 – Wistron DJ5

Dell XPS 11-1508T: DD0ZM7LC000, DD0ZM7LC010, DD0ZM7LC020 – Quanta ZM7

Dell XPS 12-9Q23: DC02C003E00, DP/N 0J8NM6 – Compal QAZA0

Dell XPS 12-9Q33: DC02C003V00, DP/N 04F51N – Compal VAZA0

Dell XPS 13-9343: DC0200Z1300 (QHD), DC02C008D00 (FHD) – Compal ZAZ00

Dell XPS 13 L321X Adamo: DD0D13LC000, DD0D13LC010 – Quanta D13

Dell XPS 14 L401X: 350403600-GG2-G, DP/N 0X6XF9 – Foxconn MBC?

Dell XPS 14 L421X: DC02001GR00 – Compal QLM00

Dell XPS 15 (2013): DC02C005Q00 (eDP QHD) – Compal VAUB0

Dell XPS 15 L501X/L502X: DD0GM6LC140 (HD+/FullHD), DD0GM6LC230 (HD), DP/N 0V73D3, 0H9YNY – Quanta GM6

Dell XPS 17 L701X/L702X: DDGM7BLC100 (LVDS touch Dis), DDGM7CLC010, DDGM7CLC020 (LVDS touch), DDGM7CLC100, DDGM7CLC110, DDGM7CLC120, DDGM7CLC200 (3D 50 pin), DDGM7CLC300 (3D 50 pin), DDGM7CLC310 (3D 50 pin), DP/N 0552HT, 05TY2P, 0P4J7R – Quanta GM7/GM7C

Dell XPS M1210: DC020009T0L, DP/N 0GJ224 – Compal HAL30

Dell XPS M1330: 50.4C308.001, 50.4C308.101, DP/N 0XG081 (LED); 50.4C310.001, 50.4C310.101, DP/N 0RW488 (CCFL) – Wistron Thurman DT2

Dell XPS M1530: 50.4W108.002, 50.4W109.001, 50.4W109.002, DP/N 0XR857 – Wistron Hawke DH3

Depo VIP M8510; DNS 0116097/0117429/0118734/0118735: 6-43-W76C1-010-1 – Clevo M7X0SUN/W760CU/W765SUN

DEXP Aquilon O106; DNS 0806843: 6-43-W97K1-010-P – Clevo W970KLQ/W970TUQ

DNS 0117109/0117115/0117435: 6-43-W76S1-010-1 – Clevo W76K/W760S/W760SUA/W765SUA

DNS 0117104: DC020001M00 – Compal KHLB0/KHLB1/KHLB2

DNS 0117425/0122303: ? – Clevo W760K

DNS 0117446/0117447/0117448/0121034: ? – Clevo M740TUN

DNS 0117622: 6-43-M8151-010 – Clevo M815/M815L/M815P

DNS 0117753/0117754/0119863/0121155/0121157: ? – Clevo 9070DX

DNS 0118732: ? – Clevo W765C

DNS 0118736: ? – Clevo W765K

DNS 0118738/0118739: 6-43-M7701-012 – Clevo M770/M77SU/M771SUA/

DNS 0118740/0118741/0118742: 6-43-C4801-061? – Clevo C4500/C4501/C4505/C4800?C4805?

DNS 0119076/0119102/0119103/0127685/0127922/0127923/0127924: DC02000VD10 – Compal NBLB2

DNS 0119110/0119121/0120943; Roverbook Voyager V751/V751L/V751WH: 6-43-M770R-010 – Clevo M771SUN

DBS 0119111 ? – Clevo W765CUH

DNS 0119117/0123272/0123273: ? – Clevo W765SUB

DNS 0119429/0119432/0119430/0121250/0121251/0122927/0123940/0123948: ? – ECS I42SI/I43SI1/I4XSIX

DNS 0119436/0119439/0119440/0121268/0124000/0124020/0126412/0127606/0129989: 22-12252-40, 22-12252-70, 22-12263-40 – FIC/Kangaroo/Puma PCA40/PCA50/PCA50DMB/PCA52/PCA55/VME40/VME50


DNS 0119437/0123313/0123316; MSI Megabook A6200/A6205, CR620/CR630, CX500/CX500DX/CX620/CX623: K19-3025004-H58, K19-3025004-V03, K19-3025019-V03 – MSI MS-1681/MS-16811/MS-1682/MS-1684/MS-1688/MS-16881/MS-168A/MS-168X

MSI Megabook CR610/CR610X, CX600/CX600X/CX610: K19-3025005-V03 – MSI MS-1682/MS-1684/MS-16841


DNS 0121036/0123250/0125082; Roverbook Pro 435: 6-43-M74S1-012 – Clevo M740G/M740TH/W765TH/W765THB

DNS 0121158/0123952/0124089/0124090/0124091/0124092/0125652/0126579/0127402: ? – Getac 9270D

DNS 0121178/0123274: ? – ECS V10IS1/V10IS2

DNS 0123234/0123235/0123953: ? – Clevo M771CUH

DNS 0123250/0123251: ? – Clevo W771SUB

DNS 0123260/0123261/0123262/0123974/0124795/0126388/0128548/0132392: 1422-00Q9000, 1422-00QG000 – Pegatron H36/H36FD/H36ST/H36T

DNS 0123304/0123308/0125746/0127611/0138425/0138429/0138440/0138450/0138490/0138497/0138502: 1422-00QH000 – Pegatron H36Y


DNS 0123317/0123320/0123321/0124064/0126413/0127608/0128907; MSI Megabook GE700: ? – MS-1733/MS-17331

MSI Megabook CR700, CX700/CX705MX: K19-3040014-V03 – MSI MS-1731/MS-17311/MS-1734


DNS 0123871: 1422-00M8000 – Pegatron H70/H70J

DNS 0123894/0126554: 1422-00RJ000 – Pegatron H54Z

DNS 0123962/0128811: ? – Lengda P10B/P10BD

DNS 0123970/0126555: 29GV40050-00, 29GV40050-11, 29GV40050-30 – ECS V40SI2

DNS 0123975/0129431/0151559/0151829/0151830/0161102/0161114/0162129/0162824/0164766/0164768: 6-43-E51Q1-011-A – Clevo C5100Q/C5500/C5500Q/C5501Q/E5120Q, W253ELQ-C/W258EL/W258ELQ/W270EL/W270ELQ/W271ELQ


DNS 0123999/0127275/0129991/0130080/0151560, NBLB51: DC020011V10 (HD?), DC020019V10 (HD+/FullHD) – Compal NBLB3/NBLB5

DNS ?: DC020016710 – Compal PCM10


DNS 0124002/0126580/0127476/0129303/0129306/0129307/0130082/0130083/0133383/0133384, CT50A; Gigabyte Q1580P/Q1585N; Hasee A550/A560; LG Xnote R510/R560/R570/R580/R590: DD0QL5LC000, DD0QL5LC003, DD0QL5LC100, DD0TW9LC000 (Q1585N) – Quanta QL4/QL5/TW9D

DNS 0124039/0127376: 6-43-B51M1-010, 6-43-B51M1-011 – Clevo B5100/B7110

DNS 0126561/0136475: DD0UW3LC000, DD0UW3LC010 – Quanta UW3

DNS 0127618/0129680/0138569/0155288: 1422-00VS000 – Pegatron H90/H90K/H90M

DNS 0127620/0127624/0133292/0133837/0135689/0139810/0151943/0155930/0155938/0155951/0155952/0158630/0158633: ? – Lengda M116C/M116CC/M116P/P116/P116K

DNS 0129300/0129304?; Itautec W7430/W7435: DD0SW9LC000, DD0SW9LC010, DD0SW9LC020 – Quanta SW9/SW9D?

DNS 0129308/0129309/0133241/0133294/0133807/0133834/0133838/0133839/0133840/0133843/0135043/0135750/0137759/0139124/0140503/0142054/0142782/0143199/0143200/0144091/0144095/0144431/0144916/0147973/0150377/0150378/0152056/0152285/0154222/0154510/0154511/0155953/0155956/0155959/0158645/0158739/0158740/0162830/0162831/0163418/0164779/0164784/0164797/0165163/0165295/0165357:DD0TWHLC000, DD0TWHLC010, DD0TWHLC020 – Quanta TWC/TWH

DNS 0130181/0130183: 6-43-M1111-010-A – Clevo M1110/M1110QW/M1110QW-C/M1115/M1115-C

DNS 0132013: 6-43-B7111-011B, 6-43-B7111-011-E – Clevo E7130

DNS 0133238/0135740/0139148/0139772/0139773/0144743/0152054/0152058/0152059/0152061/0155679/0160939/0199722: DD0SWHLC000, DD0SWHLC010, DD0SWHLC020, DD0SWHLC030 – Quanta SWH/SWHA

DNS 0133239/0133240/0133244/0142776/0142778/0145710/0145712/0163071?; Expert Line ELN0414; MSI Megabook CX480: 1422-00WX000, 1422-00Y1000, 1422-01DJ000 – Pegatron A24/A24HB/A24HE; MSI MS-14Y1

DNS 0133245/0133247/0137818/0139155/0139569/0139774/0142820/0145842/0151275/0151276: 14B212-FM2010 – ECS MB50IA1/MB50II1/MB50IX1

DNS 0133248/0133249/0133269/0133847/0133848/0134218/0137514/0137903/0140505/0147410/0147976; Sager NP5175: ? – Clevo W170HR

DNS 0133272/0133841/0138401/0144734: 1422-00YQ000 (HD+/FullHD) – Pegatron A25PA

DNS 0133831/0133833/0135731/0139149/0145696/0148745: 14B212-FB6020 – ECS MB40I/MB40IA/MB40IA1/MB40II

DNS 0133835, BL211: DC020016110 – Compal PBL20/PBL21


DNS 0133844/0133845/0133846/0134363/0138075/0138409/0138410/0138562/0138595/0140701/0140708/0143196/0144092/0144869/0144972/0147692/0149526/01513590153733/0153735/0154217/0154219/0156822/0157143/0157284/0158734/0158735/0163026/0164785; MicroXperts U200-01; RBT ExpertLine 3017FHD: 1422-011G000, 1422-011N000 – Pegatron A15YA 17″/A17FD/A17HC

DNS 0153734/0153737/0158275/0158276/0153783: ? – Pegatron A17YA


DNS 0133850/0133851/0136631/0137235/0137530/0143195/0144434/0144437/0146174/0147455/0155833: ? – Clevo W270BU/W270BUQ/W270HUQ/W271BU/W271BUQ

DNS 0134361/0134362: ? – Clevo P151HM1

DNS 0140413/0154705/0158199: ? – Lengda P10QC/P10QD

DNS 0142058/0146270: 6-43-P1701-011-B – Clevo P170HM

DNS 0143196/0144869: ? – Pegatron A17A

DNS 0143201/0150581: ? – Compal PBL20/PBL21

DNS 0143818/0143819; Sager NP8150: 6-43-X5101-010, 6-43-X5101-011, 6-43-X5101-012-A – Clevo P150HM

DNS 0144443: ? – Clevo W210CUQW

DNS 0144444: ? – Clevo W215/W215-C

DNS 0145898/0147412/0157281/0158634/0158635: ? – Lengda H116

DNS 0146169; Gigabyte Q1700/Q1700C; iRu Patriot 701: ? – Clevo W240BU

DNS 0147453/0147454/0151436/0152433/0157253/0161109/0163031/0801164: ? – Lengda X300/X300D


DNS 0149447/0149448/0150373: 6-43-W2531-010-C – Clevo W253ESQ/W253HPQ

DNS 0150166: ? – Clevo W253BWQ


DNS 0150174/0150614/0150999/0151000/0169860/0170744/0800662: 6-43-W15E1-011-C – Clevo W150ERQ

DNS 0150672/0150673: ? – Compal PBL00/PBL01

DNS 0150931/0150939/0150941; MicroXperts MXP U400-04: 1422-018J000 – Pegatron B14/B14Y


DNS 0150993/0150995/0151353/0155287/0800160: ? – Clevo W253ENQ

DNS 0151002/0150003/0155015/0157639: 6-43-W27P1-010-2A – Clevo W270ESQ

DNS 0161133/0161140/0161504/0161881/0161882/0162832/0163416/0164777/0164713/0164761/0164924/0164926/0165751: ? – Clevo W244EU/W244EUQ/W251ES/W253EFQ/W253EGQ/W253ESQ/W253EUQ


DNS 0151279/0151280/0151831/0153782/0154207/0154212/0154744/0154897/0155289/0155650/0155725/0156461/0156462/0156463/0156797/0156798/0156812/0157296/0157640/0158172/0158173/0158637:1422-014S000, 1422-016N000, 1422-016P000 (HD) – Pegatron A35/A35FB/A35FE/A35YA

DNS 0151433/0151435/0155768/0155782/0156456; MicroXperts U320-01: ? – Pegatron B34/B34FB/B34Y

DNS 0151825/0151826/0164928: ? – Clevo P150EM

DNS 0151827/0151828/0158737: ? – Clevo P170EM

DNS 0153736: 45R-E14001-0101 – Shuttle E14RV0/E14RV03

DNS 0153784; iRu Ultralight 401: ? – Topstar CX11

DNS 0154185/0154194/0154195: ? – Clevo W110ER

DNS 0155013/0157280/0157638: ? – Clevo W270ENQ

DNS 0155811/0155814/0155827/0155828: 6-43-W17E1-011-C – Clevo W170ER

DNS 0156827/0156828/0156832/0156834/0156837/0161505? (ECS MB40II1?): DD0JW2LC000, DD0JW2LC020, JW2LC020 – Quanta JW2 icware

DNS 0157253/0162774: – ? – Lengda X300V

DNS 0157257/0161263/0161264: ? – Compal QAT10/QAT11

DNS 0157892/0157894/0158175/0161104/0165439: ? – ECS MT50II1

DNS 0157896/0157899/0157900/0162830/0164780/0164783/0165387/0170146: 14B212-FR7010 – ECS MT50IN1

DNS 0157843/0157903/0157905/0157906/0160837: ? – Pegatron B74/B74FD/B74YA

DNS 0157908/0158636/0161110/0161500: ? – Pegatron A15A

DNS 0161261/0161262/0164083/0164084; Grundig GNB 1450: DD0JW6LC000, DD0JW6LC010, DD0JW6LC020 – Quanta JW6

DNS 0164630/0168812: ? – Clevo W253BZQ

DNS 0164801/0164802; Sager NP6370: 6-43-W3701-010-K, 6-43-W3701-011-K, 6-43-W3701-012-K – Clevo W370ET

DNS 0800154/0800155/0801183: ? – Lengda M100/M100P

DNS 0170702/0170703/0170704/0170705/0800931/0800932/0800933/0801008/0801057/0801151: 1422-01JS000 – Pegatron C17/C17A/C17B

DNS 0170724/0170726/0801006/0801065/0801152/0801153/0801186/0801192: ? – Clevo W650SR

