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iTunes upgrade iPhone flash error codes  


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رموز أخطاء تفليش وترقية الآيفون عبر برنامج الآيتونز 

iTunes upgrade iPhone flash error codes

 Verify CPU-Verify memory-Verify hard drive-Progress bar starts to go (write to hard drive)-Writing to 50% indicates that the hard drive has finished writing

Baseband verification-write baseband-progress bar to 80% indicates that the baseband is written-verify NFC-write NFC part

  1. If the progress bar reports an error before 50% (including the progress bar does not appear or does not go), the problem lies with the CPU hard disk U0301 compass (if the progress bar does not come out, the hard disk and cpu) the coprocessor does not go or does not go a little U0301 Reinstall or replace hard drive, replace compass, coprocessor. Reinstall the CPU
  2. If the progress bar reports an error of 50%, it means that the hard disk is finished writing. The problem lies in the baseband CPU baseband power supply. The baseband power supply can be replaced and the CPU can be reinstalled.
  3. 80% progress or 99% error indicates that the baseband has been written, the problem lies in the NFC baseband power baseband CPU


 iPhone flash error code

*Error -1 The baseband CPU or chip The baseband power supply output is abnormal.

*Error 1 Baseband CPU problem or baseband power is not working

*Error 2 baseband does not rule out power supply

*Error 3 Error 3 There are currently two types of progress errors: 1. Errors are reported after flashing to 2/3, and there are many problems with physical damage to the baseband U. 2. If 99% of errors are reported when the machine is interrupted, the chip cannot be swallowed slowly. It can be determined that the chip is a problem. Repair it first. You cannot replace the clock next to the baseband power supply and reinstall or replace the IF.

*Error 6 Hard disk flashed to 2/3, chip problem

*Error 9 Hard disk Check hard disk power supply, hard soldering

*Error 10 Server authentication problem! The iphone6's wifi or CPU is soldered. Iphone6 ​​single-change CPU will also appear

*Error 11 Check whether the firmware package is complete

*Error 12 Firmware shutdown verification

*Error 14 Hard disk, check the resistance between the hard disk and the CPU, the blue screen is most likely the communication bus between the CPU and the CPU is disconnected.

*Error 15 is mostly a hard disk problem does not rule out hard disk power supply

*Error 16 Baseband CPU to chip, most are chips

*Error 20 Reflashing in DFU mode

*Error 21 CPU cover, battery

*Error 23 8824 Shorting the baseband above 7.11 will cause 21 23 error. Please remove the FL8 VVC power supply and then flash the machine. The main board reports a high current of 21, and the baseband short circuit also reports 21,23

*Error 26 baseband CPU to chip

*Error 27 The chip data does not match. Please use the chip reader to repair the chip.

*Error 28 CPU or hard disk

*Error 29 Please check the battery detection pin, or the battery is bad. Or network problems

*Error 31 baseband

*Error 40 Hard disk problem does not rule out hard disk power supply

*Error 47 chip or communication CPU

*Error 48 Baseband CPU or chip is damaged The chip is not necessarily bad and can be repaired

*Error 50 Baseband CPU failure

*Error 53 Touch id fingerprint server authentication

*Error 56 Most of the NFC baseband CPU to chip, iPhone 6 rear camera or camera power supply caused more

*Error 91 HDD

*Error 1003 baseband or hard disk

*Error 1005

*Error 1013 server authentication problem

*Error 1015 is a problem with downgrading the firmware.

*Error 1600 CPU

*Error 1601 CPU

*Error 1602 USB power supply or system problem

*Error 1611 Hard soldering

*Error 1669 code, missing data or incorrect 6S tail plug will burn error 1669

*Error 2002 Detects whether to connect to the Apple server, which is related to using a proxy server

*Error 2003 Change USB or computer

*Error 2009, replace the computer, try again after a while, the hard disk power supply attempts to flash the machine multiple times and reports an error

*Error 3004 battery, data cable, computer USB interface is unstable

*Error 3014 Check that the computer is connected properly. Check whether the server's SHSH backup is normal when downgrading.

*Error 3049 CPU

*Error 3194 Incompatible firmware, 1: Verification disabled 2: Demon machine 3: Trigger 4: Peripheral not communicating 5: Tail plug 6: Data cable 7: Computer firewall is not turned off [360 antivirus software]

*Error 4005 does not rule out hard disk power supply, replace the computer

 Error 4013 The restart of Huaping is in English, the I2C bus is short-circuited or soldered. The chip on the connection line includes the CPU bottom layer, hard disk, U2, wifi, hard disk, etc.

*Error 4014 The CPU may be a hard disk line

*Error 4015 CPU upper layer

*Error 0xe800006B Whether the USB data cable is normal Check whether the device is connected properly

*Error DXEXXXX Ituns is not installed on the C drive

*Error -23 iPad6 error -23 is a dead battery 

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