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[Sticky] iPhone XS Max No Power ON/Short Repair  


Hassan Al-sayed Ali
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10/01/2020 6:27 pm  


حصرياًً :إصلاح آيفون XS  Max لايعمل / مشكلة شورت 1.8V (قِصر بالدائرة)

iPhone XS Max No Power ON/Short Repair

iPhone XS Max No Power ON (Exposure to water)

-when the current is 850ma,we directly consider whether the 1.8v

channel has a capacitor breakdown short circuit.

Sometimes that the NAND 1.8v is easy to break down,

but we have repeatedly measured and found that the NAND

1.8 has no problem. We measured the layer

and found a capacitor on the cpu edge to the ground.




But the repair did not end the problem.

When I found the drawing, I found it as pp1v8 s2. We looked at the path of the line very much, but I didn't find the problem after repeated inspection.

After carefully observing the surface layer, it was found that there was a slight corrosion mark at usb. It was very simple to replace it after the removal


عندما يكون التيار هو 850ma ، فإننا نفكر بشكل مباشر فيما إذا كان 1.8v وإذا هنالك خط أو مسار  لديه مكثف تعرض للانهيار ( ماس كهربائى/شورت).

في بعض الأحيان يكون من السهل تلف NAND 1.8v ،

ولكن قمنا بقياس مرارا وتكرارا ووجدنا أن NAND 1.8 ليس فيه مشكلة. قمنا بقياس البورد و وجدت مكثف C4900على حافة وحدة المعالجة المركزية CPU متصل مع الأرضي.قمنا بفكه وتم الإصلاح


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