DNS 0801007/0801056: 6-43-WA501-010-N (LVDS), 6-43-WA501-021-N (eDP) – Clevo WA50/WA50SFQ/WA50SH/WA50SHQ/WA50SJQ/WA50SRQ

DNS 0801041/0801042/0801043/0801044/0801047 : ? – Clevo W650EH


DNS 0801143/0801149/0801188/0801480/0801481/0803082; MicroXperts U300-02/U420-04/U420-05: 1422-01JW000 (HD+/FullHD) – Pegatron C15/C15B

DNS 0170694/0801147 – ? – Pegatron C15A

DNS 0801482: ? – Clevo W670SHQ

DNS 0803081: ? – Clevo W670SFQ


DNS 0801483; MSI Megabook GS70: K19-3040053-V03 – MSI MS-1771

DNS 0802284/0802290: ? – Lengda M110B

DNS 0802887/0802888: ? – Lengda M500B/M500BN

eMachines 350/355/em350/em355: DC020012L10, 50.NAH02.005 – Compal NAV51

eMachines D620: 50.4BC02.001, 50.4BC02.021, 50.4BC03.001, 50.4BC03.011, 50.4BC03.021 – Wistron Yukon

eMachines E520/E720: DC02000O100 – Compal JALB0/KAWE0

eMachines E528/E728: DD0ZRGLC010, DD0ZRGLC020, 50.NC507.002 – Quanta ZRG

eMachines E732/E732G/E732Z/E732ZG: DD0ZRDLC000, DD0ZRDLC010, DD0ZRDLC020, 50.NCE07.002 (с вебкой) – Quanta ZRD

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1650/A1650G/A1655/A1655G: 50.4B304.001, 50.4B305.001 – Wistron W37

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1667G, M1437/M1437G/M3438/M3438G: 29-UJ0050-10, 29-UJ3050-00, 29-UJ3050-20 – Uniwill P50CA0/P50EA0/P71EN0

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D6820/D7830/D8830; Packard Bell EasyNote H5315/H5535; Roverbook Explorer B571: 29-UD4051-61, 29-UD4051-81 – Uniwill 757IA

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li1718/Li1720, Amilo Pro V3505: 50.4B604.012 – Wistron Y40/Y41/Y4A/Y4B

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li1818, Pi1505; Prestigio Nobile 1522e: 29GL70050-00, 29GL70050-20 – Uniwill L50II0/L70II0

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li2727/Li2732/Li2735: 50.4V701.001, 50.4V701.011 – Wistron LV1/LV2

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li3910: DD0EF9LC000 – Quanta EF9

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M6100/M6500: DD0LJ1LC403 – Wistron LJ1

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo P7120: CP254667-01

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo PA1510: 29GL50081-00, 29GL50086-12, 29GL50086-21 – Uniwill L50RI0

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo PA1538; Roverbook Hummer V550, Partner W500, Pro 550: 22-11925-70, 22-11925-80 – FIC PTB50

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo PA2548; Roverbook Pro 551: 22-12023-40, 22-12023-70 – FIC PTT50

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo PA3515/PA3553/PA3575: 50.4H704.001, 50.4H704.101 – Wistron P15

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi2540: 29GP55083-30, 29GP55083-40 – Uniwill P55IMX

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi3525/Pi3540: 29GF50084-00, 29GF50084-20 – ECS/Uniwill F50IXX

Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560: DDEF7ALC100, DDEF7ALC200, DDEF7ALC300 – Quanta EF7/EF7A

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo SA3650: 50.4H805.001, 50.4H805.002 – Wistron S13

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si2636: 22-12052-40, 22-12052-90 – FIC MR030

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo XA1526: 22-11951-70, 22-11951-71 – FIC XTB70

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo XA2528: 22-12002-40, 22-12002-70 – FIC XTB71

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2030: 22-11553-80 – FIC LM7R

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile D9510, X9510: 6017B0165401 – Inventec Munich

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400: 6017B0136001 – Inventec M11D

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5505: 50.4U508.001, 50.4U510.001, 50.4U512.001, 50.4U513.001 – Wistron C45/C46

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5515/V5535/V5555: 6017B0140701 – Inventec Z17M 2.0

Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V6505/V6535: 50.4J006.002 – Wistron D45

Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V6555: 6017B0217701 – Inventec Z17M 3.0

Fujitsu Lifebook A512/A531/AH502/AH512/AH531: DD0FH5LC000, DD0FH5LC020, DD0FH5LC030, CP515968-XX, CP515968-01 – Quanta FH5/FH5B

Fujitsu Lifebook A530/AH530: DD0FH2LC000, DD0FH2LC010, DDFH2ALC010, CP489131-XX – Quanta FH2

Fujitsu Lifebook A544: ? – Inventec SB15

Fujitsu Lifebook AH522/AH532, LH522/LH532: DD0FH6LC000, DD0FH6LC010, CP581580-XX – Quanta FH6

Fujitsu Lifebook C1010: DD0EF3LC801, CP139172-01 – Quanta EF3

Fujitsu Lifebook C1020: DD0EF4TH211 – Quanta EF4

Fujitsu ?: 6017B0303801 – Inventec Aegis

Fujitsu Lifebook L1010: 6017B0177901 – Inventec

Fujitsu Lifebook LH531: 6017B0301201 – Inventec Strike

Fujitsu Lifebook N532/NH532: 1422-015M000, CP567835-XX – Pegatron Napa

Fujitsu Lifebook NH570: 50.4GF01.001, 50.4GF01.011, 50.4GF01.012, CP470635-01 – Wistron Y18C

Fujitsu Lifebook U544: 6017B0444801 – Inventec ?

Fujitsu Lifebook UH570/UH572: 6017B0371401, CP574637-XX – Inventec FUB13

Gateway EC49C: 6017B0277801 – Inventec SJM40

Gateway LT20: DC020000SY50 – Compal KAV60

Gateway M1624/M1625/M6750/M6755/M6823: DD0SA1LC001 – Quanta SA1

Gateway M360/M460/M465/NX500X/NX550X/S-7500N: DD0MA1LC001 – Quanta MA1

Haier R410/R410G/R410U; Hasee A410/A430; Positivo Sim+ 3040/8485/8920/8995: DD0SW6LC000 – Quanta SW6

HP 250 G2, Pavilion 15-d: 35040EH00-H0B-G, 35040EK00-600-G, 747115-001 (non-touch) – Foxconn Osamu

HP 250 G3/255 G3?, Pavilion 15-r000: DC02C008600 ? – Compal ZSO50

HP 250 G4, Pavilion 15-a: ? – Compal ABL51

HP 255 G4: ?

HP 350 G1/355 G2: 6017B0482501, 759301-001 – Inventec Snow 15″

HP 510/520/530: DC02000D700, DC02000DY00, 438537-001, 440708-001, 448334-001 – Compal IAT00/IAT10/IAT50/IAT60

HP 540/541; HP Compaq 6520s: 6017B0127801 (UMA), 6017B0132801, CAEVK017DWRAC4, 456597-001, 500004-001 – Inventec DDD 14″

HP 550; HP Compaq 6720s: 6017B0128401, 456801-001, 456802-001, 495385-001 – Inventec DDD 15″

HP 620/621/625; HP Compaq 320/321/325/326: 6017B0260501, 6017B0268901, 605812-001 – Inventec Valima/Villemont VV10

HP Chromebook 14-c, Pavilion 14-b: DD0U33LC000, DD0U33LC010, DD0U33LC020, 697911-001, 698523-001 – Quanta U33/U53

HP Chromebook 14-q: DD0Y01LC000, DD0Y01LC010, 740155-001 – Quanta Y01

HP Compaq 2510p: DD0OT2LC006, 451741-001 – Quanta OT2

HP Compaq 6510b/6515b: 6017B0086301 – Inventec DosXX Dunkel/DD 1.0

HP Compaq 6530b/6535b: 6017B0150301, 486268-001, 486272-001 – Inventec Danzka Dubra DD08 14″

HP Compaq 6530s/6535s: 6017B0152701, 491643-001 – Inventec S-Series (Zygo, Zodiac, Ikon) 15″

HP Compaq 6710b/6710s/6715b/6715s: 6017B0087001, 446896-001 – Inventec DDTT 15″

HP Compaq 6730b/6735b: 6017B0150601, 446914-001, 487125-001 – Inventec Danzka Dubra DD08 15″

HP Compaq 6720t, nx7300/nx7400: 6017B0172101, 417522-001, 417524-001 – Inventec Proton

HP Compaq 6730s/6735s: 6017B0152001, 491587-001, 491589-001 – Inventec S-Class

HP Compaq 6820s: 6017B0127901, 456582-001, 456583-001 – Inventec DDD 17″

HP Compaq 6830s: 6017B0152601, 495897-001, 495899-001 – Inventec S-Series (Zygo, Zodiac, Ikon) 17″

HP Compaq 6910p, nc6400: DC02000CZ00 (single), DC02000D000 (dual) – Compal HAT00/IBT00

HP Compaq 8510p/8510w: 6017B0104101, 452208-001 – Inventec VB10

HP Compaq 8710p/8710w: DC02000CG00, 450571-001 – Compal IAL80

HP Compaq nc2400: DD00T1LC001, DD0OT1LC001, 412767-001 – Quanta OT1

HP Compaq nc6110/nc6120/nc6320, nx6110/nx6120/nx6310/nx6315/nx6320/nx6325: 6017B0001701 (15″), 6017B0007701, 6017B0085501, 330855-252, 378209-001, 396000-251, 413677-001, 413678-001, 416944-001, 430867-001, 430868-001 – Inventec Davos/Taos

HP Compaq nc6220/nc6230/nc8000/nc8200/nc8230, nw8000, nx8220: 6017A0043401, 6017A0043402, 325281-141, 382682-001, 382684-001, 396002-541 – Inventec Vail 1.0

HP Compaq nx6115/nx6125: DC020002300, 393552-001 – Compal EPW00

HP Compaq nx9000/nx9005/nx9010: DDKT9ALC601, DDKT9ALC806, DDKT9ALC903, 331342-001 – Quanta KT9

HP Compaq nx9500; HP Pavilion zd7000/zd7200/zd7300: DD0NT1LC011, 344894-001, 374099-001 – Quanta NT1

HP Elitebook 840 G1: 6017B0428601, 737657-001 – Inventec Comet 14″

HP Elitebook 2170p: 50.4RL10.101, 693305-001 – Wistron Mighty

HP Elitebook 2530p: DC02000JM00, DC02000LZ00, DC02000WE00, DC02000WF00 – Compal JAT00

HP Elitebook 2540p: DC02000UI10, 598772-001 – Compal KAT10

HP Elitebook 2560p: 6017B0296501, 651368-001, 652864-001 – Inventec Styx MV

HP Elitebook 2570p: 6017B0341801 – Inventec Simba

HP Elitebook 2710p: 50.4R826.001, 50.4R827.002 50.4R829.001, 50.4R827.003, 50.4R828.001, 50.4R826.003 – Wistron Norn

HP Elitebook 2730p: 50.4Y806.001, 50.4Y817.001 – Wistron Norn 2.0

HP Elitebook 2740p: 50.4DP03.001, 50.4DP03.011, 597827-001 – Wistron Norn 3.0

HP Elitebook 2760p: 50.4KM11.002, 50.4KM11.012, 649753-001 – Wistron ?

HP Elitebook 6930p: 50.4V907.001, 50.4V907.002, 50.4V907.004, 50.4V920.001, 50.4V920.002, 483200-001, 483201-001 – Wistron Karia

HP Elitebook 8440p/8440w: DC02C000U10 (HD+/FullHD), 594037-001, 594088-001, 594090-001, 598213-001 – Compal KCL00

HP Elitebook 8540p/8540w: DC02000RX00 – Compal KAQ00

HP Elitebook 8460p/8460w: 6017B0290701 (HD), 644541-001 (HD), 649341-001, 653039-001 (HD) – Inventec Clash CT11

HP Elitebook 8470p/8470w: 6017B0343701 (HD+/FullHD); 6017B0343901, 686017-001, 686016-001, 686046-001 (HD) – Inventec CT12

HP Elitebook 8530p/8530w: 50.4V812.001, 50.4V812.002, 50.4V812.003, 50.4V812.101, 50.4V812.103, 495043-001, 505726-001, 506810-001 – Wistron Artemis

HP Elitebook 8560p/8560w: 350406100-11C-G, 350406300-11C-G, 652641-001, 690403-001 – Foxconn Varhalen/Water

HP Elitebook 8570p: 35040AB00-GY0-G, 690403-001 – Foxconn Casper

HP Elitebook 8730w: 6017B0155501, 495607-001 (LCD); 6017B0175901, 495607-001 (LED/LCD) – Inventec Absolut AX1

HP Elitebook 8740w: 6017B0230901 – Inventec Armani

HP Elitebook 8760w: 6017B0294801 (HD), 6017B0299301 (HD+/FullHD) – Inventec Aerosmith

HP Elitebook Folio 9470m: 6017B0391001, 702871-001 (HD); 6017B0427401, 708771-001 (HD+/FullHD) – Inventec Bandit

HP Elitebook Revolve 810: 50.4XF01.001; DD0QW6LC000 – Wistron ?; Quanta QW6

HP Envy 4-1000: DC02C003F00, DC02C003P00, 686603-001 – Compal QAU30/VBU30

HP Envy 4t-1000: DC02C004700 (non-touch), DC02C005600 (touch) – Compal VCU60

HP Envy 6-1000: DC02C003G00, 686592-001 – Compal QAU50

HP Envy 14-1000: 6017B0257601 (long), 6017B0279201 (short), 616270-001, 619399-001 – Inventec Romeo

HP Envy 15-1000: DDSP7C000, DDSP7C001, DDSP7LC001, 576801-001, 586782-001, 591172-001 – Quanta SP7

HP Envy 15-3000: 6017B0331901, 6017B0332001 – Inventec Laur

HP Envy 15-j, Envy TouchSmart 15-j: 6017B0416401, 720557-001 – Inventec Dreamwork 15SBGV2D

HP Envy 15-d3000: ?

HP Envy 15-k: ?

