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Features of the site

Make your work as easy and comfortable as possible😊
* Long search for any IC's or thermal resistor (Thermistor) or Memory Chip has become something of the past at
* Asking a lot about Schematic Diagrams or Ways (Tracks)or Solutions to a Particular problem has become unnecessary on
Just choose the section you want and the type of device you are looking for for a piece or schematic or thermal resistance and ... and you will find all things 😊
Continuous daily update of the site's images, PCB, and Schematic Diagrams
Features of the site
1- {IC's Section} 🛠:
Search for the IC by its Part Number or Code Part Number. More than 18,000 IC's have been registered on the Site and 35 Mobile Phone Companies:
Tecno-Apple iPhone&iPad-Meizu-vivo-
Now you no longer need a guide IC specifications (Data sheet), where we will support the images of each IC points to know the number of Points correctly with the function of some important Points of IC to facilitate things you in the diagnosis of faults (VBATT Points/CHRG Points/VPH Points)
2- {Phone IC Section} 🛠:
Displays the list of IC's (Design Loc) of each device according to its name on the Schematic (PCB Layout/Teardwon)  and what its function. More than 950 devices were registered with all the IC's inside the device:
CPU/Soc-Charging IC-Power IC PMIC
WIFI-Sensors-GPS-RF Transceiver-FEM
Backlight IC-LED Flash IC-RF PA...
3- {Schematic & Manual Section} 🛠:
divided into:
Service Manual
Block Diagram
PCB Layout
Schematic Diagram
PCB Teardown
we support all Schematic Diagrams&Service manual for Mobile Phones and Tablet
4 - {Thermistor Section} 🛠:
display of thermal resistors for each phone and the knowledge of the resistors are compatible with it .
Was supported Now 900 phones and 6 companies

5- {Phone Memory Section} 🛠:
display of memory chips for each mobile phone has been supported More than 500 mobile phones
6 - {Memories Section} 🛠:
is to search for any memory by number to know the devices you are working on. The site was supported by all memories type (eMMC-eMCP-MCP-UFS-NAND-RAM LPDDR1-LPDDR2-LPDDR3-LPDDR4)
7-{Solutions & Ways Section} 🛠:
This is the mobile division of the Mobile1Tech Team exclusively for five years now (Tracks-Solutions).
It also includes thermal resistors for all phones and iCloud resistors for all Apple iPad and ISP memory points for Android Phones
8- {Impedance&Voltages Section} 🛠:
to know the Impedance (GND Resistance) of any IC or Connecter and will soon support all phones in the world is not supported in any dongle ..

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