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Fix Huawei Enjoy 5S /GR3 No Power  


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إصلاح هاتف هواوي Enjoy 5S /GR3  لا يعمل

Fix Huawei Enjoy 5S /GR3 No Power

Huawei Enjoy 5S /GR3 (TAG-AL00)
No Power ON repair case:
First:Phenomenon problem description
-the No Power ON is split into a single board
and powered up.
Second, the analysis of ideas
Since the board is powered by a large current, it indicates that
the board has a short-circuit fault and should be analyzed and
repaired from the voltage direction required for power-on.
Third, the positioning process
(1) Visual inspection of pmu and related device appearance, no liquid,
mildew and other defects.
(2) Because it is a large current for power-on, first measure the
pin3 pin or pin6 (vbat path) of the battery connector j501 with a
multimeter, the impedance to ground is 0.362, the path is normal; the
channel of vchg/usb_pwr is measured, and the path is normal;
Secondly, measure the output voltage of the pmu power chip, for
example: vsys_pmu, vlte_pmu, vcore_pmu, vio18_pmu, etc., find that
the vsys_pmu path is shorted to ground (measuring point c515), and
the other voltage outputs are normal. Because of this channel network,
only A chip u501, so judged to be caused by internal damage of u501.
The circuit schematic is as follows:
Fourth, the solution and effect
After the u501 is removed, the short circuit disappears and the fault
is repaired after replacing the new material.
V. Experience summary and suggestions
For a single board that is powered by a large current, a short
circuit phenomenon generally occurs; we carefully analyze the short
circuit phenomenon; as long as the short circuit fault is repaired OK,
This measurement
point is shorted to ground
This network is shorted to ground
the No Power ON fault is solved.


TAG AL00 No Power ON repair case

هاتف هواوي GR3 لايعمل
و تبين معنا أنه يوجد دارة قصر (شورت) في التغذية
1-نتبه لايسي الباور PMU و نتأكد من حالة الجهاز  ،
عدم وجود اي سوائل ،العفن وغيرها من العيوب.
2-نقوم أولاً بقياس pin3 pin أو pin6 (مسار vbat) لكونكتر البطارية j501 مع
المتر ، ومقاومة الأرض 0.362 ، المسار طبيعي ؛ ال
يتم قياس قناة vchg / usb_pwr ، والمسار طبيعي ؛
ثانيا ، قياس الجهد الناتج من ايسي الباور pmu ،
على سبيل المثال: vsys_pmu ، vlte_pmu ، vcore_pmu ، vio18_pmu ، وما إلى ذلك ، نكتشف أن يتم تقليل مسار vsys_pmu إلى الأرض (نقطة القياس c515) ، و
مخرجات الجهد الأخرى طبيعية. بسبب شبكة القناة هذه ،
رقاقة U501 فقط ، لذا يُمكن أن يكون سبب التلف الداخلي لـ U501.
بعد إزالة U501 ، يختفي الشورت  والخطأ و يتم إصلاح بعد استبدال الايسي.


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