HP Envy 15-q: Inventec 15CBHPGT

HP Envy x360 15-u: DD0Y63LC000, DD0Y63LC010, DD0Y63LC020 (HD+/FullHD); DD0Y63LC100, DD0Y63LC100, DD0Y63LC110, DD0Y63LC120 (HD) – Quanta Y63

HP Envy 17-1000: DD0SP8LC000, DD0SP8LC001, DD0SP9LC000, DD0SP9LC100 (3D), 603773-001, 603774-001, 644369-001, 631309-001 (3D), 651914-001 (3D) – Quanta SP8/SP9

HP Envy 17-2000: DDSP8DL000, 620775-001 (3D) – Quanta SP8/SP8D

HP Envy 17-j, m7-1000, TouchSmart m7-1000, TouchSmart m7-j: 6017B0417701, 720256-001, 720257-001 – Inventec 17SBGV2D Dreamwork 17.3

HP Envy dv4-5000, Pavilion dv4-5000: 1422-014G000, 676646-001 – Pegatron Watson

HP Envy m4-1000: 1422-019J000, 698094-001, 698096-001 – Pegatron Roadster

HP Envy m6-1000, Pavilion m6-1000: DC02001JH00, 686587-001, 686898-001, 686921-001, 690245-001 – Compal QCL50/QCL51

HP Envy m6-k: DC02C004Z00 (coaxial), DC02C005D00 (HD+/FullHD touch VGU00); DC02C005E00 (HD+/FullHD touch VGU11), 725443-001; DC02C005F00, 725461-001 – Compal VGU00/VGU11

HP Envy m7-k, Pavilion 17-f (touch): DDY17BLC000, DDY17BLC010, 765786-001 – Quanta Y17B

HP Envy Spectre XT 13-2000, Spectre XT Pro 13-b000: DC02001IP00, 692889-001, 692891-001 – Compal QCU00

HP Envy Spectre XT 15: ? – Compal QCU10

HP Envy Spectre 14-3000: DD0SPSLC000, FOX3ASD302 – Quanta SPS

HP Envy x360-a: ? – Quanta Y61

HP Envy x360-u: DD0Y63LC000, DD0Y63LC010, DD0Y63LC020 – Quanta Y61

HP Folio 13-1000/13-2000: DC02001FK10, 672350-001 – Compal QAZ60

HP Mini 110-1000/110-1100: 6017B0207601 (short), 6017B0232102; 6017B0245202 (long), 5079614-001; 538023-001 – Inventec Bixby

HP Mini 110-3000: 350403K00-11C-G – Foxconn Edwards

HP Mini 200-4000: DD0NM1LC000, DD0NM1LC010, DD0NM1LC020, DD0NM1LC030, DD0NM1LC040, 650719-001, 654202-001 – Quanta NM1

HP Mini 210-1000: DD0NM6LC000 (short), DD0NM6LC100 (long), DD0NM6LC101 (long), DD0NM6LC200 (short), DD0NM6LC201 (short), DD0NM6LC300 (long) – Quanta NM6

HP Mini 210-2000: 350403B00-11C-G, 589642-001 – Foxconn Edwards

HP Mini 210-4000: DD0NM3LC060, HPMH-B2885050G00001, 658505-001 – Quanta NM3

HP Mini 2133/2140: 6017B0145201, 6017B0177101, 6017B0185502, 482278-001, 483384-001, 498309-001 – Inventec Galileo

HP Mini 5101/5102/5103: 6017B0218501, 6017B0218502, 6017B0252301, 577931-001, 577968-001, 607179-001 – Inventec Gucci

HP Pavilion 10-e: DD0Y02LC000, DD0Y02LC010 – Quanta Y02

HP Pavilion 14-c: 6017B0416701, 734407-001 – Inventec ?

HP Pavilion 14-f: DD0U62LC000, DD0U62LC010, DD0U62LC020, DD0U62LC030, DD0U62LC040 (non-touch); DD0U62LC100, DD0U62LC110, DD0U62LC120 (touch) – Quanta U62

HP Pavilion 14-n: DD0U83LC000, DD0U83LC010, DD0U83LC020, DD0U83LC030 (non-touch); DD0U83LC100, DD0U83LC110, DD0U83LC120, 734418-001 (touch) – Quanta U83

HP Pavilion 14-q:

HP Pavilion 14-r:

HP Pavilion 14-v: DDY11ALC000, DDY11ALC030 – Quanta Y11/Y11A/Y22/Y22A/Y23/Y23A

HP Pavilion 15-ab: ?

HP Pavilion 15-ac: ?

HP Pavilion 15-af: ?

HP Pavilion 15-b: DD0U36LC000, DD0U36LC010, DD0U36LC030, 701681-001 – Quanta U36

HP Pavilion 15-e: DD0R65LC000, DD0R65LC010, DD0R65LC020, DD0R65LC030, DD0R65LC040, DD0R65LC050, 719852-001, 719854-001, 719868-001, 719871-001, 720184-001, 725806-001 – Quanta R62/R65/R76

HP Pavilion 15-f, 15-n: DD0U86LC000, DD0U86LC010, DD0U86LC020, DD0U86LC030, DD0U86LC210 (touch?), 732004-001, 732066-001 (touch?) – Quanta U81/U82/U86/U92/U93

HP Pavilion 15-g, 15-h, 15-r: DC02001VU00, 749646-001, 750635-001 – Compal ZSO51

HP Envy 15-k, Pavilion 15-p: DDY14ALC000, DDY14ALC010, DDY14ALC020, DDY14ALC130, DDY14ALC140, Y14ALC000, Y14ALC010, Y14ALC020, Y14ALC100, Y14ALC130, Y14ALC140, 763582-001 – Quanta Y14A/Y23A

HP Pavilion 17-e: DD0R68LC000, DD0R68LC010, DD0R68LC020, DD0R68LC030, DD0R68LC040, DD0R68LC050, 720667-001, 720676-001, 720684-001, 720878-001; DDR68GLC010 (touch) – Quanta R63/R68/R75

HP Pavilion 17-f: DDY17ALC000, DDY17ALC010, DDY17ALC020, Y17ALC000, Y17ALC010, Y17ALC020, 765785-001 – Quanta Y11/Y11A/Y17/Y17A

HP Pavilion 17-g: ?

HP Pavilion 17-p: ?

HP Pavilion dv1000: DDCT1ALC100, DDCT3ALC000, DDCT3ALC107, DDCT6ATH001, 373054-001, 409218-001 – Quanta CT1/CT3/CT6

HP Pavilion dv2000: 50.4F512.002, 50.4F621.002, 50.4F606.001, 50.4F620.002, 50.4F620.003, 50.4F621.001, 50.4F621.003, 50.4F622.002, 50.4S415.002, 50.4S518.002, 50.4S519.001, 50.4S519.002, 50.4S520.001, 417087-001, 430457-001 – Wistron Akita/Pamirs/Shiba/Tibet

HP Pavilion dm1-1000, Mini 311-1000: DD0FP6LC000, DD0FP6LC001, DD0FP6LC002, DD0FP6LC101, DD0FP6LC201, 580006-001, 580482-001 – Quanta FP6

HP Pavilion dm1-2000: DD0FP8LC000, DD0FP8LC002, DD0FP8LC510, 611686-001, 620369-001 – Quanta FP8

HP Pavilion dm1-3000: HPMH-B2985050G00007, 635308-001 – Flextronics Carbo/H210

HP Pavilion dm1-4000, HP 3115m/3125m: DC0NM9LC000, DD0NM9LC000, DD0NM9LC010, DD0NM9LC020, DD0NM9LC030, 659498-001, 668353-001, 671686-001 – Quanta NM2/NM9

HP Pavilion dm3-1000: HPMH-B2695050G00001 – Flextronics H310

HP Pavilion dm3-2000: HPMH-B2855050G00006 – Flextronics Arwen 2.0

HP Pavilion dm3-3000: 50.4KD10.001 – Wistron Beckhem

HP Pavilion dm4-1000/dm4-2000: 6017B0262701, 6017B0277701, 608207-001, 636941-001, 659493-001, 662973-001 – Inventec Murray/Zidane

HP Pavilion dm4-3000: 50.4QC03.001, 50.4QC15.001, 50.4QC15.011 – Wistron ?

HP Pavilion dv3000/dv3500/dv3600/dv3700: 6017B0174701, 503622-001 – Inventec Diablo 2.0

HP Pavilion dv5000: DC020005X00, 407774-001, 430531-001, 430532-001 – Compal HBL10/HBL20

HP Pavilion dv8000: DC020004O00, 412271-001; DC020005Z00 (Dis), 430537-001 – Compal HAL10/HAL20

HP Pavilion dv9000: DD0AT9LC000, DD0AT9LC001, DDOAT9LC108, FOXDD0AT9LC0011A, HCDD0AT9LC00, HCDD0AT9LC00L1A, 432949-001, 432962-001, 447989-001 – Quanta AT5/AT7/AT9

HP Pavilion dv2-1000: HPMH-B2605050G00001, HPMH-B2605050G00011, 517587-001, 517740-001, 517926-001, 518310-001 – Arima AB3700

HP Pavilion dv3-1000: DC02000MU00 – Compal KBL00

HP Pavilion dv4-1000/dv4-2000: DC02000IO00 (CCFL), DC02000LE00 (LED), DC02000LR00, 486878-001, 486886-001 – Compal JAL50/JBL20/NBW20

HP Pavilion dv4-3000: 350406M00-600-G – Foxconn Rains

HP Pavilion dv5-1000/dv5-1100/dv5-1200: DD0QT6LC800, FOXDDC7003CSD314, GLEDDC9003, GLEDDC9003AAD, GLEDDC9003ASD, GLEDDC9003AAD0, 484367-001, 484371-001, 492530-001, 493020-001 – Quanta QT6/QT6A

HP Pavilion dv5-2000: 6017B0262401, 6017B0262402, 598227-001, 606879-001, 615384-001 – Inventec Pele/Shag ST145

HP Pavilion dv6-1000/dv6-2000: DD0UP8LC000, DD0UP8LC002, DD0UP8LC004, DD0UP8LC006, DD0UP8LC101, DD0UT3LC301, FOXDDC1013ASD162 (CCFL), 538312-001, 570095-001, 593004-001 – Quanta UT1/UT1A/UT3/UT5/UP8

HP Pavilion dv6-3000/dv6-4000: DD0LX6LC000, DD0LX6LC001, DD0LX6LC002, DD0LX6LC004, DD0LX6LC100, 7ALX6CTP10, LX6CTP10, 595131-001, 595132-001, 603647-001, 603657-001, 603665-001 – Quanta LX3/LX6

HP Pavilion dv6-6000/dv6-6b00/dv6-6c00: 50.4RH02.002, 50.4RH02.021, 50.4RH02.022, 50.4RH02.032, 50.4RI08.002, 50.4RI08.011, 50.4RI08.012, HPMH-B2995050G00004, HPMH-B2995050G00013, HPMH-B3265050G00001 (FullHD), 640430-001, 640423-001, 644362-001, 650798-001 – Wistron Casablanca

HP Pavilion dv6-7000: 50.4ST10.021 (Long, HD+/FullHD), 50.4ST15.021 (Short, HD+/FullHD), 50.4ST19.011 (), 50.4ST19.021 (Long, HD), 50.4ST20.011 – Wistron Colossus aka Goya/Balen aka Kroyer/YeatsА

HP Pavilion dv7-1000: DC02000IA00, 480449-001 – Compal JAK00/JBK00

HP Pavilion dv7-2000/dv7-3000: DD0UT5LC000, DD0UT5LC003, DD0UT5LC004, DD0UT5LC006, DD0UT5LC100, DD0UT5LC102, 509407-001, 516307-001, 519259-001 – Quanta UP6/UT1A/UT3D/UT5

HP Pavilion dv7-4000/dv7-5000: DD0LX7LC020, DD0LX9LC000, DD0LX9LC002, DD0LX9LC003, DD0LX9LC010, DD0LX9LC020, 605333-001, 609485-001 – Quanta LX3/LX7/LX8/LX89

HP Pavilion dv7-6000/dv7-6b00/dv7-6c00: HPMH-B3035050G00006, HPMH-B3035050G00013, 50.4RN10.001, 50.4RN10.002 (FullHD), 50.4RN10.011, 50.4RN10.021 (FullHD); HPMH-B3035050G00014, 50.4RN10.022, 639397-001, 640900-001, 665594-001 – Arima AB6200 / Wistron Casablanca

HP Pavilion dv7-7000, Envy dv7-7000: HPMH-B2995050G00004, 50.4SU10.001, 6H.4SUCB.004, 681972-001, 682054-001, 682226-001, 683682-001, 683683-001 – Wistron Colossus aka Goya/Balen aka Z40

HP Pavilion dv8-1000, HDX16-1000, HDX18-1000: DD0UT7LC000, DD0UT7LC002, 498166-001, 496876-001 – Quanta UT7/UT8A

HP Pavilion g4-1000: DD0R12LC000, DD0R12LC010, DD0R12LC020, DD0R12LC030 – Quanta R12

HP Pavilion g4-1000 touch?: DDR23GLC000, DDR23GLC010, DDR23GLC020 – Quanta R23G

HP Pavilion g4-2000: DD0R33LC000, DD0R33LC010, DD0R33LC020, DD0R33LC030, DD0R33LC040, DD0R33LC050, 680547-001 – Quanta R33

HP Pavilion g6-1000: 6017B0295501; DD0R15LC000, DD0R15LC010, DD0R15LC020, DD0R15LC030, DD0R15LC040, DD0R15LC050, DD0R15LC060, DD0R15LC070, 639516-001, 643225-001, 645523-001 – Inventec Hugh/RKY15DN; Quanta R22/R23

HP Pavilion g6-1000: 6017B0295501; DD0R15LC000, DD0R15LC010, DD0R15LC020, DD0R15LC030, DD0R15LC040, DD0R15LC050, DD0R15LC060, DD0R15LC070, 639516-001, 643225-001, 645523-001 – Inventec Hugh/RKY15DN

HP Pavilion g6-2000: DD0R36LC000, DD0R36LC010, DD0R36LC020, DD0R36LC030, DD0R36LC040, DD0R36LC050, 681808-001 – Quanta R36/R53

HP Pavilion g7-1000: DD0R18LC000, DD0R18LC010, DD0R18LC020, DD0R18LC030, DD0R18LC040, 646547-001 – Quanta R13/R18

HP Pavilion g7-2000: DD0R39LC000, DD0R39LC010, DD0R39LC020, DD0R39LC030, DD0R39LC040, DD0R39LC050, DD0R39LC060, 630495-001, 682743-001, 685074-001 – Quanta R39/R53

HP Pavilion x2 10-k: ?

HP Pavilion x360 13-a000/a100: DD0Y62LC000, DD0Y62LC010, DD0Y62LC020, 768031-001 – Quanta Y62

HP Pavilion x360 11-n000: DC020021N00 (touch), 758848-001, 761350-001 – Compal ZPT10

HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 11-e: DC02001UX00 (LVDS) – Compal ZKT11

HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-b: DDU56CLC00, U56LC000 – Quanta U56/U56C

HP Pavilion tx2000: DD0TT9LC000 – Quanta TT9

HP Pavilion TouchSmart tx2-1000: DD0TT3LC000, DD0TT3LC001, 504468-001 – Quanta TT3

HP Probook 430 G1: 50.4YV01.001 – Wistron S13

HP Probook 440 G2: DC020020900, 767448-001, 775100-001 (eDP) – Compal ZPL40

HP Probook 450 G1: 50.4YX01.001, 50.4YX01.031 – Wistron Renegade 15 (S-Series 2013) (S15)

HP Probook 455 G1: ? – Wistron Python 14

HP Probook 455 G2: ?

HP Probook 470 G2: ?

HP Probook 640 G1: ? – Inventec ?

HP Probook 655 G? : DC020020A00, DC020021U00 – Compal ZPL50

HP Probook 650 G1/655 G1: 6017B0440201, 738695-001, 742164-001 – Inventec BS13 15.6″

HP Probook ?: 6017B0440101 – Inventec BS13 14″

HP Probook 4230s: 6017B0298501, 646044-001 – Inventec Journey

HP Probook 4310s/4311s: 6017B0210201, 6017B0210202 – Inventec Hublot HH09

HP Probook 4320s/4321s/4325s/4326s: DD0SX6LC003, DDSX6ALC400 – Quanta SX6 13″

HP Probook 4330s/4331s: 6017B0269104 – Inventec Roxette 13.3″

HP Probook 4340s/4370s: 50.4RS04.001, 50.4RS04.011 – Wistron Richle S133

HP Probook 4410s/4411s/4413s/4415s/4416s: 6017B0213701, 535847-001 – Inventec Piaget/Zenith 14″

HP Probook 4420s/4421s/4425s/4426s: DDSX6ALC002, DDSX6ALC003, 605558-001 – Quanta SX6A 14″

HP Probook 4430s/4431s: 6017B0269101, 646996-001, 647002-001 – Inventec Roxette 14″

HP Probook 4440s/4441s/4446s: 50.4SI04.001, 50.4SI04.011, 50.4SI04.021 – Wistron Roadrunner 14″

HP Probook 4510s/4515s: 6017B0197901, 6017B0200301 (HD+/FullHD), 6017B0241101, 535851-001, 535853-001 (HD+/FullHD), 536787-001, 536793-001, 572717-001, 598702-001 – Inventec Invicta/Piaget/Zenith 15.6″

HP Probook 4520s/4525s: 50.4GK01.002, 50.4GK01.011, 50.4GK01.012 (с вебкой), 50.4GK01.022, 50.4GK02.011 (без вебки), 598703-001 – Wistron Patek/Zeno

HP Probook 4530s/4531s/4535s/4536s: 6017B0269101, 646996-001, 647002-001 – Inventec Pixies/Ramones SS11 15″

HP Probook 4540s/4545s/4570s: 50.4SJ06.001, 50.4SJ06.011, 50.4SJ06.021, 50.4SJ06.031 – Wistron Roadrunner/Rocky/Roger 15″

HP Probook 4710s: 6017B0200201, 6017B0325901, 535778-001 – Inventec Invicta

HP Probook 4720s: 50.4GL02.011, 602999-001 – Wistron S-Class

HP Probook 4730s: 6017B0298901 (I/A), 6017B0298902 (L/W), 646274-001, 647152-001 – Inventec Ramones SS11 17″

HP Probook 4740s: 50.4RY03.001, 50.4RY03.011 – Wistron Rocky/Roger 17″

HP Probook 5310m: DC02000T300 – Compal KBV00

HP Probook 5320m: DC020010G10 – Compal NBV00

HP Probook 5330m: DD0F11LC000, DD0F11LC010, DD0F11LC020 – Quanta F11

HP Probook 6360b: 50.4KT02.001, 50.4KT02.101, 639471-001, 648384-001 – Wistron Heart/Nena

HP Probook 6440b/6445b/6540b: DC02000Y600 (HD), DC02000YC00, DC02000YC10, DC02000YC20, DC02000YD10, DC02000YE10 (HD+/FullHD), DC02000YE20 (HD+/FullHD) – Compal KEL00/KML00

HP Probook 6450b/6455b/6545b: 6017B0262801 (без вебки), 6017B0263001 (с вебкой), 6017B0263401 (HD+/FullHD с вебкой), 613362-001, 613373-001 – Inventec DT10 14″

HP Probook 6460b: 6017B0263502 (HD+/FullHD) – Inventec CT11B ?

HP Probook 6470b/6475b: 6017B0392901, 684347-001, 693490-001 (HD); 6017B0393001 (HD+/FullHD) – Inventec CT12B

HP Probook 6550b/6555b: 6017B0263501, 615958-001 (HD+/FullHD, без вебки) – Inventec DT10 15″

HP Probook 6560b/6565b/6570b: 350404Q00-600-G, 350404R00-GG2-G, 350407U00-H0B-G, 649234-001, 646969-001, 646978-001, 649231-001, 690403-001 – Foxconn Boy/Cure

HP Split X2 13-m000: DD0W05TH001 – Quanta W05

HP Stream 11-d: ? – Quanta Y0A

HP Stream 13-c: DD0Y0BLC000, DD0Y0BLC010, 792771-001 – Quanta Y0B

HP Stream 14-z: DD0Y08LC000, DD0Y08LC010, DD0Y08LC020 – Quanta Y08

HP TouchSmart 10-e: ?

HP TouchSmart 300: 533369-001

HP TouchSmart 320-1000: 654275-001

HP TouchSmart 600: 537390-001, 575735-001

HP TouchSmart 610-1000: DD0WJ1LC100 – Quanta WJ1

HP TouchSmart tm2-1000/tm2-2000: 6017B0243601 – Inventec Jixi 12″

HP ZBook 15: DC02001MN00 (LVDS), DC02001PW00 (DC panel), DC02001PY00 (LVDS), 730801-001 – Compal VBL20

HP ZBook 17: DC02001Q900 (DC>LVDS Dual Channel), DC02001OJ00 (eDP), DC02001OK00 (LVDS), 740714-001 – Compal VBK10

IBM ThinkPad T40/T41/T42/T43: FRU P/N 91P6786, 91P6804, 91P6935, 91P6939

IBM ThinkPad X40/X41: 60.49U34.001, FRU P/N 91P6830 – Wistron S Note-1

IBM ThinkPad X60/X61/X61t: 60.4B405.002, FRU P/N 93P4361, 93P4362, 93P4505, 93P4535, 91P6971, 91P6972, 91P6973, 91P6974 – Wistron KS Note-1/KS Note-2

IBM ThinkPad X300/X301: FRU P/N 44C4044, 44C5398, 44C5399

IBM ThinkPad Z60m: DD0BW1LC001, FRU P/N 91P6957 – Quanta BW1

IBM ThinkPad Z60t: DD0BV1LC008, DD0BV1LC016, FRU P/N 91P6953 – Quanta BV1

IBM ThinkPad Z61m: DD0BW2LC006, FRU P/N 91P7007 – Quanta BW2

Irbis M51II; Philips Freevents 15NB57; Roverbook Nautilus V552/V552L/V552VHB: DD0TW7LC000, DD0TW7LC100, FOXDD0TW7LC000 – Quanta TW7

Irbis M53AA; Roverbook Pro 554: 6-43-M76SI-010 – Clevo M740J/M740JU/M760J/M760JU

iRu Patriot 508/508P/510/511/511P: ? – Topstar H52

Lenovo E47/E47a/E47g/E47l, K47/K47a: DD0KL8LC000, DD0KL8LC010 – Quanta KL8

Lenovo E49/E49l: 50.4TK05.001, 50.4TK05.002 – Wistron E49

Lenovo K27: DD0KL7LC000 – Quanta KL7

Lenovo K49: 50.4TJ04.001 – Wistron K49

Lenovo IdeaCentre B540/B540p: 6017B0359802 – Inventec CIH77S

Lenovo IdeaCentre C540: DC02001MY00 – Compal ?

Lenovo IdeaPad 100-14IBY: DC020026S00 – Compal AIVP1/AIVP2

Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBY: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad B40-30/B40-45/B40-70: DC02001XM00 (Dis), DC02001XP00 (eDP Dis), DC020020K00 (UMA) – Compal ZIWB0/ZIWE0

Lenovo IdeaPad B50-10/B5010/B5010G: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad B50-30/B50-30G/B50-45/B50-70: DC02001XN00 (touch), DC02001XO00 (non-touch) – Compal ZIWB1

Lenovo IdeaPad B50-80/B5080: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad B450/B450a/B450l: 50.4DM06.001 – Wistron LA14

Lenovo IdeaPad B460/B460a/B460e: 50.4HK01.001, 50.4HK01.003, 50.4HK01.004, 50.4HK01.011 – Wistron LB46

Lenovo IdeaPad B470/B475: 50.4MA01.001, 50.4MA01.012, 50.4MA01.013, 50.4MA01.021, 50.4MA01.022, 50.4MA01.023, 50.4MA01.024 – Wistron LB47

Lenovo IdeaPad B470e/B475e: 50.4VD01.001, 50.4VD01.011, 50.4VD01.021, FRU P/N 90200211 – Wistron LB47L

Lenovo IdeaPad B480: 50.4TF01.001, 50.4TF01.002, 50.4TF01.021 – Wistron B480

Lenovo IdeaPad B485, M490/M495: 50.4TR01.001, 50.4TR01.002 – Wistron LB485

Lenovo IdeaPad B490, V480/V480c/V485: 50.4TD01.001 – Wistron V480

Lenovo IdeaPad B550, G550: DC02000RH00, DC02000RH10 – Compal KIWA7/KIWA8

Lenovo IdeaPad B560, V560: 50.4JW09.001, 50.4JW09.011 – Wistron LA56

Lenovo IdeaPad B570/B575, V570: 50.4IH07.002, 50.4IH07.012, 50.4IH07.031, 50.4IH07.032 – Wistron LA57

Lenovo IdeaPad B570e/B575e: 50.4VE01.001, 50.4VE01.021 – Wistron LB57/LB57L

Lenovo IdeaPad B580/B590, V580/V580c: 50.4TE09.001, 50.4TE09.011, 50.4TE09.013 (B590), 50.4TE09.014, 50.4TE09.031, 50.4TE11.021 (V580c), FRU P/N 90200812 – Wistron LA58/LB58/LB59A

Lenovo IdeaPad B4400s: 50.44O03.001 – Wistron LB49S

Lenovo IdeaPad B5400, M5400: DD0BM5LC011, FRU P/N 90204219 – Quanta BM5/BM6

Lenovo IdeaPad C200: DC02000BU00 – Compal HDL20/HDL30

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex E10-30/E1030: 1109-00927 – Bitland Melon

Lenovo IdeaPad E31-70/E3170: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad E50-70/E5070: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad E50-80/E5080: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14: DD0ST6LC110 – Quanta ST6

Lenovo IdeaPad F50: DC02000CL00 – Compal IGL50

Lenovo IdeaPad G40-30/G40-45/G40-70: DC02001M600 (Dis), DC02001MG00 (UMA) – Compal ACLU1

Lenovo IdeaPad G50-30/G50-45/G50-70/G50-70A, Z50-70: DC02001MC00, FRU P/N 90205236 (Dis); DC02001MH00, FRU P/N 90205237 (UMA) – Compal ACLU0/ACLU2/ACLU9 NM-A311

Lenovo IdeaPad G50-80/G5080: (UMA) –

Lenovo IdeaPad G70-35/G7035/G70-70/G7070: DC02001MN20 – Compal AILG1

Lenovo IdeaPad G70-80/G7080: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad G400/G405/G410/G490/G490a: DC02001PQ00 (UMA), FRU P/N 90202731; DC02001PP00 (Dis), FRU P/N 90202729 – Compal VIWGP

Lenovo IdeaPad G400s/G400sa: DC02001QH10 (Dis), FRU P/N 90202902; ? (Dis touch), FRU P/N 90202904; DC02001RS10 (UMA), FRU P/N 90202903, ? (UMA touch), FRU P/N 90202905 – Compal VILG2

Lenovo IdeaPad G410: DC02000FK00 – Compal IHL00

Lenovo IdeaPad G410s: DC02001TZ00 (UMA touch), FRU P/N 90204506; ? (Dis touch), FRU P/N 90204505 – Compal VIWG3

Lenovo IdeaPad G430, Y430/Y430A/Y430M, V450/V450A: DC02000IW00, DC020000O00 – Compal JITR1

Lenovo IdeaPad G450/G450a/G450l/G455/G455a/G455l: DC02000R900, DC02000R910, DC02000ZZ10 – Compal KIWA5/KIWA6/NAWA1

Lenovo IdeaPad G460/G465, Z460/Z465: DC02000ZM10 – Compal NIWE1

Lenovo IdeaPad G470/G475: DC020015T10, FRU P/N 31048203 – Compal PIWG1/PIWG2

Lenovo IdeaPad G480/G480a/G480am/G480g/G485/G485a/G485g (Compal): DC02001EQ10 (Dis), DC02001ER10 (UMA) – Compal QIWG5

Lenovo IdeaPad G480/G480a/G480am/G480g/G485/G485a/G485g (Wistron): 50.4SG01.001, 50.4SG01.012, 50.4SG01.021 – Wistron LG4858/LG4858L

Lenovo IdeaPad G500/G505/G510: DC02001QL10, DC02001PR00 (Dis), FRU P/N 90202730; DC02001PS00 (UMA), FRU P/N 90202732 – Compal VAWGA/VAWGB/VIWGQ/VIWGR/VIWGS

Lenovo IdeaPad G500s/G505s: DC02001QI10 (Dis), FRU P/N 90202878; ? (Dis touch), FRU P/N 90202880, DC02001RR10 (UMA), FRU P/N 90202879; ? (UMA touch), FRU P/N 90202881 – Compal VALGC/VALGD/VILG1

Lenovo IdeaPad G530, ThinkPad N500: DC02000JV00, DC02C000D00 – Compal JIWA3

Lenovo IdeaPad G555: DC020010Y00 – Compal NAWA2

Lenovo IdeaPad G560/G560e/G565, Z560/Z565: DC02000ZI10, FRU P/N 31042430 – Compal NAWE6/NIWE2/PAW20

Lenovo IdeaPad G570/G575: DC020015VV10, DC020015W10, 10B5GL0520C, FRU P/N 31048395 – Compal PAWGD/PIWG2

Lenovo IdeaPad G580/G585 (Compal): DC02001ES00 (Dis), DC02001ES10 (Dis), DC02001ET00 (UMA), DC02001ET10 (UMA), FRU P/N 90200463, 90200464 – Compal QAWGE/QIWG6

Lenovo IdeaPad G580/G585 (Wistron): 50.4SH07.001, 50.4SH07.002, 50.4SH07.011, 50.4SH07.021, FRU P/N 90200978 – Wistron LG4858

Lenovo IdeaPad G700/G700a/G710: 1422-01DT000, 1422-01E6000, FRU P/N 90202794 – Pegatron Bambi

Lenovo IdeaPad G770/G780: DC020017D10 – Compal PIWG4/QIWG7

Lenovo IdeaPad M30-70/M3070: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad M490s: 50.4YG01.001 – Wistron LM49S

Lenovo IdeaPad N200, Y410: DC02000ET00 – Compal IGT30/IGT31

Lenovo IdeaPad N480: 1109-00710 – Bitland BM5238

Lenovo IdeaPad N580/N585: DC02001IH10 (UMA) – Compal QAWGE/QIWG9

Lenovo IdeaPad N586, P580/P585: DC02001IE10 (P585 Dis), DC02001IF10 (UMA), DC02001J510 (Dis) – Compal QAWGH/QIWG9

Lenovo IdeaPad P400, Z400: DC02001OC00 (touchscreen cable), DC02001OD00 (HD+/Full HD touch), DC02001OF00 (HD non-touch) – Compal VIWZ1

Lenovo IdeaPad P500, Z500: DC02001MC10 (non-touch), DC02001OR00 (HD touch), DC02001OS00 (touch), DC02001PO00 (touchscreen cable) – Compal VIWZ2

Lenovo IdeaPad S9/S10/S10e: DD0FL1LC100, DD0FL1LC200, DDFL1BLC200, DD0FL1LC300, FRU P/N 44C9949 – Quanta Mariana FL1

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2: DC02000SX00, DC02000SX10 – Compal KIUN0

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3: DD0FL5LC000, QTFL5-ESL0205A, QTFL5-ESL0206A – Quanta Mariana 3 FL5

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3c: R349LVDSH4LFE – Bitland BM5999

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s: 50.4EL04.001, 50.4EL04.011, 50.4EL04.012, 50.4EL07.001, 50.4EL07.002 (AUO) – Wistron LM30

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t: DD0FL2TH100 – Quanta FL2

Lenovo IdeaPad S12: 50.4CI11.001, 50.4CI11.002, 50.4CI12.001 – Wistron LS20

Lenovo IdeaPad S20-30: ? – Bitland BM5406

Lenovo IdeaPad S40-70/S4070: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad S100/S110: 1109-00284, 31-050131 – Bitland BM5138/BM5080

Lenovo IdeaPad S205: 50.4MN01.001, 50.4MN01.002, 50.4MN01.012 – Wistron LS205

Lenovo IdeaPad S206: 1422-014W000 – Pegatron Goofy/Winnie/Woody

Lenovo IdeaPad S210/S210T/S215: 1109-00757 (touch), 1109-00759 (non-touch) – Bitland BM5290

Lenovo IdeaPad S300/S400/S400U?/S405/S500: DC02001KO10 (non-touch), DC02001SE10 (touch) – Compal VAUS5/VIUS4

Lenovo IdeaPad S435: DC020023B10 – Compal AAU10

Lenovo IdeaPad S500 Touch: 1422-01MT000 – Pegatron Chip

Lenovo IdeaPad S510/S510p: 50.4L101.031 (non-touch LVDS), 50.4L202.021 – Wistron LS41P

Lenovo IdeaPad U160/U165: 50.4JB05.001, 50.4JB06.001, 50.4JI01.001 – Wistron LU16

Lenovo IdeaPad U260/U260p: DC020012W00, DC020012W10 – Compal NIUM1

Lenovo IdeaPad U300/U300s: GGB1Q2925B – Pegatron Minnie

Lenovo IdeaPad U310: DD0LZ7LC000, DD0LZ7LC100, DD0LZ7LC110, DD0LZ7LC120 – Quanta LZ7

Lenovo IdeaPad U330, V350/V350A/V350G: 50.4Y713.001 – Wistron LT32/LT32P

Lenovo IdeaPad U330p: DD0LZ5LC000, DD0LZ5LC010, DD0LZ5LC030, FRU P/N 90203278 (non-touch); DDLZ5TLC001, DDLZ5TLC030, DDLZ5TLC200 (touch) – Quanta LZ5

Lenovo IdeaPad U350/U350p, M350: DD0LL1LC000 – Quanta LL1

Lenovo IdeaPad U400/U470: 50.4PJ05.001, 50.4PJ05.011 – Wistron LU47

Lenovo IdeaPad U410: DD0LZ8LC000, DD0LZ8LC020, DD0LZ8LC030 – Quanta LZ8/LZ8T

Lenovo IdeaPad U430/U430p: DD0LZ9LC000, DD0LZ9LC010, DD0LZ9LC020, DD0LZ9LC030 – Quanta LZ9

Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch: DDLZ9TLC000, DDLZ9TLC010, DDLZ9TLC020, DDLZ9TLC030, FRU P/N 90203119 – Quanta LZ9T

Lenovo IdeaPad U450/U450p/U455: DC02000XY00 – Compal NAUR2/NIUR1/NIUR2

Lenovo IdeaPad U460/U460a/U460g/U460p/U460s: DC020011J10 – Compal NIMUA

Lenovo IdeaPad U510: DC02001KW00, FRU P/N 90201878 – Compal VITU5

Lenovo IdeaPad U530 Touch: DD0LZBLC000, DD0LZBLC010, DD0LZBLC020 – Quanta LZB

Lenovo IdeaPad U550: 50.4EC01.001, 50.4EC01.101 – Wistron LU15

Lenovo IdeaPad V360: 50.4JG08.001 – Wistron LA36

Lenovo IdeaPad V460/V460a: 50.4GV11.001 – Wistron LA46

Lenovo IdeaPad V470/V470a/V470c: 50.4KZ03.001, 50.4KZ03.011, 50.4KZ03.012, 50.4KZ03.021, 50.4KZ03.023, 50.4KZ03.031 – Wistron LA47

Lenovo IdeaPad V480s: 50.4UG01.012, 50.4UG08.001 – Wistron V480s

Lenovo IdeaPad Y50/Y50-70: DC02001WA00 (non-touch) – Compal ZIVY1

Lenovo IdeaPad Y70/Y70-70: DC020020300 – Compal ZIVY3

Lenovo IdeaPad Y400: DC02C00390J, FRU P/N 90201970 (GT650M) – Compal QIQY5

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410: FRU P/N 90202746 – Compal VIQY0

Lenovo IdeaPad Y450/Y450m/Y450n/Y450p: DD0KL1LC000, HLNDDC000A0FD504 – Quanta KL1

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460: DD0KL2LC000 (slim LED), DD0KL2LC010 (slim LED); DDKL2BLC000 (normal LED), DDKL2BLC010 (normal LED) – Quanta KL2/KL2B

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460p: DDKL2DLC000, DDKL2DLC010 – Quanta KL2D

Lenovo IdeaPad Y470/Y470n: DC020017610 – Compal PIQY0/QIQY2

Lenovo IdeaPad Y480/Y480a/Y480m/Y480n/Y480p/Y485: DC02001EY00, DC02001EY10 – Compal QIWY3

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500: DC02001ME0J – Compal QIQY6

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510/Y520/Y530: 14G140170410LV, 14G2200SD10, 14G2200SD10MLV, 1422-004P0LV, 1422-004Q0LV – Asus Speedy

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p: DC02001KT00 (HD+/FullHD), FRU P/N 90202749 – Compal VIQY1

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550/Y550a/Y550p: DC020001J00, DC020001J10 – Compal KIWB1/KIWB2/NIWBA

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560: DD0KL3LC000, DD0KL3LC010, DD0KL3LC020 – Quanta KL3

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p: DDKL3CLC020 (long), DDKL3DLC100 (long), DDKL3DLC120 (short) – Quanta KL3C/KL3D/KL3E

Lenovo IdeaPad Y570/Y570a/Y570n/Y570p: DC020017910 – Compal PIQY1

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580/Y580a/Y580m/Y580n: DC02001F210 (HD+/FullHD), DC02001IO10 (HD) – Compal QIWY4

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650: DC02000OK00 (LED), FRU P/N 31036618 – Compal KIWB3/KIWB4

Lenovo IdeaPad Y710/Y730: 50.4X002.001 – Wistron LT71

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 10: 1109-00927 – Bitland Melon

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 2 14: 460.00X0B.0022 – Wistron F14M

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1: DC02001A710 – Compal PQXU2

Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-80: ? – Compal ACLU3/ACLU4

Lenovo IdeaPad Z51-70/Z5170: ?

Lenovo IdeaPad Z360: DD0LL7LC000, DD0LL7LC010, DD0LL7LC020, DD0LL7LC030, DD0LL7LC040, FRU 31044770 – Quanta LL7

Lenovo IdeaPad Z370: DD0KL5LC000, DD0KL5LC010, DD0KL5LC020, DD0KL5LC030 – Quanta KL5

Lenovo IdeaPad Z380: DD0LZ1LC000, DD0LZ1LC010, DD0LZ1LC020, DD0LZ1LC030 – Quanta LZ1

Lenovo IdeaPad Z470/Z470a/Z470g/Z470gm/Z470gt/Z475/Z475a: DD0KL6LC000, DD0KL6LC010, DD0KL6LC020, DD0KL6LC030, DD0KL6LC040, DD0KL6LC050, DD0KL6LC060, DD0KL6LC070 – Quanta KL6

Lenovo IdeaPad Z480/Z485: DD0LZ2LC000, DD0LZ2LC010, DD0LZ2LC020, DD0LZ2LC030, DD0LZ2LC040, FRU P/N 90200632 – Quanta LZ2

Lenovo IdeaPad Z510: DC02001M000 (eDP) – Compal AILZA/AILZB NM-A181

Lenovo IdeaPad Z570/Z570s/Z570g/Z570p/Z575/Z575a/Z575g: 50.4M405.001, 50.4M405.002, 50.4M405.003, 50.4M405.012, 50.4M405.031, 50.4M405.032, FRU P/N 31049297 – Wistron LZ57

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580/Z585: DD0LZ3LC000, DD0LZ3LC010, DD0LZ3LC020, DD0LZ3LC030, DD0LZ3LC040, FRU P/N 90200651 – Quanta LZ3

Lenovo IdeaPad Z670: 50.4IS05.001 – Wistron LT16

Lenovo IdeaPad Z710/Z710a: 1422-01RE000, FRU P/N 90204155 – Pegatron Dumbo

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11, E10: DD0FL6ALC100, FRU P/N 04W0280 – Quanta FL6/FL6A

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13, E30: DD0PS1LC000, FRU P/N 45M2285, 45M2900 – Quanta PS1/PS1A/PS2/PS2A

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14, E40: DD0GC5LC000, DD0GC5LC100, DD0GC5LC110 (coaxial), FRU P/N 63Y2204, 63Y2205 – Quanta GC5

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15, E50: DD0GC6LC000, DD0GC6LC200, FRU P/N 63Y2206, 63Y2206, 63Y2207 – Quanta GC6

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E120/E125, X130e: DDFL9BLC000, DDFL9BLC050, FRU P/N 04W3615 – Quanta FL9/FL9B

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130/E135, X131e: DD0LI2LC000, DD0LI2LC010, DD0LI2LC040, DD0LI2LC110, DD0LI3LC000, FRU P/N 04W3868, 04W4359 – Quanta LI2/LI3

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220/E220s: DC020017V10 – Compal PIVP1

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E320/E325: DD0PS3LC000, FRU P/N 04W2202 – Quanta PS3

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330: 50.4UH04.001, FRU P/N 04W4227 – Wistron LPR-1

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420/E425: 50.4MH01.001, 50.4MH01.011, 50.4MH01.021, FRU P/N 04W1849 – Wistron LW14

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430/E430c/E435: DC02001FQ00, DC02001FQ10 (HD), FRU P/N 04W4166 – Compal QILE1

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431: DC02001LB00 (touch), DC02001KP00 (HD+/FullHD non-touch), DC02001L600 (HD non-touch) – Compal VILE1/VILE2

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E520/E525: 50.4MI01.001, 50.4MI01.011, FRU P/N 04W1850 – Wistron GG/LGG1

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530/E535/E545: DC02001FR00, DC02001FR10, FRU P/N 04W4124 – Compal QILE2

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E531/E531c: DC02001L700 (HD non-touch); DC02001LH00 (HD+/FullHD), FRU P/N 04X4293; DC02001KQ00, FRU (HD+/FullHD) – Compal VILE2

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540: DC02C004E00 – Compal VALEB

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550/E555: ?

Lenovo ThinkPad E560: ?

Lenovo ThinkPad L412, SL410: DD0GC2LC000, FRU P/N 45M2855 – Quanta GC2

Lenovo ThinkPad L420/L421: DDGC9FLC010, FRU P/N 04W1728 – Quanta GC9/GC9F

Lenovo ThinkPad L430: 50.4SE07.011, FRU P/N 04W6975 – Wistron LCD-1

Lenovo ThinkPad L440: 50.4LG07.002 (eDP), FRU P/N 04X4846 – Wistron LOS?

Lenovo ThinkPad L512, SL510: DD0GC3LC000, DD0GC3LC001, FRU P/N 45M2857, 45M2860, 75Y5628, 75Y5629 – Quanta GC3

Lenovo ThinkPad L520: DDGC8ELC500, DDGC8FLC010, DDGC8FLC120, FRU P/N 04W1729 – Quanta GC8/GC8E/GC8F

Lenovo ThinkPad L530: 50.4SF06.001, FRU P/N 04W6991; 50.4SF07.003, FRU P/N 04W6976 – Wistron LBF-1

Lenovo ThinkPad L540: 50.4LH10.002, FRU P/N 04X4890 – Wistron

Lenovo ThinkPad R61/R61e/R61i/R400, T61/T400 14″: ASM P/N: 42V9647, FRU P/N 41W1156, 42T0424, 44C5362, 93P4335, 93P4392, 93P4591

Lenovo ThinkPad R61/R61e/R61i/R500 15″: FRU P/N 93P4380, 93P4447, 93P4449, 93P4450, 93P4451, 93P4551

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1: DC02C006400, FRU P/N 04X6459 – Compal ZIPS1

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230/S230u: DC02C003M10 – Compal QIPA1

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430: DC02001H010, FRU P/N 04W6965 (HD+/FullHD) – Compal QILP2

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S440: ?

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S531: DC02C004X10 (HD eDP), DC02C005Y10 (HD+/FullHD eDP) – Compal VIUS2

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S540: DC02C007010 (HD+/FullHD eDP touch), FRU P/N 04X4072 – Compal VIUS6

Lenovo ThinkPad SL300: 1422-004H0LV, FRU P/N 43Y9805, 43Y9833 – Asus Rocky 30

Lenovo ThinkPad SL400/SL400c/SL500/SL500c: FRU P/N 44C4072, 44C4074, 44C5371, 44C5372, 44C5373, 44C5374, 44C5376, 14G2290RB10RLV, 1422-005D0LV – Asus Rocky 40/50

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s/T410s/T410si: 50.4FY01.001, 50.4FY01.012, FRU P/N 44C9908, 45M2948 – Wistron Shinai SN2

Lenovo ThinkPad T420/T420i: LNVH-000000A65239 (HD), FRU P/N 04W1617, ASM P/N: 0A65239; LNVH-000000A65207 (HD+/FullHD), FRU P/N 04W1618, ASM P/N: 0A65207 – Arima AB5700; NZ3

Lenovo ThinkPad T420s/T420si/T430s: 50.4KF04.001, 50.4KF04.005, 50.4KF04.021, 50.4KF04.023, 50.4KF05.001 (LED), FRU P/N 04W1685, 04W1686 – Wistron Shinai SN3/SN4

Lenovo ThinkPad T430/T430i: FRU P/N 0B41077, 0B38965

Lenovo ThinkPad T430u: DD0LV3LC000, DD0LV3LC020, DD0LV3LC040, DD0LV3LC100, DD0LV3LC110, DD0LV3LC130, FRU P/N 04W4404, 04Y1194 – Quanta LV3

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s: 50.4YQ02.001, 50.4YQ02.002 (eDP), 50.4YQ02.021 (eDP), FRU P/N 04X0819 – Wistron Santana

Lenovo ThinkPad T440/T440p: ?

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s: ?

Lenovo ThinkPad T500, W500: FRU P/N 44C2007, 44C5385, 93P4590 – IBM Coronado-5

Lenovo ThinkPad T520/T530/T530i, W520/W530: 50.4KE10.001, 50.4KE10.011; 50.4QE04.001 (KN4); FRU P/N 04W1565 – Wistron Kendo KN3/KN4

Lenovo ThinkPad T540/T540p, W540: ?, FRU P/N 04X5541 (HD), 04X5541 (HD+/FullHD) – Wistron KM1

Lenovo ThinkPad X1: 50.4N401.001, FRU P/N 04W2059 – Wistron NL

Lenovo ThinkPad X1c/X1 Carbon: 50.4RQ11.001, 50.4RQ12.001 (short), 50.4RQ12.002 (short), 50.4RQ15.001 (long), FRU P/N 04W3906, 04W3907; 50.4RQ13.001 (touch) – Wistron GS/GS1/LGS-1

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2 (2014): 50.4LY01.001 (non-touch), 50.4LY03.001 (touch), 50.4LY04.011 (touch), 50.4LY05.001 (eDP), FRU P/N 00HM151, 04X5596 – Wistron LMG-1 MQ-Note

Lenovo ThinkPad X61s: 60.4B417.001, 60.4E407.001, FRU P/N 91P4535, 93P4536 – Wistron KS Note-3

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e: DD0FL3LC000, DDFL3BLC000, FRU P/N 45M2885, 45M2918 – Quanta FL3/FL3B

Lenovo ThinkPad X120e: DDFL7ALC000, DDFL7ALC010, DDFL7ALC020, FRU P/N 04W1381 – Quanta FL7

Lenovo ThinkPad X121e: DD0FL8LC310, FRU P/N 04W2245 – Quanta FL8

Lenovo ThinkPad X200/X200t/X201/X201t: 50.4Y416.001, 50.4Y416.002, FRU P/N 43Y9826, 45M2879, 60Y4717 – Wistron Caramel

Lenovo ThinkPad X200s/X201s/X201si: 60.48Q12.003, FRU P/N 43Y9814, 44C9909, 44C9919 – Wistron Mocha/Pecan

Lenovo ThinkPad X220/X220i/X220s/X230/X230i: 50.4KH03.002, 50.4KH04.001, 50.4KH04.011, 50.4KH04.021, 50.4KH04.031, FRU P/N 04W1408, 04W1679 – Wistron Dasher DB-NOTE/LDB-1/LDB-2

Lenovo ThinkPad X220t/X220 Tablet: 50.4KJ02.001 (LCD), 50.4KJ03.003 (LED), FRU P/N 04W1775, 04W1776 – Wistron CM-NOTE

Lenovo ThinkPad X230t/X230 Tablet: 50.4VC01.001, FRU P/N 04W6809 – Wistron CO2

Lenovo ThinkPad X250: ?

Lenovo Yoga 11: FRU P/N 145500065, 145500066 – Wistron Venus

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e: DDLI5ALC000, DDLI5ALC010, DDLI5ALC020 (eDP touch); DDLI5ALC120 – Quanta LI5A

Lenovo Yoga 11s: DC02C003K00, FRU P/N 90202833 – Compal ?

Lenovo Yoga 13: FRU P/N 145500043, 145500044, 145500051 – Wistron Mocha 2

Lenovo Yoga 2 13: DC02001VL00 (LVDS), FRU P/N 90205194 (HD); DC02001XU00 (eDP D Mic Single), FRU P/N 90205195 (HD+/FullHD) – Compal ZIVY0

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13: DC02001LN00 (touch cable), FRU P/N 90204407; DC02C004J00 (eDP), FRU P/N 90204408 – Compal VIUU3

Lenovo Yoga 3 14: ? – Compal BTUU1 (NM-A381)

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 1370 : DC02001N7C0 – Compal ?

LG Xnote A505/A510: ?

LG A410, C400: DD0QL7LC000, MECDD0QL7LC000 – Quanta QL7

LG E500; MSI Megabook M655/M662, VR601: K19-3036002-H58 – MSI MS-1039

LG LM50/LS50/LS55: 6851B76028A, 6851BZ9207B, 6851BZ9207C – Inventec McKinley

LG LS70: 6851B34028A – Inventec Hunter-F H15F

LG LW20/LW25: 6851B34038A, 6851B34038B – Wistron LWG2

LG LW65: 6851B34024D – Inventec Hunter-W H15W

LG P1 Express Dual: 6851B09275A – Inventec Rocky-W

LG R580/R590: DD0QL5LC000, FOXDD0QL5LC0003A – Quanta QL5

LG T280/T290: DD0QL1LC110 – Quanta QL1

LG X11/X110: K19-3040010-H58 – MSI MS-N021

LG X130: DD0UL1LC000 – Quanta UL1

MaxSelect TravelBook X5: 14-212-F14071 – ECS G550

Medion 2330; Roverbook Voyager V553: 422814600019 – Mitac 8252

Motion CL900: DC02C001N00 – Compal PVX00

MSI Megabook A6500, CR61/CR650, CX61/CX650, FX600/FX600MX/FX603/FX605/FX610/FX620, GE620/GE620DX, GP60: K19-3022008-V03 (CR61/GP60), K19-3025024-H39, K19-3025024-V03 – MSI MS-16G1/MS-16G4/MS-16G41/MS-16G51/MS-16G51/MS-16G7/MS-16GB/MS-16GD/MS-16GK/MS-16GN1/MS-16GX

MSI Megabook CR400/CR420, CX420/CX420X, EX400/EX460/EX465X: K19-3017001-H39, K19-3017005-V03 – MSI MS-1452

MSI Megabook ER710, GX700/GX701, L715/L715B/L745; Roverbook Explorer W700/W700WH, Nautilus V771, Pro 700WH: K19-3036001-H39, K19-3036001-H58 – MSI MS-1036/MS-1037/MS-1715/MS-1716/MS-1719/MS-17191

MSI Megabook EX310, PR201: K19-3020016-H58 – MSI MS-1331/MS-13311

MSI Megabook EX600, PR600, RX600: K19-3036002-H39, K19-3040012-H58 – MSI MS-169

MSI Megabook EX610, GX610, M670, PR601: K19-3040002-H39, K19-3040002-H58, K19-3040004-H39? – MSI MS-163D/MS-163K/MS-16323/MS-16342/MS-16343?/MS-16371

MSI Megabook EX620/EX623/EX630, M6275, VR630/VR630X: K19-3040009-H39, K19-3040009-V03 – MSI MS-1671/MS-16711/MS-1672/MS-1674

MSI Megabook EX720, GT735/GT740, GX720; Roverbook Pro P735: K19-3036006-H39 – MSI MS-1721/MS-1722/MS-1727

MSI Megabook FR420, FX400/FX420: K19-3023013-H39 – MSI MS-148X

MSI Megabook GE60, GP60: K19-3032002-V03 (FHD) – MSI MS-16GA/MS-16GA1/MS-16GH (GE60 2OC/GE60 2PL)


DNS 0133067; MSI Megabook FX720: K19-3040081-H39 – MSI MS-1754/MS-17541

MSI Megabook CR70, CX70: K19-3022004-H39 – MSI MS-1755/MS-175X

MSI Megabook GE70, GP70: K19-3040026-H39 – MSI MS-1756/MS-1759


MSI Megabook GE600/GE603: K19-3040018-V03 – MSI MS-1675

MSI Megabook GS60: ? – MSI MS-16H2

MSI Megabook GT60/GT660/GT660ST, GX60/GX660: K19-3023012-H39, K19-3023015-H39, K19-3031004-H39 (FullHD) – MSI MS-16F1/MS-16F3/MS-16FX

MSI Megabook GT70, GTX670/GTX680/GTX780: K19-3031005-H39 – MSI MS-1762

MSI Megabook GT627/GT628/GT640, GX620/GX623/GX630/GX633/GX640, PX600/PX603: K19-3040006-H39, K19-3040006-H58, K19-3040006-V03 – MSI MS-1651/MS-1651X/MS-1652/MS-1653/MS-1656

MSI Megabook GT680/GT680R/GT683/GT683DX: K19-3031001-V03 (FullHD) – MSI MS-16F2/MS-16F3

MSI Megabook GT780/GT780DX/GT780R/GT783, GX780: K19-3031003-H39 – MSI MS-1761

MSI Megabook GX400, VR440: K19-3030025-H58 – MSI MS-1435

MSI Megabook GX600, M670; Rovebook Nautilus V572, W550/W550WH: K19-3040001-H39: MSI MS-16323/MS-16332/MS-163A1

MSI Megabook PR200/PR210: K19-3020014-H39, K19-3020014-H58 – MSI MS-MS-12211

MSI Megabook PR300, S300/S310: K19-3020012-H58 – MSI MS-1311

MSI Megabook S430/S430X: K19-3030012-H58 – MSI MS-1414

MSI Megabook VR321X: K19-3026004-H58 – MSI MS-3211/325/326

MSI Megabook VR610/VR610X; Roverbook Pro 510: K19-3040005-H39, K19-3040005-H58 – MSI MS-163B1

MSI S12T: ?

MSI Wind L1350D, U135DX: K19-3026006-H58, K19-3026006-V03 ?, K19-3026009-H58, K19-3026012-H39, K19-3026012-V03 – MSI MS-N014

MSI Wind L2300, U230/U270: K19-3028003-H39 – MSI MS-1121/MS-1243/MS-1245/MS-12451/MS-124X

MSI Wind U90/U90X/U100/U100X/U110/U115/U120/U120H/U130/U135; Roverbook Neo U100: K19-3030016-H39, K19-3030017-H39, K19-3030018-H58, K19-3030019-H58, K19-3030020-H58 (U120), K19-3030023-H58 (U120), K19-3030024-H58, K19-3030028-H39, K19-3030028-H58 (U130), K19-3030028-V03 (U130) – MSI MS-N011/MS-N0111/MS-N011X/MS-N031

MSI Wind U160/U160DX/U160DXH/U160MX: K19-3019002-H58, K19-3019002-V03, K19-3019003-H58, K19-3019003-V03 – MSI MS-N0511

MSI Wind U200/U210/U210X: K19-302500-V03, K19-3025008-V03 – MSI MS-1242


MSI X-Slim X320/X360: K19-3023001-H58, K19-3023005-H58, K19-3023005-V03 – MSI MS-1351/MS-1356

MSI X-Slim X340: K19-3023003-H58, K19-3023006-H58 – MSI MS-1361


MSI X-Slim X400: K19-3036007-V03 – MSI MS-

MSI X-Slim X410: K19-3036007-H39 – MSI MS-1461

Packard Bell Butterfly LL1, M, BFM; Gateway EC54/EC58: 6017B0238001 – Inventec SJM52

Packard Bell dot m: DD0ZA5LC100 – Quanta ZA5

Packard Bell dot s2; Gateway LT21: DC02000ZE10 – Compal NAV60

Packard Bell EasyNote BG45: 08G2203TE10M – Asus T32E

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ61/LJ65/LJ67/LJ71/LJ73/LJ75; Gateway NV74/NV78: DC02000PY00, DC02000PY10, 50.WBF02.008 – Compal KAKC0/KAYF0/NAYF0

Packard Bell EasyNote ENME69BMP/ME69/ME69BMP; Gateway LT41/LT41P: DD0ZEALC000, DD0ZEALC010, DD0ZEALC020, 50.Y43N7.004 – Quanta ZEA

Packard Bell EasyNote ML61/ML65, Kamet AM, Vesuvio SL51/SL65: DD0PF1LC000 – Quanta PF1/PF2

Packard Bell EasyNote NJ65; Gateway NV40/NV42/NV44/NV48: DD0Z06LC000 – Quanta Z06

Packard Bell EasyNote NX86; Gateway ID49/ID49C: DC020012F10, 50.BL902.008 – Compal NELA0

Packard Bell EasyNote TJ61/TJ62/TJ63/TJ64/TJ65/TJ66/TJ67/TJ68/TJ71/TJ72/TJ73/TJ74; Gateway NV52/NV53/NV54/NV56/NV58: 50.4BU01.001, 50.4BU01.002, 50.4BU01.012 (TJ65), 50.4BU01.201, 50.WBM01.003 – Wistron SJV50-MV/SJV50-TR

Packard Bell EasyNote TJ75/TJ76/TJ77/TJ78; Gateway NV53/NV55C/NV59: 50.4GH01.002, 50.4GH01.011, 50.WHZ01.001 – Wistron SJV50-CP

Packard Bell EasyNote TN65, ETNA-GM: 50.4J702.001, 50.4J702.002, 50.4J702.022 – Wistron P08B1/P08D1

Packard Bell EasyNote TX86; Gateway ID59C: 50.4EH07.001, 50.WLJ01.006 – Wistron SJM50-CP/SJM50-CPM

Raybook Si 142: 6-43-B4101-012-A – Clevo B4100/B4101/E4105/E4105M

Roverbook Explorer E515/E515L: 29-UG8056-01 – ECS ?

Roverbook Nautilus V571: 6-43-M67U1-010 – Clevo M670SU

Roverbook Partner E418/E418L: 14-212-F35061 – ECS G726

Roverbook Pro 400/400L: 6-43-M54E1-010, 6-43-M54N1-011, 6-43-M54N1-020 – Clevo M540N/M550N

Roverbook Pro 500/501, Voyager V511: 6-43-M66N1-011 – Clevo M660N

Roverbook Voyager V554/V554L/V555: 6-43-M66U1-011, 6-43-M66U1-012, 6-43-M66U1-012-2 – Clevo M660SU

Samsung M55/M60, P25: BA39-00629A, BA39-00648A – Samsung Milan

Samsung N100/N100S/N102/N102S/N127/N130/N140/N143/N145/N148/N150/N210, NB30: BA39-00895A, BA39-00896A, BA39-00906A, BA39-00925A, BA39-00949A, BA39-00969A – Samsung Bloomington/Canterbury/Pontiac-R/Springfield

Samsung N110: BA39-00807A, BA39-00808A – Samsung Winchester-R

Samsung N230: BA39-00968A – Samsung Oregon

Samsung N310/N315: BA39-00836A – Samsung Pebble

Samsung NC10: BA39-00766A, BA39-00784A, BA41-00766A – Samsung Winchester

Samsung NC20: BA39-00788A – Samsung Brighton

Samsung NC108/NC108P/NC110/NC110P: BA39-01057A – Samsung Lennon

Samsung NC210/NC215: BA39-01128A – Samsung Lennon-Solar

Samsung NP200A5B/NP300E5A/NP300V5A/NP300V5Z: BA39-01117A – Samsung Petronas-15

Samsung NP300E5C/NP300E5X/NP300E5Z/NP305E5A: BA39-01134A (NP305E5A), BA39-01228A (30 pin), BA39-01228B (Petronas15QC, 40 pin) – Samsung Scala3-15/Petronas-15

Samsung NP270E4V/NP275E4E/NP275E4V: BA39-01307A – Samsung Lampard-14

Samsung NP270E5E/NP300E5E: BA39-01311A, BA39-01311B – Samsung Lampard N14X/Lampard-15

Samsung NP300U1A/NP305U1A: BA39-01140A – Samsung Princeton-11

Samsung NP300E4A/NP300V4A/NP305E4A: BA39-01121A, BA39-01133A – Samsung Petronas-14

Samsung NP300E4C: BA39-01233A – Samsung Scala3-14

Samsung NP300E7A/NP300E7Z/NP305E7A: BA39-01166A – Samsung Scala3-17

Samsung NP350E5C/NP350V5C/NP355E5C/NP355E5X/NP355V5C/NP365E5C: DC02001K800 – Compal QCLA5/QMLE4

Samsung NP350E7C: DC02001KP00 – Compal QCLA4 17″

Samsung NP350U2A/NP350U2B: BA39-01137A, BA39-01137B, BA39-01191A (WiMAX) – Samsung Princeton-12

Samsung NP350V4C/NP355E4X/NP355V4C: DC02001K600 – Compal QCLA4 14″

Samsung NP370R4V/NP450R5Q/NP470R4E: BA39-01303A – Samsung Ramos-14

Samsung NP370R5E/NP450R5E/NP450R5V/NP470R5E/NP510R5E: BA39-01302A, BA39-01302B (NP450R5V) – Samsung Ramos-15/Ramos-15L

Samsung NP500P4C, Q470: BA39-01231A – Samsung Xidan-14

Samsung NP520U4C/NP530U4B/NP530U4C: BA39-01213A – Samsung Lotus-14

Samsung NP530U3B/NP530U3C/NP535U3C/NP540U3C: BA39-01215A (non-touch), BA39-01287A (touch) – Samsung Lotus-13

Samsung NP530U4E/NP540U4E: BA39-01299A, BA39-01316A – Samsung Miranda-14

Samsung NP550P5C: BA39-01135A – Samsung McLaren/Petronas-15

Samsung NP550P7C: BA39-01230A – Samsung McLaren-17

Samsung NP700G7A: BA39-01175A – Samsung Athena-17

Samsung NP700G7C: BA39-01176A, BA39-01241A – Samsung ?

Samsung NP700Z3A: BA39-01157A – Samsung Nike-13

Samsung NP700Z4A: BA39-01164A – Samsung Nike-14

Samsung NP700Z5A/NP700Z5B/NP700Z5C: BA39-01190A – Samsung Nike-15BBY

Samsung NP700Z7C: BA39-01208A – Samsung Nike-17

Samsung NP780Z5E/NP880Z5E: BA39-01293B – Samsung Nike2-15B

Samsung NP900X1A/NP900X1B: BA39-01069A – Samsung Amor-11

Samsung NP900X3A/NP900X3C/NP900X3F: BA39-01192A – Samsung Amor-13

Samsung NP900X3D: BA39-01252A – Samsung Amor2-13

Samsung NP900X4C: BA39-01240A – Samsung Amor2-14

Samsung NP905S3G/NP906/S3G/NP915S3G: BA39-01325A – Samsung Petra-13

Samsung P27/P28/P29: BA39-00420A, BA39-00457A – Samsung Oscar

Samsung Q35: BA39-00561A, BA39-00576A – Samsung Torino

Samsung Q45/Q70: BA39-00617B, BA39-00628A, BA39-00628B – Samsung Torino 2

Samsung Q208/Q210, P210: BA39-00688A, BA39-00690A – Samsung Madrid

Samsung Q310: BA39-00704A – Samsung Tianjin

Samsung Q318/Q318H/Q320/Q320H: BA39-00800A – Samsung Miami

Samsung Q330: BA39-00965A – Samsung Houston-13

Samsung Q430/Q460: BA39-00958A – Samsung Houston-14

Samsung Q530: BA39-00967A – Samsung Houtson-15

Samsung QX410/QX411/QX412: BA39-00986A, BA39-00989A, BA39-01036A, BA39-01037A – Samsung Europa-14

Samsung R18/R20/R20 Plus/R23/R25/R25 Plus/R26: BA39-00621A, BA39-00622A – Samsung Hainan 2

Samsung R40: BA39-00596A, BA39-00597A, BA39-00611A, BA39-00612A – Samsung Firenze-2

Samsung R40 Plus: BA39-00635A, BA39-00636A – Samsung Firenze2-R

Samsung R45/R65, P50: BA39-00527A, BA39-00528A – Samsung Habana

Samsung R50: BA39-00494A – Samsung Firenze

Samsung R58/R58 Plus/R60/R60/R60 Plus, P460/P500/P560, X460: BA39-00658A, BA39-00661A, BA39-00720A, BA39-00721A – Samsung Oxford

Samsung R70/R560: BA39-00638A, BA39-00694A – Samsung Oslo/Oslo 2

Samsung R403/R408/R410/R455/R460: BA39-00676A, BA39-00680A, BA39-00777A – Samsung Dresden/XI’AN

Samsung R418/R420/R429/R463/R467/R469: BA39-00822A (R469), BA39-00824A – Samsung Qingdao

Samsung R423/R425/R428/R429/R430/R439/R440/R463/R464/R465?/R470/R478/R480: BA39-00935A, BA39-00936A, BA39-00950A – Samsung Suzhou

Samsung R503/R505/R508/R509/R510: BA39-00696A, BA39-00699A – Samsung Cambridge/Lyon

Samsung R517/R518/R519/R520/R522: BA39-00812A (LED), BA39-00813A (LED), BA39-00832A (LED), BA39-00841A (LED), BA39-00842A (LED), BA39-00886A (CCFL), BA39-00887A (CCFL), BA39-00888A (LED), BA39-00892A (CCFL), BA39-00922A (CCFL) – Samsung Bonn/Cannes/Sinbon

Samsung R523/R525/R528/R530/R538/R540/R580/R590, RV508/RV510, E352/E452/E852, SA31/SA41: BA39-00929A (rev. 2.0), BA39-00932A (rev. 4.0) (R530, R540), BA39-00951A (rev. 1.0) – Samsung Bremen/Scala-15

Samsung R610: BA39-00728A, BA39-00732A, BA39-00738A – Samsung Istanbul

Samsung R620: BA39-00858A – Samsung Bonn-C

Samsung R700/R710: BA39-00671A, BA39-00672A – Samsung Geneva

Samsung R719/R720/R730/R780, E372: BA39-00867A – Samsung Bremen-L/Cannes-L/Cannes-EXT

Samsung RC510: BA39-01016A – Samsung Jinmao-L

Samsung RC512: BA39-01051A – Samsung Jinmao-BBY

Samsung RC528/RC530, RF510/RF511: BA39-00975A – Samsung Veyron-R/Veyron-RC

Samsung RC710/RC720: BA39-01019A – Samsung Jinmao/Jinmao-R

Samsung RV408/RV410/RV411/RV412/RV415/RV420: BA39-01023A – Samsung Scala2-14

Samsung RV509/RV511/RV513/RV515/RV518/RV520: BA39-01030A – Samsung Scala2-15

Samsung RV710/RV711/RV720: BA39-01089A – Samsung Scala2-17

Samsung SF310: BA39-01006A – Samsung Europa-13/Shark-13

Samsung SF510: BA39-00999A – Samsung Shark-15

Samsung SF511: BA39-01041A – Samsung Shark-15R

Samsung X06: BA39-00443A – Samsung Aquila

Samsung X22: BA39-00647A – Samsung

Samsung X50: BA39-00447A – Samsung

Samsung X118/X120/X130/X150/X170: BA39-00915A – Samsung Stanford

Samsung XE303C12: BA39-01262A – Samsung Lucas

Samsung XE500C21: BA39-01068A – Samsung Alex (?)

Samsung XE550C22: BA39-01200A – Samsung

Samsung XE700T1C: BA39-01314A – Samsung Jones/William POGO


Sony VAIO SVE11: 603-0001-7773_A, 603-0101-7773_A – Foxconn V180 (MBX-272)

Sony VAIO SVE14/SVE141/SVE1411/SVE141C: DD0HK6LC000, DD0HK6LC001, DD0HK6LC002 – Quanta HK6 (MBX-268)

Sony VAIO SVE14A: 603-0101-7534_A, 603-0101-7719_A, 603-0001-7997_A, 603-0101-7997_A – Foxconn V110/V111 (MBX-273, MBX-276)

Sony VAIO SVE15/SVE151/SVE151C/SVE151E: DD0HK5LC000, DD0HK5LC010, DD0HK5LC020, DD0HK5LC030 – Quanta HK5 (MBX-269)

Sony VAIO SVE151A: 50.4RM05.011, 50.4RM05.031 – Wistron Z50-CR (MBX-266)

Sony VAIO SVE17/SVE171/SVE171A: 50.4MR05.001, 50.4MR05.011 – Wistron Z70-CR (MBX-267)

Sony VAIO SVF142: DD0HK8LC000, DD0HK8LC010, DD0HK8LC020 – Quanta HK8

Sony VAIO SVF143: DD0HKCLC000, DD0HKCLC010, DD0HKCLC020 – Quanta HKC

Sony VAIO SVF14A: DD0GD5LC000, DD0GD5LC010, DD0GD5LC020 – Quanta GD5

Sony VAIO SVF14N: ? – Quanta FI2/FI3

Sony VAIO SVF15A: DD0GD6LC000, DD0GD6LC010 – Quanta GD6

Sony VAIO SVF152: DD0HK9LC000, DD0HK9LC010, DD0HK9LC020 – Quanta HK9

Sony VAIO SVF153: DD0HKDLC000, DD0HKDLC010, DD0HKDLC020 – Quanta HKD

Sony VAIO SVF154/SVF154B1EV: ?

Sony VAIO SVJ202: 603-0001-8011_A – Foxconn V210

Sony VAIO SVP13/SVP131/SVP132: 364-0011-1280_A (touch eDP) – Foxconn V270

Sony VAIO SVS131: 364-0201-11204_A – Foxconn V120

Sony VAIO SVS15: 356-0001-9063_A – Foxconn V130

Sony VAIO SVT111A (SVT111A11V): 50.4UW03.001, A1887652B – Wistron Z10ULX

Sony VAIO SVT131/SVT13117: 50.4UJ04.001, 50.4UJ04.011 – Wistron Z30UL (MBX-265)

Sony VAIO SVT131A: 50.4XM01.001, 50.4XM01.002, 50.4XM01.011 – Wistron Z31UL (MBX-265)

Sony VAIO SVT14: 50.4WS01.011, 50.4WS01.021 – Wistron Z41UL (MBX-278)

Sony VAIO SVT141: 50.4YL01.001 (touch), 50.4YL01.021 – Wistron Z40UL (MBX-278)

Sony VAIO SVT15/SVT151/SVT151A: 50.4YH08.001, 50.4YH08.011 – Wistron Z50UL (MBX-280)

Sony VAIO VGN-AR: 073-0001-2126_A, 073-0001-2126-B, 073-0001-3137_A – Foxconn MS20

Sony VAIO VGN-AW: 073-0001-5270_A – Foxconn M780 (MBX-194)

Sony VAIO VGN-BX1: DD0RJ5LC103 – Quanta RJ5

Sony VAIO VGN-BX5: DD0RJ1LC105 – Quanta RJ1

Sony VAIO VGN-BZ: DD0TW1LC100, FOXDD0TW1LC100, A1560787A – Quanta TW1

Sony VAIO VGN-C: 073-0001-2522_A, 073-0001-2522-A – Foxconn MS60

Sony VAIO VGN-CR: DD0GD1LC000, 1-965-626-11 – Quanta GD1

Sony VAIO VGN-CS: DD0GD2LC000 – Quanta GD2

Sony VAIO VGN-FE: 073-0001-1885_A – Foxconn MS10/MS11/MS32

Sony VAIO VGN-FJ: DD0RD1LC002 – Quanta RD1

Sony VAIO VGN-FS: 073-0001-2041, 073-1011-1039 – Foxconn MS01/MS02/MS03

Sony VAIO VGN-FW: 073-0001-4861_A, 073-0001-5760_B – Foxconn M760/M761

Sony VAIO VGN-FZ: 073-0001-2855_A, 073-0001-2855_B – Foxconn MS90/MS91 (MBX-165)

Sony VAIO VGN-NR: 073-0001-3757_A, 073-0011-3757_A – Foxconn M720 (MBX-182)

Sony VAIO VGN-NS: 073-0001-5219_A – Foxconn M790/M791

Sony VAIO VGN-NW: 603-0001-4500-B – Foxconn M850/M851 (MBX-204)

Sony VAIO VGN-S: 1-962-761-11, 1-962-761-12 – Foxconn M750

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ: 1-964-577-12 – Foxconn IRX-3400

Sony VAIO VGN-TT: 1-966-287-11 – ?

Sony VAIO VGN-TZ: 1-965-431-11 – Foxconn MS72

Sony VAIO VPC-CA: 603-0001-6830_A, 603-0101-6830_A – Foxconn V050

Sony VAIO VPC-CB: 356-0111-8285_A – Foxconn V061

Sony VAIO VPC-CW: 073-0101-7329_A – Foxconn M870

Sony VAIO VPC-EA: 015-0001-1508_A (LED), 015-0101-1507_A (LED), 015-0001-1592_A (LED) – Foxconn M960/M961

Sony VAIO VPC-EB: 015-0101-1508_A (CCFL), 015-0101-1593_A (CCFL), 015-0101-1595_A (LED), 015-0301-1516_A (LED), 015-0401-1508_A (CCFL), 015-0501-1516_A (LED) – Foxconn M970/M971

Sony VAIO VPC-EC: A1779936A, 356-0001-6588_A – Foxconn M980

Sony VAIO VPC-EE: DD0NE7LC000 (CCFL), DD0NE7LC010 (CCFL), DD0NE7LC020 (CCFL), DD0NE7LC030 (CCFL), DD0NE7LC100 (LED), DD0NE7LC110 (LED), DD0NE7LC120 (LED), DD0NE7LC130 (LED) – Quanta NE7

Sony VAIO VPC-EF: DD0NE8LC000, DD0NE8LC020 – Quanta NE8

Sony VAIO VPC-EG/VPC-EK: 50.4MP01.001, 50.4MP01.011, 50.4MP01.012, 50.4MP01.021, 50.4MP01.022, 50.4MP01.031 – Wistron Z40-BR/Z40-HR (MBX-253)

Sony VAIO VPC-EH: DD0HK1LC000, DD0HK1LC010, DD0HK1LC020, DD0HK1LC030, DD0HK1LC040 – Quanta HK1

Sony VAIO VPC-EJ: DD0HK2LC000, DD0HK2LC0001, DD0HK2LC010, DD0HK2LC020 – Quanta HK2

Sony VAIO VPC-EL: 50.4MQ05.001, 50.4MQ05.003, 50.4MQ05.101, 50.4MQ05.201, 50.4MQ05.202, 50.4MQ05.203, 50.4MQ05.301, 50.4MQ05.302, 50.4MQ05.303, A1831316B – Wistron Z50-BR

Sony VAIO VPC-F1/VPC-F11/VPC-F12/VPC-F13: 015-0001-1497_A, 015-0001-1500_A (FullHD) – Foxconn M930/M931 (MBX-215)

Sony VAIO VPC-F2: 603-0101-7068_A (for Chi Mei), 603-0101-7069_A (for LG) – Foxconn V081 (MBX-243)

Sony VAIO VPC-M: 356-0101-6884_A, 356-0101-6884_A01, 356-0201-6884_A, 356-0201-6884_A00- Foxconn M920

Sony VAIO VPC-S: DD0GD3LC000, DD0GD3LC010, DDGD3BLC000 – Quanta GD3/GD3B

Sony VAIO VPC-SA/VPC-SB/VPC-SC/VPC-SD: 356-0111-8283_A (HD+/FullHD), 356-0111-8285_A – Foxconn V030

Sony VAIO VPC-SE: 356-0101-8704_A, 356-0101-8704-A – Foxconn V0B0

Sony VAIO VPC-W: DD0SY2LC000, 1-837-138-11, 1-837-757-11 – Quanta SY2/SY3

Sony VAIO VPC-Y2: 50.4EU11.002 (for Samsung); 50.4EU02.002, 50.4EU13.002 (for CPT) – Wistron Cadiz-CP/Squirtle (MBX-220/MBX-229)

Sony VAIO VPC-YA/VPC-YB: 50.4KK04.001, 50.4KK04.011, 50.4PY01.001, A1769344A – Wistron Tucana

Sony VAIO VPC-Z: A196724411 – ? (MBX-206)

Toshiba Mini NB200/NB205: DC02000S000 – Compal KAVAA

Toshiba Mini NB250/NB255: DC020013510 – Compal PAV10

Toshiba Mini NB300/NB305: DC02000ZF10 – Compal NPVAA

Toshiba Mini NB500/NB505: DC020016L10 – Compal PBU00

Toshiba Qosmio F40/F45: 6017B0116001, V000110060 – Inventec Honolulu

Toshiba Qosmio F50/F55: DC02000MM00 (WXGA), K000063330 – Compal JSKAA

Toshiba Qosmio F755: GDM900002210, P000549010 – Toshiba FMCGSY4

Toshiba Qosmio G10/G15: P000412880 – Toshiba FN43S1

Toshiba Qosmio G30/G35: GDM900000983, GDM900000984 – Toshiba FCHSY2

Toshiba Qosmio X300/X305: DC02000KI00, DC02000M100, K000061230 – Compal KSRAA

Toshiba Qosmio X500/X505: DD0TZ3TH300, A000051860; DD0TZ6LC000, A000055180 – Quanta TZ1C/TZ3/TZ6

Toshiba Qosmio X770/X775: K000126620 – Compal PGRAA

Toshiba Qosmio X870/X875: 6017B0363001, V000280400 – Inventec Glacier-G

Toshiba Portege M200/M205: 6017B0104402

Toshiba Portege T210/T215: DC020012900 – Compal ?

Toshiba Portege R700/R705/R830/R835/R930/R935: P000536310

Toshiba Satellite A10/A15: 30513NJ, 31212DG01

Toshiba Satellite A50/A55, Tecra A2: GDM900000427 – Toshiba FLKSY2


Toshiba Satellite A70/A75: DC025075400, K000034510 – Compal EDW10

Toshiba Satellite M30X/M35X/M40X: DC025075410, K000034510 – Compal EAL20/EAL30


Toshiba Satellite A100/A105: 6017B0077001 – Inventec San Antonio SA10E

Toshiba Satellite A110/A115: DC02000CA00 – Compal HTW20

Toshiba Satellite A130/A135: DC02000CW00 – Compal IAKAA/IAYAA/IVYAA

Toshiba Satellite A200/A210: DC02000F900, K000046540 – Compal ISKAA/ISKAE

Toshiba Satellite A205/A215: 6017B0103601 – Inventec Milwaukee MW10A

Toshiba Satellite A300/A300D/A305/A305D (Inventec): 6017B0147801, 6017B0147901 – Inventec Potomac PT10G/PT10SG

Toshiba Satellite A300/A300D/A305/A305D (Quanta): DD0BL5LC000, DD0BL5LC100, DD0BL5LC300, GLEDD0BL5LC000 – Quanta BL5S

Toshiba Satellite A350/A350D/A355/A355D, L450/L450D/L455/L455D: DC02000P000, DC020010100 – Compal KTKAA/KTKAE/NBWAA/NBWAE

Toshiba Satellite A500/A500D/A505/A505D (Compal): DC02000UD00 (CCFL), DC02000UG00 (LED) – Compal KSKAA/KSKAE/KSWAE/NSKAA

Toshiba Satellite A500/A500D/A505/A505D (Inventec): 6017B0201901 (CCFL), 6017B0202001 (LED) – Inventec Chelsea CS10M

Toshiba Satellite A660/A660D/A665/A665D: DC020012110, DC020012Q10 – Compal NWQAA/NWQAE

Toshiba Satellite C50-B/C50D-B/C50T-B/C55-B/С55D-B/C55T-B: DC02001YF00 (touch LVDS); DC02001YG00 (non-touch LVDS), K000889340 – Compal ZCWAA/ZSWAA

Toshiba Satellite C50-A/C55-A: 1422-01F5000, 1422-01F7000, H000047160 – Pegatron PT10F/PT10FG

Toshiba Satellite C50D-A: ? 6017B0361601 – Inventec Dakar ?

Toshiba Satellite C55T/C55D-T (Inventec): 6017B0440401, V000320930 – Inventec Durban

Toshiba Satellite C70/C70D/C75/C75D, L70/L70-A/L70D/L75/L75D, S70/S70D/S75/S75D/S75T?: DD0BD5LC000, DD0BD5LC010, A000243560 – Quanta BD5/BD6

Toshiba Satellite C75D-B, L75D-B: 6017B0490101, V000350150 – Inventec Arion

Toshiba Satellite C600/C600D/C630/C640/C640D/C645/C645D: 6017B0273901 – Inventec Calcutta CT10

Toshiba Satellite C650/C650D/C655/C655D, L650/L650D/L655/L655D (Inventec): 6017B0265501 (с вебкой), 6017B0265601 (без вебки) – Inventec Berlin BL10AD/BL10G, Manaus MAS10

Toshiba Satellite C650/C650D/C655/C655D, L650/L650D/L655/L655D (Quanta): DD0BL6LC000, DD0BL6LC003, DD0BL6LC010, DD0BL6LC020, DD0BL6LC030 – Quanta BL6/BL7

Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D/C665/C665D, P750/P750D/P755/P755D: DC020011Z10, DC020019K10, DC02001BG10 (C660-1V9) – Compal NHQAA/NWQAA/PWWAA/PWWHA

Toshiba Satellite C670/C670D/C675/C675D, L770/L770D/L775/L775D: 1422-00XB000, 1422-00XW000, 1422-0113000, 1422-011B000, 1422-0167000, 1422-01670002 – Pegatron BS_R/TK_R

Toshiba Satellite C800/C800D/C805/C805D/C840/C845, L830/L835/L840/L840D/L845/L845D: DD0BY3LC000, DD0BY3LC010, DD0BY3LC030, DD0BY3LC100 – Quanta BY3/BY7/BY7D

Toshiba Satellite C850/C850D, L850/L850D: 1422-017D000, 1422-017J000, 1422-018H000, H000050300 – Pegatron PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR, PLABX/CSABX, PLAC/CSAC 15″

Toshiba Satellite C855/C855D, L855/L855D, S855/S855D: 6017B0361601 – Inventec Dakar DF10G/DR10F

Toshiba Satellite C870/C870D/C875/C875D, L870/L870D/L875/L875D: 1422-0159000, 1422-015C000, 1422-018S000, H000037860 – Pegatron PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR, PLAC/CSAC 17″

Toshiba Satellite E45/E45T-B: 1422-01QW000 – Pegatron CA

Toshiba Satellite E45/E45T, M50D-A-10K: DC02001TC00 (non-touch), DC02001TE00 (touch) – Compal ZRMAA

Toshiba Satellite E55: DC02001TL00 (non touch), DC02001TM00 (touch), DC02001WU00 (eDP) – Compal ZEMAA/ZRMAA

Toshiba Satellite E100/E105: 6017B0181401

Toshiba Satellite L10/L15: DD0EW3LC009 – Quanta EW3

Toshiba Satellite L30/L35: DD0BL1LC001, DD0BL1LC109 – Quanta BL1

Toshiba Satellite L40/L45: 08G2200TA10DTB, 08G2200TA10M, 14G2212TS10, 14G2202TS10MTB, 14G2212TS10NT, H000001450, H000005600, H000005610 – Asus Teresa

Toshiba Satellite L50/L50-B: DD0BLILC000, DD0BLILC010, DD0BLILC020 – Quanta BLI/BLID

Toshiba Satellite L50-A, S50D-A/S55: 1422-01EA000 – Pegatron VGFG/VGFTG/VGSG

Toshiba Satellite L55/L55T: 6017B0423401 (eDP), 6017B0495901 (eDP), V000310850 – Inventec Curiosity

Toshiba Satellite L100: DD0BH1LC003 – Quanta BH1/BH2

Toshiba Satellite L300/L300D/L305/L305D: 6017B0146701 – Inventec Phoenix/Sacramento PS10S

Toshiba Satellite L310, M300/M305/M305D: DD0TE1LC000, DD0TE1LC100, A000025780 – Quanta TE1

Toshiba Satellite L350/L350D/L355/L355D: 6017B0147501 – Inventec Robson

Toshiba Satellite L500/L500D/L505/L505D (Compal): DC020001U00 (CCFL без вебки), DC020001V10 (CCFL без вебки), DC02000S800 (CCFL с вебкой), DC02000UC10 (LED с вебкой) – Compal KSWAA/KSWAE

Toshiba Satellite L500/L500D/L505/L505D (Inventec): 6017B0198301, V000180110 – Inventec Perugia PG10MG

Toshiba Satellite L510/L510D/L515/L515D: 6017B0194701 – Inventec Perugia PG10M

Toshiba Satellite L550/L550D/L555/L555D: DC02000S910 – Compal NSWAA/NSWAE

Toshiba Satellite L630/L630D/L635/L635D: 6017B0268701 – Inventec Bremen BM10G

Toshiba Satellite L640/L640D/L645/L645D: DD0TE2LC000, DD0TE2LC010, DD0TE2LC020, DD0TE2LC030, DD0TE2LC040, DD0TE2LC050 – Quanta TE2/TE3

Toshiba Satellite L670/L670D/L675/L675D: DC020011H10 – Compal NALAA/NALAE/NHQAA

Toshiba Satellite L700/L740/L740D/L745/L745D: DD0TE5LC000, DD0TE5LC010, DD0TE5LC020, DD0TE5LC030, DD0TE5LC040, DD0TE5LC050 – Quanta TE5

Toshiba Satellite L730/L730D/L735/L735D: DD0BU5LC000, DD0BU5LC010, DD0BU5LC020 – Quanta BU5

Toshiba Satellite L750/L750D/L755/L755D: DD0BLBLC000, DD0BLBLC0001, DD0BLBLC020, DD0BLBLC030, DD0BLBLC0301, DD0BLBLC040 – Quanta BLB/BLBD/BLF/BLFD

Toshiba Satellite L950/L950D/L955/L955D, S950/S950D/S955/S955D: 6017B0404201 – Inventec Fez

Toshiba Satellite M40/M45, Tecra A4: 6017B0000801 – Inventec Knockhill 20/TC7010

Toshiba Satellite M50/M55: DC020005L00 – Compal ECU00/HAZ00/HTW01

Toshiba Satellite M100/M105: DC020007K00, DC02000AU00 – Compal HAQAA/HAWAA

Toshiba Satellite M600/M606/M612, U300/U305: DD0BU1LC300 – Quanta BU1

Toshiba Satellite M640/M645, P745: DC020012510 – Compal NBQAA

Toshiba Satellite M800/M800D/M801/M805D, U400/U405/U405D: DD0BU2LC000 – Quanta BU2

Toshiba Satellite M805: DD0BU8LC000, DD0BU8LC010 – Quanta BU8

Toshiba Satellite M840/M845: DD0BY4LC000 – Quanta BY4

Toshiba Satellite M900/M910, U500/U505: 1422-00F5000, 1422-00F6000, H000010530, H000010550 – Pegatron ASNAL/JTREW

Toshiba Satellite NB10t: 1422-01N7000 (touch) – Pegatron MA10

Toshiba Satellite P20/P25: DC025065000 – Compal DBQ00/DBQ01

Toshiba Satellite P50/P55, S55/S55-A: 1414-08CY000 (LVDS), 1422-01EF000 (eDP) – Pegatron VGF

Toshiba Satellite P100/P105: DD0BD1LC009 – Quanta BD1

Toshiba Satellite P200/P200D/P205/P205D, X200/X205: DC02000DM00 – Compal ISRAA

Toshiba Satellite P300/P300D/P305/P305D: DD0BD3LC000, DD0BD3LC100 – Quanta BD3G

Toshiba Satellite P500/P500D/P505/P505D: DD0TZ1LC000, DD0TZ1LC100 – Quanta TZ1/TZ2T

Toshiba Satellite P770/P775, X770/X775: DC02001A010 – Compal PHRAA

Toshiba Satellite P850/P855: DC02001GY10, DC02001MM00 – Compal QFKAA

Toshiba Satellite P870/P875: 6017B0361401, V000280030 – Inventec Glacier ? GL10FG

Toshiba Satellite R850: GDM900002061 – Toshiba FAL5SY3

Toshiba Satellite S50T-A: ?

Toshiba Satellite S70-A: ?

Toshiba Satellite T230/T230D/T235/T235D: DC020011D10 – Compal NDU10

Toshiba Satellite U840/U845: DD0BY1LC000, DD0BY1LC020, DD0BY2LC020 – Quanta BY1/BY2

Toshiba Satellite U840W/U845W: DD0TEALC000, DD0TEALC010, DD0TEALC020 – Quanta TEA

Toshiba Satellite U920T: ?

Toshiba Satellite U940/U945: DC02001MF00, K000137810 – Compal VCUAA

Toshiba aSatellite Click W35DT: DD0TI5TH100 – Quanta TI5

Toshiba Tecra A8: GDM900001073, P000463790

Toshiba Tecra A11: GDM900001814, P000523130, PTSE1A-00L005



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